This Thai Children's Day (on 2nd Saturday of January) we are going to take Dek Jew to Koh Chang (The meaning of Koh Chang is Elephant Island).

This time we are going to stay at Mercure Koh Chang Hideaway. We saw some pictures of this hotel in a travel fair and we really liked it. So we bought a voucher for Dek Jew's grandparents to spend their holiday fews years ago.

(The former name of this hotel is Dusit Princess Koh Chang)

We had such a great opportunity to visit Mercure Koh Chang Hideaway since we were invited to stay in this hotel for 2 nights. We suddenly said "OK" because we really liked this hotel.

We made such a good decision to visit here because everything is perfect. We love everything here such as swimming pool, guest room, view, and food.

Come and travel with Dek Jew, later you will know why we really love this place.

**This review is SR. The complimentary that Dek Jew and family will receive from this trip is:

- Accommodation at Mercure Koh Chang Hideaway for 2 nights includes breakfast.

Dek Jew started traveling since Dek Jew was only 5 months old. You can visit Dek Jew's travel stories by follow the link below:

We start our trip from Bangkok a bit late because Dek Jew has an extra class in the morning. We arrive to Laem Ngop pier in the afternoon for taking a ferry to the island.

We drive our car to a ferry and stay on a ferry around 30 minutes until we arrive to a pier on Koh Chang.

From the pier, we drive a car around 30 minutes to the hotel. On the way, we found a reconstruction of the road, which leads us to drive to another way.

(I think it should be done by now)

Finally we arrive to Mercure Koh Chang Hideaway.

We receive a welcome drink which is a glass of Roselle juice. It is really sweet and refreshing.

The lobby is very chic, surrounding with water, airy atmosphere and high ceiling. Plus, the weather is quite cool with mild wind blowing all around this area.

We take some photos in this area for a while and we will go to our room later.

Our room is Deluxe Ocean View on 2nd floor of the middle building and it is just above the restaurant.

Entering the room, we see a platform bed which looks really comfortable. Also the room is quite spacious.

I really like this style because it is not only a bed but there is functional space to sit or lay down.

Dek Jew really enjoys eating longan from the welcome-fruits bowl.

There is a big bathtub in the bathroom, which is connected to the bedroom. Guests can watch TV in the bedroom while soaking themselves in the bathtub.

There is a slide stained-glass window that can be closed when someone is going to use the bathroom. Therefore, guests will not be afraid of losing their own privacy in the bathroom.

Coming out from the room to see the view from the balcony.

The roof that you see in the picture is the roof of the restaurant downstairs.

A view from the bedroom's balcony.... It is really beautiful indeed.

A video of Dek Jew travels to Koh Chang: Arriving to Koh Chang and entering to the room episode.

We arrive at the hotel in late afternoon. We spend much time on check-in process and on taking our luggage to our room. So the time that Dek Jew can go to swim is closing to the sunset period.

Unfortunately, daddy is not going to swim with Dek Jew at this time because he is busy with photo shooting during twilight period and her mommy can't swim because she is sick.

Therefore, Dek Jew has to swim with her new friend, which is a blue floating stingray-shaped toy. She really likes it. Also she named her toy with "Dok Mali", which the meaning is jasmine.

Dek Jew swims and plays water alone. She says that she is very lonely in the pool even though I am keeping an eye on her but I am not with her in the water.

Dek Jew suddenly acts like she is in drama series, telling me that other kids have their parents with them in the pool while she is there alone...Later some tears drop from her face. She looks so sorrow about this....As a result, her daddy eventually tells her that tomorrow we will be in the pool with her in the morning.

A moment later we see the sunset from the hotel's beachfront, which is absolutely magnificent.

This is something we didn't expect to see but finally we see this with splendid view.

(Sometimes we have very high expectations on this and we will be sorrow if the sky is closed or not clear)

Walking down to the beach. We see such as great atmosphere and gorgeous view.

The hotel is fully booked on the day we visit but we haven't seen many guests here. It is really tranquil at the swimming pool area and the beach.

Sitting on the beach and watching the sunset...Today the sun looks really big indeed.

