Imagine a place where you are taken through a paradise of nature. Where time slows down, your body rejuvenates under the sun and your lungs fill with fresh air. A picturesque sight beholds you at every turn and angle. As you walk through this oasis of beauty, butterflies flutter beside you, cute rabbits hop about, a turtle sleeps in the corner and ambient sound of birds fill the sky.

This is the experience you begin to feel at the Thavorn Palm Beach Resort in the Karon district of Phuket. Truly as their slogan says, it is where Thai tradition meets nature. Let us tell you why as we take you on the journey of our stay at this resort.

Arrival and Customer Service

As soon as we arrive, we are greeted with beautiful and warm Thai smiles. Everyone is courteous, professional and very friendly. They even give us a welcome drink and cold towels to freshen up.

Since we arrived quite early, our room isn't ready yet so the staff informs us that we can wait at the restaurant or cafe but we thought we would take the time to explore the resort.

Hotel Style

Being a 30 year old hotel and resort, Thavorn Palm Beach exudes Thai tradition and culture. Every element of its architecture, design and style showcases Thainess in some way. Even the decor in and out of the rooms exude traditional Thai.

They also have a special, iconic orchid garden that mazes around the property, making it such a beautiful place to stay at. This is where their saying 'Thai tradition meets nature' fits the meaning. It is exactly what you will see.

As you walk through the garden, you're taken away to a paradise paradise of pure nature filled with exotic and local species of flora and fauna.

Every plant, tree, flower and animal has a story behind it, which you can read as you leisurely take a stroll. The stories reiterate how Thai tradition is integrated so well into the nature aspect of the resort.

4 Lifestyle Swimming Pools

Surrounded by nature and palm trees, the resort also features four amazing, large swimming pools. Each with its own identity, character and ambiance. We had heard about these beautiful pools so we were very eager to check them out.

Pool #1: The first is Blue Heaven, located right in front of the main entrance (lobby and Wind Song restaurant). Here there are mostly families and children swimming or couples lounging around on pool beds. Our room was closest to this with a partial view of it.

Pool #2: Connecting to Blue Heaven was our favorite pool - the Chaba pool. We enjoyed this one the most since it had a bar in the middle with stools submerged in the water. Happy hour was the best time to be here because not only did we get buy 1 get 1 free on cocktails and beers but the bartenders played thumping music to liven the mood of the guests.

Pool #3: The paradise pool was a more relaxed pool where there is even a massage section on the side. This is where guests can read and suntan on the sun loungers or the sand-like slope on the side of the pool. This is the ultimate pool for a getaway that makes you feel like you left all your worries behind.

Pool #4: the crocodile pool was the most secluded one of all and quite far from our room. The cool feature of this pool were the two crocodile statues in the water, hence the name.

It also has a small waterfall cave at the back, which is pretty cool. Great place to get wet-er.

Cute Animals About

Another aspect of this resort that makes it so unique from others is that they have animals roaming free (at certain times, for their and your safety) around the resort. You'll come across parrots, chickens, different kind of birds and even turtles!

Again each animal has a back story that integrates with the history and concept of the resort. And we loved it.

Overall, Thavorn Palm Beach is an absolutely lovely place to stay, especially for families with young kids or for couples wanting to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of cities. We think more could be done, however, with entertainment and customer service by involving the guests more with lifestyle events. There could be sports, cocktail networking and music events that would make guests feel more connected to each other and the resort. But that could take away from the Thai tradition and nature aspect of the brand - which we can understand and appreciate.

If you like nature, beaches (yes this is a beachfront resort if I didn't mention already), furry animals, traditional style decor and atmosphere, you will love Thavorn Palm beach.

Shayan Adventures

 Monday, November 21, 2016 10:58 AM