Hello all, this Tamkarnwela issue is about the hotel participating in the contest of Thailand Boutique Awards 2014-2015 and the 5th hotel, also the last one, is under our responsibility. This project is hosted by Krung Thai Bank Public Co.,Ltd. and we are honored to be invited to be one of the reviewers.

The Library Samui is one of the members of Design Hotels operating worldwide. Here, it has been opened for 7 years with the best and the most serene location on Chaweng beach.This boutique hotel only offers 26 rooms but with outstanding quality and service that I wish everyone could come and enjoy it.

And this time, we have a chance to enjoy our 2 sponsors services. One is the Bangkok Airways. I'm very impressed by the Blue Ribbon Lounge, especially Khao Tom Mad and Kanom Tian (Thai dessert). The other is Thai Rent A Car service. The car is new and comfortable, it helps making this trip to be much more enjoyable and convenient.

This trip we have traveled for several days.......And finally, we reach our destination of this trip at...The Library...

Now, let's get our two-piece ready for jumping into our red swimming pool......

The Library Samui was initiated by the idea of seeing most people usually bring with them one or two books on their vocations or even just spending some relaxing time on their days off. And this simple happiness that we are all quite familiar with is the original idea of this chic concept of the hotel.

The Library is like a library that collects all the books that we want to read. Once we choose the book we want to read, then we can read it slowly, one page after the other, and this is the very same concept as staying at The Library.

Content is the collection of books' content and we will be checking in at from here.

Here, we will be informed of the content of this place and what is located at where.

As well as serving Sorbet, so refreshing...

Let me introduce you to Khun Muek (Mr. Ink), he likes to read and you will find him just almost everywhere in The Library.

Here is quite shady, the main colors of the hotel are white, black and green.

Upon walking in, you will feel so spacious, comfortable, and not narrowed a bit due to the loose layouts. I was secretly thinking that if it were other big hotels, this huge space could have been layout to accommodate a lot more rooms.

Khun Muek is reading here.

At The Library, we call the room as 'Page'. Each room is put into the metaphor of each page and altogether is 26 pages. We will be staying at Page 12.

Page 12 is located on the second floor. Each room is proportional and private.

The Library offers 3 room types, which are The BOOKMARK, EXOTIC SUITE, and SMART STUDIO.

And our room is the Smart Studio, let's go explore this type of room first...

And we are welcoming by the little rain upon our arrival.

The fruit is waiting in the good air conditioning room.

Complementary from The Library...

Smart Studio, the floor is white with no beds but the mattress is put on the floor that has been higher up.

Light Box will change its color continually.

This corner is so comfy for lying down.

Here is decorated in Minimalism style but is also fully equipped with comfort and modernity.

Very comfortable with everything ready at use.

I really like this style of decoration, well designed!

The simple bathroom.

The hanger is very long. It is so satisfying because we need not to fight for hanging clothes space.

And this is another Smart Studio room that I have visited.

The decoration is similar to that of Page 12.

Facilities are similarly full equipped.

It is so fresh by the outside green.

All Smart Studio rooms provide this kind of chair on the balcony, for us to enjoy the chilling wind.

The Exotic Suite is the room on the ground floor.

Let's open the door and explore inside...

There will be more space for usage in this relaxing corner.

This is so comfy, I was imagining of how nice it could be if we could just lie down and read books...

The floor is black but the design is similar to Smart Studio, which is decorated in Minimalism style.

The facilities are similar except the coffee maker, this room is equipped with capsule coffee maker.

The Exotic Suite offers whirlpool bath systems whereas the Smart Studio is just the ordinary bath tube.

Shampoo, soaps, the full set is ready at use.

The atmosphere at night is more beautiful, however, please be aware of the mosquitoes.

the Book Mark is the last room type and have just completed its renovation the day on our departure. This room type is suitable for the couple honeymooning.

The room is situated on the first floor, next to The Fit, the fitness room.

The floor is red.

With extra large bed...

Large couch for sitting or lying down...

We can look far to the small pantry room and the far end is the Jacuzzi.

The Jacuzzi is spacious, more than enough for 2 people.

Let's create some romantic moment...

A small sitting corner outside and outdoor shower...

Every room is equipped with this type of Rain Shower.

The partition on the left hand side is rotatable, with a TV on the opposite side, for your convenient in watching TV from whichever side.

The couple will have an absolute great Honeymoon, definitely a happy time, confirm!

The Page is a restaurant that serves for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Good atmosphere...

With this breath taking atmosphere, the food is 10 times more delicious than what it already is.

The Page serves a variety kinds of food, let's start by our dinner.

Rib Eye of Wagyu Beef BMS9+, is serving with 3 kinds of sauces (butter, mushroom, and black pepper sauce)

With the marble on the meat level of 9+, this is considerably a good grade of wagyu meat. I can assure you that here is the only available place on Koh Samui.

I wasn't too hungry but I still finish it all by myself. I eat it without any sauce, the meat is so juicy, very tender and sweet.

Crisp soft-Shell Crab Salad...

A well mixed flavored, especially with the salad dressing...

Grilled Snow Fish, is serving with brown rice and 5 different kinds of sauces.

This includes panaeng sauce, three-flavored sauce, green curry sauce, ginger sauce, and what was the other one...?