After the sunset, we don't forget to quickly return to our room for shooting some pictures during twilight period.

Now we are getting hungry. So, we walk down from our room just few steps and we quickly reach "The Bay Restaurant". This restaurant is decorated with open-air style. It is such a good idea for receiving natural wind from the sea.

Everyday, there is a BBQ Buffet at dinner. The price is acceptable if we compare with variety and quality of food, which is THB 550++.

There are BBQ and steak with Thai, Chinese and Japanese style. Let's have a look what we can eat here (These pictures were taken for 2 nights because we have been to the BBQ buffet for 2 times)

Daddy really likes the BBQ here. Don't ask how many skewers he takes. He can't even remember :-)

There are various kinds of dessert here. Mostly western style but there are 2-3 kinds of Thai dessert on the dessert station.

Moreover, on Saturday night, there is a fresh seafood corner where you can select some pieces of seafood for grilling but the seafood in this corner is not included with the price of THB 550++.

There is the exact price of this seafood stating on the card. I want to say that prawns, crayfishes and squids are really fresh.

A video of Dek Jew travels in Koh Chang: Water activities and dinner episode.

After walking pass The Bay Restaurant, we will arrive at Reef Bar where we can have a sip of cocktails or other drinks and relax ourselves with lounge music.

Let's walk around the hotel area.

On Saturday night, there is a dinner on the beach, which is organised for a group of the hotel's guests.

The main swimming pool area at night.

This building is for the type of 2-bedroom beachfront. The location pretty good as it is located next to the beach and guests can walk to the swimming pool conveniently.

This is a walkway to our room. The view behind this building is the view of the lobby. Whereas the view in front of this building is sea view, which is applicable to all rooms.

Now, let's have a look at the lobby area!

The lobby is well-decorated, airy atmosphere with high ceilings and surrounded by water.

During the daytime, you can see green and refreshing water. On the other hand, during the nighttime, the water is decorated by blue lights. Looks so beautiful :-)

Let's have a look at one of the most important parts in the hotel, which is "breakfast".

I really like the breakfast here, because apart from a normal standard of breakfast that every hotel should have, there is a special rice-porridge station, which is freshly cooked. And a pizza is very delicious.

This pizza is very delicious. I really like it, especially when it has been served directly from the oven.

This roasted chicken is really delicious. Unfortunately I didn't taste some of fish dishes.

This is the favourite dish of Dek Jew and daddy. These two almost take the whole bowl.

I want Dek Jew to eat her breakfast as much as possible because Dek Jew and her daddy is going to play water the whole day.

The weather in the morning is very cool and fresh. I would like to have this cool weather to be applicable entire Thailand for the whole year (At the end of February is starting to get hot again).

During the day time, there is "All You Can Ice-Cream" station nearby the pool.

(Unfortunately we didn't taste it because Dek Jew spend the whole day enjoying herself in the water, not even looked at the ice-cream)

After enjoying breakfast, Dek Jew quickly goes to change her cloths to swimming suite

Starting from playing sand on the beach. Although the sand on the hotel's beach is not really white and fine, it is quite clean and children can play sand by hand or with some equipment.

A video of Dek Jew travels to Koh Chang: Let's play sand episode.

After playing with sand for a while, Dek Jew move her body to the pool for swimming.

Doing water activities in this swimming pool is quite fun (again). There are deep area and shallow area (a lot) for children to comfortably swim and play the water. Also, the pool is very large.

One of the most favourite water activities that Dek Jew is really like to do every time she is in a pool is diving and getting seaweed from the bottom of the pool.

Let's see how Dek Jew is playing with seaweed.

We stay out from the water to walk around the swimming pool for a while. I think the view around this area is really beautiful than I thought. A large swimming pool with green tiles, accompanied with coconut trees gives such a splendid view.

These beach chairs have been reserved by 100% of Western guests. Thai guests do not really want to get tanner colour from strong sunlight :-)

We spend our time at this place for the whole day because of the shade from those big trees.

