This trip to Chiang a journey to seek for happiness. It is 1 of 38 happiness routes of the Royal Project. Along Hangdong-Samoeng Road, there're several royal projects that we are going to stop by like Royal Rose Garden Huai Phak Phai Royal Project under the care of Thung Roeng Royal Project, Pangda Royal Agricultural Station, and then we are going to spend a night at the famous strawberry farm, "Rai Nop-Phupha". If you are ready, let's go!!!

The first day after taking our rental car from downtown Chiang Mai, we are heading to pay homage to the buddha at Wat Phra That Doi Khm. After that, we take the road behind the Ratchaphruek Garden which can lead us to Samoeng. It takes about 50 minutes to reach Royal Rose Garden in the Huai Phak Phai Royal Project, Thung Roeng Royal Project.

Royal Rose Garden is under the care of Thung Roeng Royal Project and also a tourist attraction of Chiang Mai. It has several types of roses beautifully displayed like rose arch and along pathway. Here, there's also organic food, coffee shop, snack and several beverages like organic smoothies, tomato juice, mulberry juice, passion fruit juice which are made from materials grown at the royal project. My favorite juice is passion fruit smoothie. It is a mixed of sweet and sour flavor which is very tasty and inexpensive. I love this atmosphere of zipping the coffee while enjoying the good smell of rose's just great ^_^

We take photo inside this garden for about half a day. We also get to meet the Chief of Thung Roeng Royal Project, Khun Praphan Malasi. So we ask about the history of this place....He said the King Rama 9 came to Thung Roeng Royal Project 3 times and the latest was in 1977. At that time, the local people appealed to the King to set up the royal project so as to develop quality of people's lives since people back then were still doing the crop plantation and the income was barely survivable. In 1978, our beloved King had the Land Development and Irrigation Department taking care of the water and irrigation system ever since. Then, in 1982, the royal project sent in Kasetsart University personnel led by Ajarn Supsak Nawachinda. They brought in new type of crop for the local people to plant like avocado which was the first plant here. After that, in 1999-2000, more crops were introduced and accordingly increased the income of local people. In 2006, the local people changed to grow organic plant and the income per family was approximately 20,000 THB per year. After that, local people started to plant indoor which resulted in higher income. Now, each family earn about 120,000 THB per year, it's such a great improvement within 10 years development.

Now, it is also the learning center for organic vegetables and avocado. We could come here to learn about organic vegetables or we can simply come to enjoy rose garden and learn how to plant roses. Thung Roeng Royal Project also further develops the empty land in Huai Phak Phai village by promoting winter crop cultivation knowledge to local people. Now, it is also developed as a tourist attraction welcoming lots of tourists to enjoy its beauty, photography, and food. The royal project opens daily from 08.00 - 20.00 p.m. For more information, please contact Royal Rose Garden Huai Phak Phai, Thung Roeng Royal Project, Tel: 099-135-1118.

Thank you so much, Khun Praphan Malasi, the Chief of Thung Roeng Royal Project for the information and history of the royal project as well as lives of people here before it was developed as a place for improving people's living standard.

(Thung Roeng Royal Project was founded in 1978 by adopting the teaching of our beloved King Rama 9 to apply and promote agricultural knowledge and skills needed for the farmers to earn more income. Meanwhile, it is also to preserve the forest and limit deforestation.) Thank you the information from

After that, we are going towards Pangda Royal Agricultural Station. It is the 1 of 4 research centers of royal project foundation. It is the learning center of tropical fruits and vegetation development as well as winter crops. Meanwhile, they also demonstrate, promote, and develop career for farmers. The first thing we are going to see after getting into this royal project is the big and beautiful grapes demonstration farm. Soon, we have to leave before it gets darker as Samoeng road is quite curvy and steep, so we must be extra caution while driving.

We reach Rai Nop-Phupha just before dark and in time for twilight. This accommodation is quite cute and inexpensive, it is only 1,000 THB per night. In front of it is a spacious strawberry farm. When coming to Samoeng, strawberry is the first thing that pops up in our heads.....Rai Nop-Phupha opens for accommodation, restaurant, coffee, and strawberry picking services for tourists. The strawberry picking activity is 30 THB per 100 g. It's very fun. We can pick up strawberry while enjoying taking photos. We come to enjoy the atmosphere in the morning and evening when outside tourists are all gone so we, the guests who stay here, can have more private time ^_^.

Here is the atmosphere inside the farm. We could enjoy food and the view on top. There's also a tenting area on the front field. The weather at night here is quite chill but not cold. Anyhow, it's better to also prepare sweater too.

The next morning, we capture the atmosphere of Rai Nop-Phupha again with the light fog and the cool weather. A cup of coffee would just make this day more than happy.

Late morning, we pack and prepare to get back downtown as we are going to stay at a cute accommodation "Plern Plern Bed and Bike" ^__^. Along the way, we also stop by coffee shops so it's almost dark when we reach downtown Chiang Mai. Anyway, we get to stop by at Angkaew water reservoir inside Chiang Mai University also and the atmosphere at the evening is good...

Here is the evening atmosphere of Angkaew water reservoir inside Chiang Mai University. Some people are here for jogging and some are here for exercising. The weather is great and romantic....

Our tonight accommodation "Plern Plearn Bed and Bike" is very cute. The owner is very friendly and the price is also friendly with a free bicycle services, it's just so good....Every time we are here at Chiang Mai, we must stay at this place.

The next morning, we pack early in order to return our rental car at the airport and take the flight back. This trip, a big thank to for supporting our round trip ticket from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and allowing us to find our happiness at "Samoeng".

This trip makes us realize how great a person is, to work for other people so much without asking for anything in return. "Our beloved King Rama 9 loves his people", this is exactly what we could feel and we would like to continue his idea by giving more and living a sufficient lives.

Following our beloved King 's path and doing good thing with and