Hi there! Dek Jew is here and again would like to invite you to join a sea trip.

It is a trip to Phuket this time, and the main reason is to go to Sala Phuket (follow the review on Pantip.com). Well, I don't think it is worth it to go to Phuket just only for the resort so I also look for a day trip to an island nearby with crystal clear water, and beautiful white sand beach. After some research, I was surprised with the result that there are so many of them, some of them I have never even heard before but truely beautiful. Then I picked some places and book a tour right away.

I would divide the reviews into 2 episodes. The first one would be about Koh Khai Paradise Andaman followed by the episode of Sala Phuket.

Are you ready? Let's go!!!

Dek Jew has started to Chill Out around since 3 years ago.

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We fly with Orient Thai Airlines, Dek Jiw like it very much because there are some snack beans provided.

(On the way back we fly with Thai Airways which Dek Jew does not like because there is no snack beans)

We arrive Phuket in the evening. We go to the hotel right away and decide to stay in to get ready for tomorrow's trip.

We stay at Blu Monkey, a small comfy hotel for the first two nights. The price is pretty cheap (main reason to pick this hotel Lol)

Once we step in, we found that the check-in counter is very cute with nice decorations.

There is a little blue monkey series for sell as a souvenir.

The room that we request and stay is on the ground floor because I think it is more convenient and there is no elevator.

The room is decorated in black and white with chic patterns on the wall so no wallpaper is needed.

The bathroom is big enough to move around and very clean.

Since Dek Jiw took some sleep on the flight so now she is very energetic and does not want to sleep.

Let's go and have a look around.

The stair-way up to the second floor.

There is a freezer near the entrance where there are frozen food inside. We get 2 set of them because they are included in our package.

The food are like dumpling noodles, noodles, etc. which they can be heated up in the microwave nearby and you can bring the food to eat in the room.

Let's have a quick look upstairs.

If I am not mistaken there are three floors in the hotel, the hotel is decorated in black, grey, and white. Look very modern!

The next morning, there is a van from tour company come to pick us up very early for a day-trip to Coral island and Raya Island.

I don't think it is far from the hotel to the meeting point. However, it takes quite a long time since the van need to go around and pick up some other people too. (they pick us up for the very first)

The van send us off at the Tour operator at Chalong bay. I am shocked because there are so many people including Chinese, Koreans, Europeans,Americans but there is not many Thai people.

They use color stickers in dividing people into groups by stick it onto the clothes. So people know which tour guide to go with, and which boat to take.

(I don't think it is a good idea to use the stickers because once they get wet, they loose. These stickers accumulate like a trash and I can spot them during the trip everywhere. They should use color bracelace, or color rope instead. - -')

Coral island is a small lively island fulled with tourists. Comparing with its size, I guess we can considered it is over crowded.

It is difficult to find a place to sit down and relax. We put out our mat under the tree and sit down, people keep walking pass by and kicking sand into our mat.

This makes this island less attractive even it offers perfect crystal clear water and white sand beach. However, it is very beautiful compared with other island further away.

There is one tourist from our tour group do the para-sailing even though it is just a quick stop over, amazing!

Dek Jew is very well-prepared to jump and swim in the ocean, and not scared to get tanned.

There is an issue before leaving from the Coral island, our family is waiting at the meeting point but not everyone show up yet. So, Dad run to take more photos nearby.

Once everyone is present, Dad is still not back yet. I try to scream out loud to call him but he cannot hear. The tour guide ask me to go and get him back but I am carrying Dek Jew, big camera backpack, mat, and full set of sand castle building. I ask whether I can leave all of my stuffs with him and go to get Dad but the tour guide is helpless, I was surprised (from my point of view, Dad is not that far away but he just cannot hear because he is looking the other way. He cannot see that we are boarding. If the tour guide run around 10 more steps toward him and call him, he might be able to hear. Because I don't think I can run with all the stuffs I have, but if I need to go please kindly take care of my stuffs). While I am thinking what to do, Dad finally look over this way so he is right in time before the boat depart. I understand that it is our fault that Dad run to take more photos while we are about to board but the tourguide should be more helpful at least offering me a hand in taking care of my stuffs while I need to go and get Dad.

Here it is, the photos Dad takes right before boarding.

It is not far from the Coral island, we then arrive Racha island which the tourguide calls it Raya island.