For these beach chairs which is placed among strong sunlight, we are glad to give to other Western guests who desire to take a sunbathe :-)

Dek Jew and daddy have been playing water until noon. Everybody is hungry but the kid doesn't want to leave the pool. Therefore, we have to order food and drinks for lunch to eat next to the pool and Dek Jew is really like this.

For lunch, we order fried squid, fried rice with pineapple, and minced beef burger. Everything is really tasty and delicious. Especially the orange drink that I ordered at lunch I order it again late in the afternoon because there is a Happy Hour with a "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" promotion....It is really delicious.

A video of Dek Jew travels to Koh Chang: Having lunch nearby the pool episode.

Around the main pool, there are some Jacuzzi tubs where hotel guests can chill out by soaking themselves after swimming in the main pool.

Dek Jew went to soak herself in a Jacuzzi for a while. She prefers to swim in the main pool though.

This floating stingray-shaped toy is really functional and enjoyable because Dek Jew can easily ride and float on water, not like the old one that is a whale shape.

If it is a whale shape, Dek Jew has to keep her balance on this. Otherwise, she will fall down into the water easily.

The last day before going back home, we have an appointment with the one of the hotel managers in order to visit different room types of the hotel.

We are arriving to the Pool Access zone.

This building is located on the opposite side of the beach. There is a long swimming pool, which is connected to all Pool Access rooms. However, a disadvantage of this room type is that there is no sea view from this area.

In addition to this, all hotel guests can swim in this pool even though they are not staying in this building.

Personally, we really like the Pool Access type because it is quite convenient for Dek Jew to access to the swimming pool.

This room is beautifully decorated. Additionally, I really like the small lamps that placed into the wall above the headboard. They look so cute.

Guests can jump into the pool from their rooms.

After visiting the Pool Access type, we are heading to 2nd floor, which is the Superior type with a view of swimming pool downstair. Even though it is only a Superior type, the room is beautifully decorated and the area is quite spacious.

We are now visiting the last room type, which is "Hideaway Pool Villa".

In Mercure Koh Chang Hideaway, there is "Hideaway Pool Villa" like the room that we are visiting right now and "Beachfront Pool Villa". Which the Beachfront Pool Villa is mainly opened to the sea. Therefore, guests' privacy must be less than the other types. (Unfortunately we can't visit the Beach Front Pool Villa because the room is occupied during this time)

After entering to the room, we encounter this stunning corner. The room is painted with bright colour, decorated with beige-tone furnitures, and high ceiling.

On the ceiling, there is a part that made from transparent glass where guests can open the drapes and watch stars at nighttime.

There is no bathtub in the bathroom because the bathtub is placed outside the bathroom, which is located next to the pool.

The swimming pool looks so lovely. There are also tiny waterfalls on the wall. This swimming pool is really attracted to Dek Jew to quickly jump into the water.

A video of Dek Jew travels to Koh Chang: Exploring various room types episode.

After visiting different types of guest rooms, let's go to see the spa of the hotel.

The spa area is located in the front of the hotel near the lobby. Once you walk into the spa area, you will encounter this tree wall, which looks very green and accompanied with water lines coming out from those steel balls.

The interior design of the spa is quite simple, high ceiling and airy atmosphere, which is quite relaxing. Unfortunately I didn't use a massage service at this time, so I wouldn't know how good of the massage here.

We have been staying and walking around the hotel area for 3 days and 2 nights already. And we would like to conclude our thinking of this hotel as below:

- Everybody in our family really like Mercure Koh Chang Hideaway. We are very impressed with the entire trip here and if we have another chance to come back here...of course, we will do.

- Guest rooms are spacious with beautiful design. Food is delicious. The pool is really good for swimming or doing water activities. The hotel also has a beach where Dek Jew can play sand and running around. The view is very beautiful. And last but not least, the staffs are so friendly and helpful.

- The disadvantage is that some parts of the beach in front of the hotel have some small stones which would not be suitable for children to swim or do water activities in the sea. The hotel is located in the south of the island, which is quite far from the pier.

Our trip has come to the end...Dek Jew have to say goodbye for now. See you again in the next review.

Thank you for traveling with us :-)

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 Thursday, April 9, 2015 10:18 PM