To change the place for sleeping ?

For those who are bored with trip of sleeping in the tents or hotels. Hence, we would like to introduce you the new way of taking the trip, we can just simply unfold the canvas and sleep on the high cliff. Even though, it is not so comfortable but we feel so happy.

It rains once we start roaming in the forest with the duration around 7-8 kilometers, it takes about 5 hours.

Here is the beginning of our trip " Kon Lhong Thang" ( Lost Somewhere Together)

Our trip has started on Friday at the end of September, it can be said that this trip has been started right away after we have got salary.

To start from Bangkok, it is the night that it rains heavily and we get stuck with the traffic jams. We have arrived at Chanthaburi at 2 am. As we have not reserved the accommodation in advance, thus we have driven the car around the area. In that meantime, we come across to see the government office, we have turned into this place. We have asked the staff whether there is some place that we can enfold the canvas to sleep.

And they have offered us some place near guardhouse. We are so happy because we finally get the place to sleep. We did not sleep long because we need to continue our trip in early morning.

This is the way of simple life. You are able to see from this photo as the example.

It is time to continue the trip.

Pha Hin Koob (Hin Koob Cliff) Chanthaburi province at Thung Pel Forest Protection in Khao Soi Dao Wildlife Sancturay. It is one of the great attraction that you should not miss to visit.

Here we will see that there are 2 big rocks with the perfect angle, there is the gap between these 2 rocks. Furthermore, it is close to the high cliff. The spectacular view of mountain and foggy curtain is just in front of us.

We have realized that the nature is absolutely perfect.

Here we come!

In order to get up to Hin Koob Cliff, there is some additional charges that we need to prepare, there will be the charge for the guide at THB 1000, the journey has been taken about 2 days with maximum 5 joiners per group.

For those who like to hire someone to carry your luggage, it is also available. However, we do not use this service as we have only 1 bag because we do not prepare so many stuffs. Our target is to unfold the canvas on the cliff and spend the night there. Nevertheless, we have seen that there are many tourists who sleep in the tents as well .

We are ready now.

It is the time that we need to spend our utmost energy for this trip.

Apart from being aware of slugs, it is necessary that you have to be careful about prickle.

We do not have any ideas the exact kind of florae it is, but it really hurts once you are pricked by them.

Since it is the trip in the forest, hence we would like to recommend you to choose the right shoes, it is necessary to choose the ones which adhere to the soil very well. Otherwise, it will be risky to be pricked with prickle.

It is very challenging trip because we need to step on the mud and sometimes the stream.

And we have finally found the waterfall, the water is crystally clear. We would like to jump into it.

Below is the photo of my friend who has jumped into the waterfall and spent such long time there.

The rest of the group joiners prefer to wash the face, just to refresh only.

The water is very clear.

After spending time at waterfall for a while, it is time to continue our trip.

It rain again while we are roaming in the forest, we need to put on the raincoat,

We keep walking till it stops raining. Luckily, it stops raining once we arrive at this area. It is difficult to go up to the top because it is very steep.

After climbing for a while, we have reached at the entrance of the cave. Please bring the flashlight with you a well as it is quite dark at this zone.

To continue walking for 5 hours to the destination, we finally reach the destination. Since, it is very cloudy, we then look for the area to place our stuffs and arrange the place to sleep.

We have taken the rest for a while and it rains again. Then, the idea of taking a shower under the rain has popped up

He has such the big bath room with spectacular view.

My friend starts searching for somewhere that he can wash his hair better.

After washing his hair for a while, he has invited me to join his bath.

Eventually, I have decided to take a shower like him.

Once it stops raining, the sky becomes brighter. We are sure that you will not be regret to come here because you can enjoy seeing the wonderfully foggy curtain.

We can see the mountain from that far end, we really enjoy seeing panoramic view.

Below photo shows the beautiful twilight after sunset.

In the evening, we feel so hungry, we have cooked instant noodle as our dinner today.

It is such the classic atmosphere to fire and cook the food in the old style stove. Before going to bed, we would like to spend a few minutes to indulge with the nature and see the beautiful view.

We are woken up by the sun light in the morning, it is such a nice moment.

The sun rises

Of course, we will not miss to take photos of rising sun, it is the advantage of waking up in early morning.

We could not describe by word of how beautiful it is, we can feel it just right in front of us.

Before going back to Bangkok, we have boosted up our energy with simple food, it is the meatball. Even though, it is the simple food, but it becomes special food once we have it while seeing the nice view.

The important rule that must be followed is to keep the place clean once you have left the place.

It is time to get ready to be back to Bangkok.

We have learnt from this trip that even it is the challenging trip but we feel that we have truly accessed to the nature.

To get to our desired destination, it is the challenge that is waiting for our us to prove whether we can pass it or not.

Anyhow, we could overcome this challenge because it is the only way to get the answer. Like this trip, we have got the answer now, it is absolutely beautiful.

We really want you try it once in a lifetime.

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