IATA PATA is the Chinese restaurant which has established since Siam Square had been built.

This restaurant is designed as coffee shop with dim light.

It has been moved to the new place for a decade, it is located on Petchaburi Tud Mai rd. Furthermore, it is also beside the entrance of RCA.

This restaurant still preserves the original style of its former one. As mentioned earlier that the restaurant is decorated with dim light. Thus, there is the wall lamp to spread the light at the middle of the table in order to let the customers their meals.

We have reserved room no. 11 on the 2nd floor.

Let's see what we will order for today.

We are still not ready to order.

But, there is an interesting point that customers at all table have ordered some bread coated with butter or yam.

This is because this restaurant is originated from coffee shop, it always serves bread before the meal since the former restaurant.

Once it is transformed to Chinese restaurant, the loyal customers always order for bread to be served before the meal. It is homemade bread, it is really fresh and delicious.

To be followed with the signature menu; which are stir fried fish maw, bread coated with shrimp. We have ordered these 2 menus in order to make it ease for the waiter.

We have separately ordered bread coated with shrimp and guess that there will be an additional order of this menu.

To followed by Beijing duck, this menu is unbeatable menu and we have ordered 2 portions.


Or - Suan

This is the outstanding menu of this restaurant.

Steamed Pigeon with young vegetable ( but it is fried to be almost crispy)

Nowadays, it is quite difficult to find the restaurant to try this menu. In the former time, it was available at Long Wah at III Rama road, it was really delicious. But this restaurant was terminated for a long time.

To dip with this dipping sauce, it consists of salt + pepper

The uniqueness of this menu is Gravy sauce which goes along very well with the hot dish.
You are freely allowed to choose the type of meat for your hot dish. There are pork, chicken, seafood and mixed meat.

Today I order shrimp.

This pot is extremely great.

Steamed goose's legs with noodle

Another dish of noodle which is also great.

Duck meat

To fry with garlic and pepper.

And another part to be fry with black pepper

Umm, nice!

My beside person.

To order the signature dessert of this restaurant

Fried monkey apple

So delicious

We need to reserve the table in advance.

We have 11 members for this meal.
To be happy family day.

This is just the descriptive story

This is not to persuade or recommend to have your meal at the this restaurant.
The purpose of this review is to share my favorite taste

It will be the restaurant where we want to go again.

Thank you.

Anusorn Tancharoen

 Tuesday, June 23, 2015 6:06 PM