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Today I like to invite you all to the journey of Thailand's Neighborhood Country which is Cambodia. The country is very easy to get there and everything is really cheap. This country is very interesting with all historical sites of Kom style. There are only my friend and I on this trip and after calculating, we decide to use USD currency for this trip.

We drive from Bangkok to Sakaeo and stay with my relative for a night before crossing the border on the next day.

In the morning, we are heading to Poipet border which is the border between Thailand and Cambodia. Before crossing the border, we do some shopping at Rong Kluea Market and park our car here (It is 150 THB per day). After that we take a free shuttle to the border.

Walking to the immigration

After passing through the immigration of both Thailand and Cambodia, we take a taxi to the city (1,300 THB for 2 people). It might be more expensive but it is quite convenient and more comfortable.

During the way we go>>>

From Poipet to Siem Reap is about 152 KM. which take us about 2.30hrs. At first we negotiate with the driver that he has to drive to the hotel but he drive us to another place which we have to continue to Tuk Tuk to the hotel. From here to the hotel is free of charge but again the driver will try to negotiate with for a package tour with him and price is depend on how you negotiate. For us, we agree at 1,000 THB per 2 people in one day including take us to buy the Angkor Pass. It is quite convenient this way.

The hotel that we stay is Rithy Rine Angkor Residence for 2 nights and including breakfast for 2 at 60 USD. After checking in, we immediately find a place for lunch because we are so hungry right now...

Swimming pool and restaurant are in service.

Inside the room, there are also welcome fruits on the bed.

For lunch, we choose the restaurant which is not that far from the hotel. It is cheap and very delicious so we recommend this restaurant.

After that we come back to the room and take rest before going to buy Angkor Pass. We tell Tuk Tuk driver to pick us up at 4.30pm.

This is my friend who always with me because have similar life style.

Angkor Pass is a ticket pass for tourist attraction places in Cambodia. There are 3 types of the ticket; 1 day pass for 20 USD, 3 days pass for 40 USD and 7 days pass for 60 USD. The ticket office opens from 5.00pm. onwards.

We buy the Angkor Pass for 1 day because we have quite a limited of time.

This is how they sell gasoline...

After that we go to Prasat Phnom Bakheng where is a religious place that located on the top of the mountain. People come here for beautiful sunset.

While walking up....

Here we are... Prasat Phnom Bakheng....

Unfortunately, we miss the sunset as it gets dark already when we arrive so we have the memory around there instead.

Around the castle

Also beautiful as it be...

The time is up, the officer blows the whistle to let all tourists know that it is time the castle is closed. It is time to leave the castle.

Then we come back to take shower and continue the nightlife at Pub Street.

Such a busy night

Are you ready???

The atmosphere in front of the hotel is bustle than in the afternoon.

Pub Street is only 5 minutes from the hotel, it is where Cambodians and foreigners including us have fun all night long.

For dinner today, we have grilled pork with Anchor Draft Beer at Japanese Restaurant Bar ANJI which is so well matched.

After dinner, we walk to Night Market where is near by the Pub Street.

And continue at Cheer Club, most of guests are Cambodians and musics are folk.

We spend the time here until 11.00pm. then go back to our room.


On the next day, we just chill out around the city instead of waking up early to see the sunrise. Our main idea of travel is to rest and relax so we really recharge our energy not drain it out.

Let start with Prasat Taphom

Prasat Taphom is religious place that is covered by trees which makes it very interesting place. Moreover, there are many movies filmed here and it is the top place that tourists would like to visit.

It looks different and very interesting.

Even the paint on the wall is also beautiful and very interesting.

Then we walk through Prasat Taphom to the other side which is the Prasat Bayon.

Prasat Bayon is the castle that located in the vicinity of Ankor Thom. The castle has a remarkable feature with the sculpture of the Avalokiteśvara which located at the top of the pagoda.

When we walk around the castle, it feels like somebody is looking at us all the time.

The face that is looking at us all the time....

Apsaras dancing sculpture

Then we go to the last destination of the day "Ankor Wat"

It is a famous place for sunrise which is the main point of all tourists who come here. We have our own style, we take photo in the afternoon at the other side of the Ankor Wat. (Mostly, people will take a photo with the left side pool but as it is drying so we choose to take a photo on the right side pool instead).

Around Ankor Wat

That all for the day...

We go back to the hotel and take a nap before going out for the nightlife (Last night) in Cambodia. If we have time, we definitely will come back here again.

Starting at Pub Street again and continue at Cheer Bar

After enjoying so much fun with the nightlife party, it is time to go back and get some sleep as we have to go back to the real life tomorrow.

Taxi driver comes to pick us up at the hotel at 8.00 in the morning and this time we pay only 1,100 THB.

Raining in the morning may makes us feel sad because we have to go back and start the working life again. But it is not too sad because we have recharged our energy to fight with any problems that may happen in each day. Travelling with the appropriate time is helped you to really relax and forget those problems that disturb you for a while.

.. Cheers everyone ..


 Wednesday, January 25, 2017 3:54 PM