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People! I am back. I am back with a cool budget destination.

Let's get refreshing near Bangkok!!! One day trip at Red Lotus Lake in Nakhon Nayok, Bamboo Tunnel, Klong Tam Tao Waterfall in Saraburi, and Wat Pa Sawang Boon or also known as 500-golden pagoda temple in Saraburi.

I didn't think much to join this day trip plus I am still tired after the recent Myanmar trip. I was laying down on my bed surfing through the internet and I suddenly saw the post of P' Nat inviting people to go to Red Lotus Lake, Bamboo Tunnel, and Klong Tam Tao Waterfall. I have never heard about this waterfall before and it attracts me very much. The budget of this trip is reasonable as well, only 450 THB per person. Therefore, I don't think much and have decided to join this trip. There are 10 people on this trip and I only know P' Thep who I met at KBL Lan Hin Dad.

The meeting point is PTT Gas Station Sanam Pao at 6 AM on 13th November 2016.

We arrive at Red Lotus Lake at 8.45 AM.

Nakhon Nayok is a province that tourists normally drive through but don't stop. However, there is a new interesting tourist spot, Red Lotus Lake. Red Lotus Lake occupies over 16,000 square meters located by the main road of Ban Na District. Once here, you will see a wooden bridge leading you to the lake. You can go in to take photos and there are some stalls by the road where you can buy stuffs as well.

This land used to be a green rice field. Then there are lotuses growing up instead of rice throughout this 16,000-square meter land. Lotus blooms from 7 AM - 10 AM (it is in bloom from August to November). Red Lotus Lake is in Moo 8 on Ban Na - Bang Or Road in Ban Na, Nakhon Nayok. #opposite site of Charoen Farm (Green Factory), #Ban Mae Sampao. The weather in the morning is very nice and the lotuses are all beautiful. The location is 3051.

There are local products available to purchase and also homestay to sleep overnight on the way to this Red Lotus Lake.

You have to keep in mind that this lake is not gigantic, it is only about 16,000 square meters. But if you find the right angle, you will get an amazing photo shot of this lotus lake. There are three wooden bridges in the lake and two boats. Getting dress in traditional Thai costume for the photo shoot here will be fun as well.

Then we are here at Ban Na Market for breakfast and will take away lunch box which we will eat at Klong Tam Tao Waterfall later on.

Not far from Red Lotus Lake, there is a Bamboo Tunnel at Wat Chulapornwanaram in Ban Prik, Ban Na District, Nakhon Nayok. The road to the temple offers beautiful nature and it is not far from the main road. There is a charming bamboo tunnel right before reaching the temple. Wat Chulapornwanaram is not big but the parking space is huge and the toilets here are clean.

Fun photo shooting

The bamboo tunnel is about 800-meter long. However, some tourists have too little consideration for others parking their car in this bamboo tunnel obstructing the scenery.

Next stop is Klong Tam Tao Waterfall in Saraburi. It is in the same direction to Krok E Dok Waterfall.

After we have arrived at Klong Tam Tao Waterfall, we don't hesitate to contact the registration point. There will be 2 tour guides and the service fee is 100 per tour guide (included in 400 THB for the registration fee). After you complete the registration, you will get a neck-hanging badge.

We get changed and prepare camera, foods, snacks, drinks, and waterproof mobile case (there is a small convenient store and there are cafe, noodle shop, and restaurants run by locals along the way).

There is a transfer taking you to the trekking starting point.

We start to walk around 11.30 AM. The total round trip trekking is less than 5 kilometers.

The first part of the trail is through pomelo garden and potato field. The first photo above shows the peak of Khao Chor Yai and Khao Chor Lek.

You will then find the shrine not long after.

The second photo above is the neck-hanging badge that we get from the registration.

The trail after the shrine is full of trees and shrubs before you cross the stream for the first time. Champagne mushrooms are found once in a while along the trail.

The guy on the first photo above is P' Nat.

The trail is pretty overgrown and there are some water in the first part of it. I guess the water is from the leaking pipe placed by the locals from the waterfall.

Tour guide told us that there are bear, elephant, and barking deer here.

Others dress very simple but I dress with full options. I am lucky because the trail is overgrown as I expect.

The trail is covered with shades so it is not very hot. There is also a bamboo forest along the way.

This is another stream to cross but those water pipes kind of brought down the total atmosphere.

This part of the trail is totally overgrown. Long sleeve shirt and long pants are necessary.

This is the third stream to cross and the walk continues.

Then another stream is here. I forget to tell you that those rocks are very slippery.

The trail is mostly along the stream with some crossing needed. There are wild banana trees along the way as well.

Some parts of the trails are cover with fallen bamboos so you need to lower yourself down while walking.

We also need to climb up sometimes.

This is the 1st floor of the waterfall.

My camera is generally for taking a big picture and can't take a good photo of the waterfall. I am sorry for that.

The rocks are slippery so please be extra careful.

We have found snapdragon flowers.

They are so pretty.

While we continue to walk, I meet these two people who I have known through Facebook. They come with their friends but I am not sure how far did they go as they said that they have limited time. Anyway, thank you for saying hi to me!

There are more snapdragon flowers on the 2nd floor of the waterfall. They are right at the cliff and I can't find the way to get closer to them though.

The trail would be more beautiful without the water pipes.

This part of the trail is slippery and overgrown.

There is another water pipe on the 3rd floor of the waterfall. Now I wonder why they don't place it discreetly.

A group photo

There is another small waterfall on the third floor.

I am not sure what kind of mushroom it is.

I am quite surprised seeing this part of the trail overgrown like this and it starts to be steep.

We walk right by the cliff climbing up to the top.

Look how rough it is!

This second photo above is taken from the 4th floor of the waterfall.

The 4th floor of the waterfall

This 5th floor of the waterfall is perfect for abseiling.

We stop and have lunch here.

After that, we continue to walk again. All I can say is that the more you walk, the more beauty you see.

And the more beauty we see, the harder the trail gets. This is very steep.

This plant is fantastic.

We walk along the stream all the way up.

Then the walk is through the forest and there are some snapdragon flowers along the way. Whenever I see them, I have got to just stop and take photos of them.

Then this part is right by the waterfall.

We have finally arrived at the 6th floor of the waterfall.

Amazing waterfall photos taken by P' Nat.

After we have taken enough photos, swum in the waterfall, and explored the nature well, it is time to walk back. There are 2-3 camping spots by the waterfall.

We walk to the weir where the car is ready to pick us up.

We started at 11.30 this morning and we end the walk at 3.49 PM.

You can stop to swim in the river at Lumtarn Saphan Beungmai Moo 5 Cha Om, Kaeng Khoi District, Saraburi or also known as Saphan Thai-Laos. The water is clear and cool. There are also restaurants around the area. That's why I won't miss it next time.

We stop at Wat Pa Sawang Boon or known as 500-golden pagoda temple on the way back to Bangkok.

This guy is named, "Dodo". He comes to welcome us and he is very tame. I asked him to lie down and he did, very clever. Then it is time to head straight back to Bangkok.

This trip is simple but worth it because I have got a chance to visit many places within one day. I would like to thank all my travel partners on this trip. I don't think it is a coincident that brings us together but destiny. I am so happy to know all of you. Last but not least, I would like to thank P' Nat who came up with this trip and another person is the super friendly driver who is talkative and provide a good playlist along the trip.

Brown cup mushroom

Orange cup mushroom

Wild mushroom

Orange burn cup mushroom

Umbrella cap

Snapdragon flowers

Mucuna flowers

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