It started like any other day. We go up early, brushed our teeth and got dressed. A few minutes later we get a call from Love Andaman - a very popular tour company based out of Phuket - saying that the driver will pick us up from our hotel shortly.

Surely, not long later a van pulled up next to us and the driver got out and asked if we were going to Koh Rok. Excitedly, we said yes and he helped us get settled in. After about 1 hour, driving through the city filled with traffic and picking up other tourists, we finally arrived at the pier.

Here many other tourists and Love Andaman team were waiting for us. We quickly had a small breakfast made up of biscuits, scones, cookies and cupcakes along with coffee, tea and juice.

We actually did not want to eat a lot because we knew the boat ride was going to make us sick. So we simply had some water and a piece of cupcake.

All of us got on to our speed boat and we eased out of the bay. It started off very smooth and we enjoyed the breeze. However, the further out to sea we got, the bumpier and wilder our ride became.

We crashed up and down and swayed side to side at every wave. Luckily we had eaten motion sickness medicine to avoid vomiting all over the place. I was quite queasy while my wife was OK, listening to her music. She even took a nap!

After 2 hours of a fierce bumpy ride we slowed down as we approached our destination island - Koh Rok.

We were happy to come on calm waters but nothing could prepare us for the gorgeous views and stunning water we were about to see.

Do you want to see it too? Wait for it...

Think that was beautiful, wait even more, just like we did as the boat started to dock. We couldn't wait to get on the island.

You know people talk about the clearest blue/green water and white soft sandy beaches? Well this was exactly that and more! Possibly the prettiest beach we have seen so far.

We were in complete awe because this place was truly paradise - place we couldn't believe we were at and didn't want to leave.

The sand was indeed so soft, our feet would sink in. The water was also warm and cool at the same time, making it quite pleasant. The tour guide told us we could either spend time on the beach or go snorkeling in the distance from the boat. We decided to stay on the island to swim, take pictures and explore.

At first the island had very few people. We almost had it all to ourselves.

That quickly changed though as hordes of tourists came off over half a dozen speedboats.

It was hard to take pictures without someone being in it. This was quite upsetting but hey everyone wants to see beautiful places these days, right?

So I ventured off to the corner of the island where there were less people. I wondered why because it was as beautiful.

After exploring a little bit, we got quite hungry. Good thing Love Andaman had a great feast waiting for us. A full on buffet of delicious Thai food, various snacks and drinks.

Here they had the snack station, which was very well presented. Very professional and cute.

Inside a hut they had prepared hot meals. It was so good we had to have seconds.

Full with food and energy, we were given 15 minutes before we had to leave. It turned out there was another side of the island we hadn't explored so we decided to do just that.

On the way, I came across a fallen tree. What's an adventurous guy like me to do when I see one? Climb it of course!

Mission accomplished. Now the plan was to walk till the other end of the island. It was a bit off in the distance but the water color there was even more beautiful - bright light blue!

Reached the end...or did I? It seemed to curve and go on quite a bit more. I wanted to walk till the end completely but time was up and we had to get back to the boat.

So we did hand in hand, enjoying the view, weather and amazing experience on this paradisaical island.

Back on the boat we went but the trip wasn't over yet.

The captain took us to a smaller island right across, which was less crowded. It was also pretty with beautiful water color but the sand was rougher and yellow/orange, not white. The contrast of colors was just so beautiful.

After spending a good 20 minutes here, it was time to back on the boat and head to the last spot on this trip - Koh Ha. The ride was extremely bumpy again but nothing compared to the rough tides around this island.

We were suppose to snorkel here but because of the tide, Love Andaman had no choice but to cancel the plan for our safety. At least we got to take some pictures as the boat swayed violently side to side. We even got wet as the water splashed against the boat. What an adventure!

It was time to go back to Phuket now - a long journey back.

I would like to thank Love Andaman for this awesome journey to Koh Rok and for being such a fantastic professional and friendly tour agency.

Shayan Adventures

 Wednesday, November 16, 2016 12:28 AM