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Tamkarnwela this issue would like to take you to Le Pla Daak which is Isaan Food restaurant but mix with French style. The restaurant name is under concept of French and Isaan that's why they used French world "Le" to start with and follow by Pla Daak which is Isaan style. The restaurant's decoration is an old style even spoon and plate are zinc galvanized.

It has been a long time that we have not come to Le Pla Daak so it just like we will try something new...

Let's go find out>>>

The direction to Le Pla Daak is quite easy just follow the map...Le Pla Daak near Ramintra Toll Way

GPS Location : 13.82055,100.632067

If you see this label that means you arrive to your destination

This is the atmosphere and decoration of the restaurant. Feeling happy likes we go back to the old day.

I used to see all of these things, Bire Ley's is a soft drink that I really like. (No need to guess about my age^^)

Let's look for the seats>>>

Decorations are different in every corner

The restaurant plays some music along the night which are very nice. Moreover, on Friday and Saturday there are life concert for you to enjoy as well.

And this is the outdoor area

This corner looks very joyful

Choose your seat as you wish.

Let's order something>>>

Yeah !!!! it is coming, first menu today is Gold Papaya Salad which the origin of other Papaya Salad in a Tray.

Here, they use banana leaf to put on the plate before put food on as you can see.

It is Papaya Salad with Crab topping with cashew nut, boiled egg and gold leaf, serve with Garlic Bread.

The definition of Papaya Salad here: if you order "Som Tum" means Papaya Salad without fermented fish but if you order "Tum Som" means Papaya Salad with cooked fermented fish.

For Spicy, there are 5 levels :

Baby: No chili

Kinder Garden: 1 Chili

Primary: 5 Chili

Secondary: 10 Chili

Bachelor: Chili 1 handful

Doctor: Very very spicy

So for me.... Kindergarten...^^

This one is Moo Sa On, it is grilled pork serve with Isaan spicy sauce and French fried

Umm... Yummy!!!

Kanom Jine Kung Pirot which is using rice noodle instead of spaghetti fried with butter and onion, seasoning with soy sauce, salt and red wine. And do not forget to add some chillis.

Good for noodle lover.

For soup, I order Kaeng Pak Wan Kai Mod Daeng which quite the same as Isaan Muchroom Soup, not too spicy but a little bit salty.

This is my first time to try Ant's egg, it is a little bit sour.

These 2 menus are recommended, I really like them because they make me think about the old time that street vender sell these rice packs at the train station ^^.

Sticky rice with Deep fried dried pork.

Sticky rice with Deep fried dried Beef.

After open banana leaf, soft sticky rice is look so good.

This is mix sticky rice from many origins and many kind of rice that's why it tastes so good.

Our last menu, Kra Pong Kra Reing which is taste so delicious.

It is Deep Fried Seabass seasoning with sauce and spicy that make it tastes so good.

For steam rice here, it is mix five kinds of rice which make it tastes different and delicious.

For the dessert today, I cannot remember the exact name but it is some thing about Eiffel Tower. It is ice tower topping with red syrup and some fresh fruits.

How to eat???

Le Pla Daak is a Mix French and Isaan style Restaurant. Tatse of food is great and select all quality ingredients to create each menu that's why you will see that the price is quite high. For example, rice: they select and use many kind of rice to cook, it is not just a white steam rice.

Thank you very much for Le Pla Daak restaurant for inviting us to try all delicious food.

Thank you Tamkarnwela that follow us everywhere.

Thank you Readme.me for space to share our experience

And last but not least...

Thank you everyone for your support, every comment and review are our energy.

Love all reader



 Wednesday, June 24, 2015 6:01 PM