Let's finish our meal with Vanilla Pod Cheese Cake with Strawberry Consomme. This is a super tasty dessert, I highly recommend it to anyone who go to Koh Samui must come here for a try.

For lunch, it will serve in a la carte style or just an ordinary kind of menu.

Let's try noddle with wagyu meat. I'm really addicted to the wayu beef here, very tender....and a very big dish...

This dish is a noodle with minced pork and egg, looking so yummy.

Let's end our lunch with coconut milk ice cream and its full toppings.

Tea By The Sea … this is the Afternoon Tea set at The Page. Ready at your service every afternoon in a grand set.

Burger, with your choice of pork, beef, or chicken.

Fruit tart

Vanilla Pannacotta, even just one person, I enjoy two cups.

Delicious in every dish...

Khun Muek is laying down besides me when I enjoy my snack time at Tea By The Sea.

A very chilling time around 5-6 pm at the Beach Bar, in coupled with a Duo live band show, the atmosphere could never get more relaxing and chill.

What attract me is the Happy Hours...

Ready to book some seats...

Khun Muek is also lying down and reading books while waiting for the live music to start...

Spectacular atmosphere....

You can also get some snacks while waiting....

And here I am, with one set of snack..

Cold and refreshing drink, Buy 1 Get 1 Free …..

With no bright sun, listening to live music, I really like it, rolling around here....

With this romantic atmosphere, just listening to the music and the two of us, just so .... good.....

All seats are occupied...

The Red Pool.. the Signature of The Library...

This is the place that I used to wonder, how the red swimming pool can be so beautiful...

Until the day I experience it myself...

The night time shines its different angle of beauty...

Breakfast Culture…the experience of having breakfast on the mattress sitting on the sand on Chaweng beach while waiting to see the first light of the day..

If the sun were not too strong, we can continue sleeping here...

Khun Muek is also accompanying us here...

Croissant basket comes as the first serving...

Actually, we can be filled just by this basket.

But of course, we can also order other menus, as much as we wish...

The Library…. the library that contains a lot of good books...

A small corner for souvenir

Tables are available for your reading, and in the far end, DVD renting service is also in service.

We can also view the sea from laying down here.

Khum Muek is also secretly reading the book under the tree, close to the library.

Beautiful, warm, and just simply good design!

The Fit.... the exercising room which is close to The Library, is always welcoming guests.

Now I will take you to one more place, but before that, we have to go pass Khun Muek.

Khun Muek is indeed everywhere.

Now I'm taking you out to the street in front of The Library, and there you will see the Drink Gallery.

Let's read before entering, we might find some good promotions...

Coming to the Drink Gallery, you will see the Chinese braid girl on the wall.

This is the menu, still having the concept of braid girl.

A very chick cafe shop and such an inviting place to chill out.

There are a variety of drinks. You can find both common beverages or the new ones that created specifically only here.

This drink is called 2nd to None, a combination of watermelon and passion fruit citrus, very refreshing....

Choose it as you wish...

Five–Spice Duck Fresh Spring Roll, a fresh vegetable spring roll with duck and Hoi Sin saucing.

DG's Salad, with chicken breast, ham, salmon, and garlic bread

Tagliolini Grand Chio, a pasta fried with dried chili, a hint of spicy, along with garlic, vegetable and crab meat

For dinner, in addition to the menu food, you can also choose Pairings,a set menu serving with Cocktail.

Duo Appetizers, duck fried spring roll. It is similar to Kanom Bang Na Mu (the bread with pork), except it is made with seaweed, serving with Miss Rose Collins.

Manhatton Clam Chowder serving with Blanco's Orchard

Pan-seared Tasmanian Salmon serving with BF Bellini Martini

Lamb Massaman seving with Unconventioanl Hickory Smoked Manhatton

DG's Lychee Crème Brulee serving with Spiced Winter Cliche

The outside atmosphere, it is very suitable for outdoor lover.

These seats are also very comfy and cozy.

In conclusion:

The Library, a small boutique hotel but the quality is far from being small. Everything here is happening due to the thoroughly thought concept and a good design that is worth to be the member of Design Hotels.

3 days 2 nights experience here, Tamkarnwela is genuinely touching the true boutique hotel atmosphere.

Thank you very much for Thailand Boutique Awards Season 3 Project (2014-2015) for choosing Tamkarnwela to be one of the bloggers for reviewing the hotel in the project. The experice is very exotic and unique with many more things learnt.

Pleaese also follow us at https://www.facebook.com/Tamkarnwelatrips

And thank you to The Library, a boutique hotel, a selected participant in Thailand Boutique Awards Season 3 project (2014-2015), for a warm welcoming and letting Tamkarnwela to review and never once experiencing what is called 'hungry' during these 3 days and 2 nights.

Thank you to Bangkok Airways for taking us to Koh Samui and letting us experience full, safe, and sound journey.

Thank you to Thai Rent A Car for a kind and generous service and this has helped our lives at Koh Samui much more convenient and comfortable.

Thank you to the time for accompanying us everywhere.

Thank you to Readme.me for providing such a good space to share our experiences.

And lastly, thank you everyone for clicking to read our review, every comments and votes are a good encourage for us, the reviewer.

Love all the review readers :)


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