Let's Eat Review: Farm Design

Farm design is another famous desert chain store from Hokkaido, Japan. This store has been operated in Japan since the year 1987 but has been operated in Thailand since the year 2012. The main products are various cheesecakes, including beverages that originally make from milk and blending with other ingredients and become a various beverages, including fresh coffee.

Every time I walk pass Farm Design and see "NO! Hokkaido Cheesecake" written on the board, I would mumble "What's the hell I miss the Hokkaido Cheese cake all the time" but when glancing at the cupboard, the cake is still there or maybe it's different type, I think, always miss it through. And then I just know that what's written on the board is No.1 Hokkaido Cheesecake ( The Crystal SB Ratchaphruek branch ).

Farm design milk and cheese are well-known. I have tried Hokkaido Cheesecake (105 baht). It's a real original cheesecake, the cake is not quite big but the cheesecake is dense and soft. Cheese is odorous and a bit sour but not as sour as yogurt. I think people who like cheesecake and a little sweet of cheesecake will like it.

Another one is Cream Cheese Brownie (55 baht), a dense and little sweet brownie is a great match with sour cream cheese putting on top of it.

Brownie Kiss Cheesecake (125 Baht) is a cheesecake with dense brownie base mixed with various nuts.

The beverage is Oreo Mint Cheesecake Frappe' (125 baht) this cup can make me feel full, the cup is not big but blending with dense milk, Oreo, cheesecake, whipping cream and mint sauce. Milk can be tasted clearly and can smell a light mint from mint sauce, also a crispy Oreo and cheesecake for cutting sweetness of the milk.

Tiramisu Cheesecake Frappe' (125 baht ), this cup smell a light coffee. Children can drink it. Drinking and chewing the cheesecake is fun!

Yogurt Slurpee (80 baht) is my favorite, it's a yogurt spinning with ice crystal. It's not too sour but a light sweet-sour taste. I can smell a healthy milky drink and try it so many times and I still appreciate it.

Hottttt!!!! Every Tuesday and Wednesday, every drink menu is 50% discount from 13.00-17.00 p.m. only. But for Mooooo's Member, you can use this privilege for the whole day ( you can make a registration at the store and use the privilege right there) Deadline for this promotion is on this 3/June/2015.

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 Tuesday, June 9, 2015 2:37 PM