Who said if you come to Hua Hin you have to go the beach only. This time Dek Jew will take you to Hua Hin but not go to the beach. We will go to the mountain instead... that's right mountains around here also have a good view. And the resort that we will stay this time is so cute and have very big pool which Dek Jew really like. Before go back to Bangkok we also stop by the Venezia Hua Hin and take a lot of photo.

Are you ready??? Let's go to the mountain.

** This review is SR that Dek Jew family got from the trip

Stay @ The Sea-Cret Garden Hua Hin 1 night including breakfast and dinner

Dek Jew started her journey since she was 5 months old you can follow Dek Jew story from here!!




Many people might have heard about The Sea-Cret Hua Hin and the resort that we are going to stay is the Sea-Cret Garden Hua Hin which have the same owner. This resort is not close to the sea but surrounding by mountain instead. It is very easy to get here, it is located near the Black Mountain Water Park. They called Khao Hin Lek Fi. We drive to Pranburi and turn to Huay Mongkol Temple at the intersection. Then follow the sign to the resort. The Sea-Cret Garden Hua Hin is a new resort that just open, paint in white with violet flower theme and it is so cute.

While waiting for Mama to Check-in, Dek Jew has one act at the lobby

View from the lobby will see all white room line up and a big pool on a side so attractive.

After check-in, we go to the room to get change and take Dek Jew to pool because she wants to swim already.

Walking path to the room decorates with cute flower on both side

Let's get in to the room... Wow!!! there is a lot of space, big bathroom, small kitchen, and providing microwave and refrigerator. Sadly, Papa did not take that photo.

There is bathtub on one side at the upper wood step with very cute decoration

And on the other side is shower room and toilet

A very big bed room

There is also a day bed which is very soft and comfortable

When open the back door will be at the pool

It is so amazing, a blue big pool... wanna jump in

All rooms are pool access every room have a back door to get to the pool.

All rooms are the same style and pool access

All rooms also have a roof-deck where we can see sunrise and sunset right up here

Clip Dek Jew Chill Out @ The Sea-Cret Garden Hua Hin... Part: on the way to our room

After walking and see the room, Dek Jew is going to swim. Even it is in the afternoon but it is not that hot because the shadow of the building cover the sun light for us. (But if it is in the morning it is going be hot because the sun light is come from the other side.)

Everybody is coming out to the pool and have fun together not just only children

The family at the opposite room also stay at the pool until dark

Clip Dek Jew Chill Out @ The Sea-Cret Garden Hua Hin Part: Fun fun at the pool

After the pool, we go to take a photo around the resort. There is a lot of beautiful corner to take a shot.

We will have a BBQ Dinner at our roof-deck.

Grilling and seeing sunset at the same time. But today is quite cloudy and we think that we might not see the sunset but in the end the sun is coming out from the cloud and shining orange light over the sky.

Dek Jew is only concentrate on her corn

Today we have Pork, Chicken, Shirmps, Squids and Vegetable BBQ which we order from the resort, when it is time staffs will come and prepare everything for us

Clip Dek Jew Chill Out @ The Sea-Cret Garden Hua Hin Part: BBQ Dinner

While griling BBQ, Papa goes take a twight light picture mode around the resort.

Especially light in the evening from each room make the pool so beautiful.

Take a look from the top, it is such a great atmosphere and a very nice view

Clear water can see through the bottom of the pool

In the early morning, Papa comes to take some shots at the lobby and breakfast room.

Breakfast room is in front of the lobby and still keep concept of white violet and flowers

First light in the morning combines with pool and buildings make it more beautiful than expected.

The big beautiful sunrise

We go there during midle of March the weather in the morning and evening is quite good not too hot. (But in the afternoon still very hot)

Getting brighter, the atmosphere at a small resort is so great

Many families start to come out and have some walks, take a photo and ride a bicycle

Papa calls Dek Jew out to ride a bicycle otherwise she will regret to miss a good atmosphere in the morning here

The resort provides a free rentral bicycle for both children and adults

Ride a bycycle around the resort and enjoy a good view. Dek Jew ride a bicycle so fast and almost slip off the road all the time.

Clip Dek Jew Chill Out @ The Sea-Cret Garden Hua Hin Part: Let's go for a ride

After ride a bicycle for the whole morning>>>Let's go for breakfast

What I like the most is this eggs pan

After breakfast, Dek Jew want to go to the pool again Mama let Papa take care of her for a while... thank you very much Papa ^^

Only Dek Jew has fun by herself in the pool even the weather is really hot. Mama is waiting inside but Papa is melting out there.

This beautiful picture causes the photographer a lot of sweating

Luckily, that we cannot get a late check-out otherwise Dek Jew will not get off the water

Clip Dek Jew Chill Out The Sea-Cret Garden Hua Hin Part: One last time at the pool

From the ressort we stop by The Venezia Hua Hin. Today is a bright day it is very hot everywhere. Here Mama bought the voucher from Thai Travel Centre buy 4 get 1 free one ticket is about 450 baht for full price but this is only about 360 baht per eachand you can play everything in there

First, we go to the upside down house where everything is upside down

You see that... Dek Jew is floating on the celling

Dek Jew is too small so it is quite difficult to find the right shot

Here is 3D Art Gallery it is a 3D painting for us to take photo it just like the Art in Paradise at Pattaya where Dek Jew has visited before but at that time she was still very young. Look this time.. acting like it is real.

This is the most dificult picture to take because Dek Jew does not how to run and still she always run back and forward.

There is a lot of paint for you to take a shot

Dek Jew is a little too short

Mama like this picture it is so funny

Get hot again when we come out to take a mini Train

Next is horse carriage, Dek Jew is disappointed a little because she likes to ride on a real horse not on a carriage

Because it is very hot so the Gondola Boat service is not available yet

Chill out and take a photo around here because it is less hot

Mini Zoo: Feeding sheeps

If I remember it correctly this is a Music Garden

Dek Jew shot one of the doll which is better than Papa

Now it is time for Gondola Boat

In the final part, Fantasy Land, here is the same as 3D Art Gallery but the painting is all about myth and ferry tale. These are all beautiful pictures. Dek Jew starts to be more sensitive and does not want to take a picture any more she said she already take a lot of picture today. But we still can get her on the scene

Still have more photos

Actually we would like to wait for the light and water show but because we are so tired of hot weather so we decide to go back after waiting for 20 minutes.

As always, at the end of our trip Dek Jew has no energy and fall asleep and wake up again on the next day

Bye Bye ...Dek Jew gets to go now wait and see for the next review do not forget to follow us

Thank you very much every one

Dek Jew Chill Out

 Thursday, April 9, 2015 10:23 PM