Today I'm invited by a restaurant called Joe Louis Thai Cuisine.

"Joe Louis" this name is very internationally well known as it is traditional Thai Puppet Theater which won the best Traditional Performance Award and the Best Performance Award for three years (They say it could have continue to get the award for more than 3 years unless it had been asked not to take part in the competition. So, the other teams were allowed to have an opportunity for the contest.)

The restaurant is located in Asiatique the Riverfront, Bangkok's the trendiest landmark. The shopping area along the Chao phraya River become one of the most famous tourist spots among foreign visitors. Everyone can't miss it.

"Joe Louis" which had been once famous for their outstanding traditional Thai puppet theater stopped the shows for years due to the inadequate investment of the theater.

After that, it started to operate a Thai cuisine restaurant. With the help of the best chefs who specialize in cooking traditional Thai food, the restaurant have become well-known for its rare dishes from the past century.

By the end of the year 2014, the theater will have been ready to perform the great traditional Thai Puppet again.

But today let's see how conventional Thai food looks like represented by "Joe Louis"

This is its open air kitchen.

Traditional Thai drinks are presented in Thai style.


The restaurant proudly presents their Thai dishes. The foods are well cooked and decorated as they are described in poems about Thai food.

Omelet with minced shrimps (La Tiang)

Thai noodles fried with giant Malaysian prawns

Spicy shrimps salad (Sang Wa)

Red curry with lychees in a coconut

Green curry in Thai poem style

Herb soya beans with minced craps (Poo Lone)

Omelet with minced shrimps (La Tiang)

The traditional Thai dish is very rare even Thai people may not know.

Thai noodles fried with giant Malaysian prawns This famed dish is sold in almost every restaurant and well known by foreigners all over the world.

Spicy shrimps salad (Sang Wa)

This menu is served in a set to eat together.

Green curry in Thai poem style

Fish balls filled with salted yolk are put in the green curry making its taste flavorsome.

Red curry with lychees in a coconut

Red curry is cooked with coconut and Lychee filled with minced chicken served in a coconut.

Herb soya beans with minced craps (Poo Lone)

I asked for this dish since I myself would like to have it.

The details of the culturally Thai cuisine are well displayed.

The first bite is considerably fantastic.

Nowadays, the puppet is still invited to perform the show in Thailand and oversea.

The puppet models, however, always come to entertain the customers on Fridays and weekends at 7.30 p.m. and 9 p.m.

I would recommend the restaurant to anyone who comes to Asiatique the Riverfront. It is a fascinating place to have a nice dinner.

Although its taste may not so strong as general Thai style so that the foreign tourists can enjoy it, it is not too greasy.

Moreover, the price is reasonable with incredible atmosphere. At least, a dish is definitely not more expensive than a bite of otoro.

Thank you for supporting me to experience the real Thai tradition.

I would prefer you to share this review to others to let everyone know about this interesting experience.

The restaurant's numbers are 02-108-4000 , 02-108-4400

Anusorn Tancharoen

 Wednesday, June 17, 2015 11:39 AM