Presenting my pictures this time is none-business propose at all

I would like all readers use your discretion for reading, and decision making.

And I am not recommending you to go find what my pictures have shown.

Same as my fan page, it isn't for business but just for people who miss reading my reviews on Pantip so they can find me here conveniently.

I am not forcing people to click "like" or "follow" me.

So here, I declared for your consideration and you all have the same understanding ...


The brand new restaurant in the Mueang Thong Tani neighborhood ...

New generation, Chinese Cuisine, on his own style, an oversea student in a good age....

Passed before opening, and see the set up inside

I am thinking it should be delight Chinese...

Not many menu selections

Surprisingly, Sukiyaki is in the menu list.....

Ok!! let's see Chinese dishes...

This dish is too much meat that makes it too dry, the taste is OK, personally I don't like it. (I prefer a sparse texture)

Pork in sweet and sour sauce Hong Kong art, well just like I am eating in a restaurant on Kowloon coast!!!!!

The Highlight of the restaurant


Done by the Chef owner, which is so fabulous

My last dish MIX BBQ

Grilled duck, Red pork and crispy pork

served with pickled vegetables, sauerkraut and mashed taro,

covered in a glass rid with aroma wood smoky,

come to me like the biggest WOWWWWWW

Ready to eat!!!!!

One of the restaurant you should try...

Especially the SMOKING DUCK, which the Chef owner has carried on from the German original, bring it to serve here in a Chinese restaurant which is owned by him......

The restaurant is located in Mueang thong Tani, close to the bridge crossing the river just before Sukhothai University....

It is the neighborhood of the famous grill "GYUNOBI" and "SALAD FACTORY"

Anusorn Tancharoen

 Wednesday, June 24, 2015 1:41 PM