Hello everyone! In this issue of Tamkarnwela, we would like to present the second boutique hotel that Tamkarnwela has been assigned to do the review, the hotel that participating in the contest of the best medium to small size boutique hotel in the name of "Thailand Boutique Awards Season 3 (2014-2015)" (TBA) project. The main sponsor of this project is Krungthai card public co.,ltd and Tamkarnwela has been invited to participate as one of the reviewers in this project as well.

Ayodhara Village is located at Ayutthaya Province, therefore, it is the good opportunity for us to visit Ayutthaya once again. I did not go to Ayutthaya for quiet a long time which normally, I always go to Ayutthaya for one day trip. This time is a great opportunity for me to relax there.

If everyone ready, then let's go.

Ayutthaya is a historic city, away from Bangkok approximately 70-80 kilometers and takes less than 1 hour to go there (in the case that not much traffic jam in Bangkok), only a few Bangkok people will travel and take a night at Ayutthaya, mostly they just take a one day trip.

This time is a great opportunity that Tamkarnwela has a chance to take one night stay at the old town Ayutthaya.

We arrive around noon which the hotel room is not ready yet. During waiting for the room, we drive straight to Ayutthaya city look for giant river prawn for lunch.

Our destination is Chai Nam restaurant which is recommended by our Ayutthaya friend for quite sometimes. This restaurant is an old restaurant, located by the riverside and is diagonally opposite Surang Upatham School which is not hard to find. Mostly when I visit Ayutthaya, I would come here. We can notice that most of the customers here are local people such as government officer or bank officer, something like that.

Just only 2 of us are tourists hahahaha

How old is the restaurant? You would know the answer if you see the owner face. The restaurant might look small from the front but it is so spacious inside and also located by the riverside.

We are still not so hungry, so firstly we order grilled giant river prawn. There are various price of giant river prawn to choose from such as 1 kilogram of 3 prawns costs 1200 baht, 400 baht, 500 baht, 600 baht for each prawn or maybe there is a bigger size, it is depending on each day.

We choose 500 each for today, cheap cheap.

Tom Yum Pla Ma is very delicious, we order for sipping as a soup.

Fried Pla Nua On with Garlic and Pepper.

Only us two, so we can order only a little. The highlight dish is bouncy fresh prawn meat but the sauce is still not that tasty.

Peel the prawn shell, place it over the rice, it looks so tasty.

Dress with the sauce and mix with rice, the bouncy prawn meat is so delicious.

We are already full, and now we head back to hotel for check in.

On the way back we pass the elephant village and elephant corral so we just take a little visit there.

I don't know which elephant has been poisoned and cut its tusk.

Every elephant has been well taken care by staff.

At the time, we notice that there are many foreigners volunteering to observe the elephant.

The elephant tusk seems to be so worthy that someone would kill the elephant for it.

This baby elephant may just born, it seems so naughty.

Now let go to check in.

I will post the map of the resort; therefore, you will know how to get there.

Ayodhara Village.

We will check in at this Thai old style house.

Every house here is the Thai old style house, built with golden teak. There are 14 houses which are spread out within the resort area and each house has different name.

The trees are beautiful.

"Ayodhara Village" initiated by one businessman, he is the local people whom in the past had stayed on the craft by the riverside. And with his passion to the river, the love in the golden teak and the desire to share the beauty of this serene river which is not different from more than 50 years ago to others, so he built this Thai house style resort nearby riverside.

He would like to have this place to keep the uniqueness of Thai style and preserve the beautiful of Thai architectural house style for Ayutthaya province.

Each house looks similar but not the same.

Tonight, we will stay in this house, Ruen Sang Jan, it is Honey moon Villa.

The river view of this house is just perfect. You could look at it all day long.

Inside the bedroom.

Rest room with fully-equipped amenities.

The area is average size.

This place is perfectly for those who would like to spend their lifestyle in Thai old way and live in Thai old style house like the past.

Today, the weather is not that good to take photos hahhahaha

Let walk around the resort.

This place had filmed many drama series, the latest drama series which was filmed here is Gentlemen of Juthathep, Khun Chai Puttipat.

There is the building for holding the seminar.

This place is still abundant.

Rose apple.

Let have a dinner by the riverside.

Fresh atmosphere.

Let see what menu that resort prepare for us.

Chilli paste.

Thai style vermicelli salad.

Thai green curry.

Tofu and minced pork soup.

and fruit.

The rain is suddenly fall down; we could not go back to our house in time.

We just sit here and wait for the rain to stop. The resort also provides wifi.

There are many mosquitoes here.

Everyone may feel familiar with this place because of the TV drama.

The gentlemen in the TV drama used to sit at this place.

It is getting dark now, let go back to our room.

Wake up with the refreshing feeling, the rain is falling all night.

The tree here is very fresh.

This morning we prepare to offer foods to monk, Each set costs 70 baht.

Every morning there is the monk paddle the boat to receive the food from local people nearby; he will paddle till the resort and then go back to the temple.


Our breakfast has been served at our house.

The resort will arrange the breakfast for us so we could not choose. Now we are already full and let's pack our baggage and head home.

Ayodhara Village is a boutique resort which shows the old lifestyle of Thai people that seem hard to be seen nowadays. Some of the younger generation may not recognize Thai old house style anymore. This place is suitable for those who would like to spend a Thai style life, stay in peace and let the time pass by slowly.

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 Thursday, June 25, 2015 2:48 PM