One tourist ask the tour guide right away why the island has two names, which one is the right one (I also wonder so I am waiting for the answer as well)

The tour guide then changes the topic and does not answer the question, the person who asked and I are clueless.

Once we get to the island, the tour guide takes those who do not go snorkeling to go for lunch right away. The restaurant is pretty far like in the middle of the island. And it is boiling hot so I think it is not that good. It is a buffet lunch and I don't think it is a good quality nor tasty.

(I have been complaining quite a lot but this is what I have experienced, apart from the service quality everything else is very good especially the beauty of every islands, paradise Andaman indeed. And I am wondered how is the services of other tour companies.)

After lunch we come to rest on the beach for a long long time because we don't go snorkeling.

The sun light is so strong here, even beach umbrella can't help much.

Dek Jew loves it here so much, the sand beach is delicate like flour, she has so much fun.

While Mom and Dek Jew are enjoying the sea and white sand beach, Dad has gone to take photos on the other side of the island. Dad found out that it is less crowded over there.

There are plenty of resorts on Raya island but they are all pretty pricey.

After having enough of everything, we come to take a shower, have some snacks, and wait for the departure. This time Dad doesn't go anywhere, he only waits for boarding because he doesn't want Mom to be in any trouble.

And it is time to go back.

To sum up, this Andaman paradise trip with the Coral and Raya island is great. They offer crystal clear water, white delicate sand beach, only the service provided is not that good.

After being back to the hotel, we go to take a shower straight ahead before getting a taxi to Raya restaurant.

(The taxi fare is pretty expensive, we pay 200 Thai baht (7USD) for a very short trip.)

We order Crab curry, Stir fried squid with salted egg yolk, Stir fried local vegetable, and Stir fried noodle for Dek Jew. The food are tasty but I expect them to be better actually.

After dinner, we take a walk in Rommani alley.

Then we try to get a taxi back to the hotel but most of them refuse to take us and we don't know why.

At the end, we decide to take a motorbike taxi and this is the very first time for Dek Jew. The driver is so kind, he drives carefully and not to fast.

The next day program is a half-day trip to Koh Khai.

And today there are friends of Dek Jew joining us too.

The van come to pick us up very early just like yesterday.

The boat takes only 20 minutes to get to Koh Khai.

And it seems like we are one of the very first groups to arrive because there is not that many tourists yet (totally different from the Coral island yesterday.).

The water is crystal clear and the sand beach is white and delicate here.

There are tourists who feed fish with bread (again). I wonder when there will be a campaign to educate all tourists regarding this.

We rent beach chairs and chill out nearby our boat.

On the other hand, Dad walks to the end of the island where there is a little peninsula but his leg is bleeding when coming back.

The rocks on that area are slippery so he falls down and his leg is cut by the sharp end of the rocks.

We walk through the other side of the island and find that there are a lot of beach chairs preparing to accommodate the tourist. And there are more tourists coming right now.

There is a restaurant in the middle of the island.

Another corner of the island.

And it is time to go to another island while we are still enjoying taking photos.

It is not far at all to get to the snorkeling spot at Koh Kai Nui.

We are resting on the boat at this point because we have children with us so it is not convenient to go snorkeling.

Today last stop is Koh Khai Nok.

We are truly impressed with the reviews of this place, this is incredibly beautiful.

The water is super crystal clear with super white sand beach (with so many beach chairs).

There are so many fish here, once we take only one or two steps into the ocean and we find so many of them.

I guess the fish here are used to be fed so that is why they are so many and all around.

But sorry we won't give you any, you are fish not a human being, you should not eat bread.

This bar look very wild but also beautiful in its own style.

The island is full of colorful beach umbrella and beach chairs, I really want to see it without any of them and wonder how beautiful it would be.

They have fresh fruits and sandwiches served here too.

Not long after having this refreshment break, resting on the beach and it is time to go back.

And this is all for this Paradise Andaman Episode, only 2 days but Dek Jew gets very tanned skin already.

We are very lucky that we have not experienced any bad weather at all during this whole trip even it is in October.

For the upcoming episode, Dek Jew will take you to chill out at Sala Phuket.

Don't forget to come and experience what I have experienced here.

Dek Jew Chill Out

 Thursday, April 9, 2015 10:25 PM