If there was ever a heaven on earth, it's this place, or at least close enough.

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Recently we decided to take a trip up to Phetchabun province after reading some awesome things about it here on Readme and other websites. We had been wanting to go here for a while but were waiting for a long weekend since it is a bit far from Bangkok (approximately 4.5 - 5 hours).

Problem was we decided too late and when we went to search for accommodation, the entire province was booked out. Incredible!

But come Saturday morning, we decided to just GO. Something must be available, we thought. It was 9:30 am (suppose to leave at 7 am) by the time we left home from Bangkok.

Day 1 - Kho Khao

Sure enough, after about 4 hours, we reached the outskirts of the province. We still had some more driving to do as the place we were visiting - Khao Kho is situated further up North. It didn't matter, the drive was incredible and the views were amazing.

we even this saw this gorgeous university on the way. If only I went to a university that looked like this one! Wow!!!

However, since we had no booking, we had to call some places while driving. After a few tries, Khao Kho Highland Resort was a hit!

This was the entrance to the resort.

It was extremely beautiful and peaceful filled with picturesque green meadows and a lake surrounded by mountains. The houses were very European style and we got one of the 1 bedroom wooden hut.

Here's the view in the morning when the fog engulfs the land.

They also had large family houses - perfect for vacations.

Shortly after, without unpacking, we had a quick late lunch (5 pm) and made our way to the iconic temple of the area - Wat Pha Son Kaew. It was only 15 minutes away so we were lucky to get there just before it got dark. We even got to take some amazing photos of this stunning sunset.

Just ahead on the road, there was the temple. I was in complete awe of Wat Pha Son Kaew. It's no wonder that it is so popular and touristy. Our pictures cannot explain the beauty and significance of this attraction. You just have to see it for yourself. In fact, we feel whatever we saw this entire trip, the pictures are not good enough. It's WAY MORE beautiful than it looks here.

I marveled at the intricate work of the two temples here. Everything was in Thai so I am not sure about the significance and history behind it.

It quickly got dark so we went to town, took dinner to-go and then headed back to our resort.

Night night ZZZzzz! we went to bed quite early so we could get up early as possible for the next day.

Easy said than one as I stayed up almost all night in excitement for Phu Tubberk. I kept looking at instagram photos till I fell asleep.

Day 2- Phu Tubberk

Ring ring ring ring. 6 am, we are up. By 7:45 we leave the resort to go to our next destination. It was about an hour drive as we take the Lom Sak route, filled with a gorgeous scenery.

It was a fairly difficult drive but we have drive the roads of Chiang Mai and Doi Ang Khang so it became fairly easy after a few turns.

In fact I quite enjoyed the challenge to navigate the steep roads and sharp turns. Just remember to use low gear.

Finally reaching the summit, we were a bit overwhelmed with how many people were here.

Cars everywhere, people camping out and guesthouses all around. We parked as soon as we could next to a cafe for a late breakfast. We then drove around to look for a place to stay for the night. It wasn't the plan but a place this beautiful, we had to!Sadly, nothing (not a single guesthouse) looked available =( and we had no tent! We should have prepared better for this. Also, we couldn't see the fog everyone was talking about. Where is it? Were we too late?

We just walked around for a bit but it wasn't easy so driving it was.

We would have loved to stay here for the night and experience what it's like. To be able to see the night sky or the morning light and the creeping fog across the horizon. Perhaps next time, when we are better prepared. Until next time, Phetchabun! We Love you!

Tips for trip:

If you are planning to Khao Kho or Phu Tubberk, especially during the long weekend, make sure you:

  • Book your resort/hotel/guesthouse in advance OR buy and carry your own tent
  • Carry blankets, water, some food, etc.
  • Charge your devices fully and bring many battery packs
  • Make sure your car is tuned and ready - check oil, brake, water, etc.

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