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This is going to be my first time to Koh Chang. Koh Chang in winter is also really cool; nice weather, clear seawater and blue sky so say goodbye from the city for a while.

On the first day, departure from Bangkok to Ao Thammachart Pier and take the ferry boat to Koh Chang. (There are food and drinks selling on the boat so do not worry). The pier is located at the narrowest between Ao Subparod, Koh Chang and Ao Thammachart, Trad Province. The ferry boat from Ao Trammachart Pier departure every 45 minutes. The first boat departure from Trad is 6.30am. and the last one is 7.00pm. and the first boat from Koh Chang is 7.00am. and the last boat is 7.00pm. For the fee, car is 100 THB per round, passenger and driver 80 THB per round. It takes about 30 - 40 minutes from Ao Thammachart Pier to Koh Chang.

For more information, you can call 039 538 288 to 9

Credit info from : http://www.kohchangebooking.com/travel.html

After we pay for the ticket, we have to drive our car to wait for the boat on line. Once the boat come, staff will come to call us to drive the car into the boat (Securely lock your car and go to wait with the others). When we arrive, you have to be careful when driving because roads on Koh Chang are up and down the hill.

Finally arriving at the hotel, we stay at The DEWA Koh Chang. The hotel is so nice with the beach front, surrounded by nature and design of raw concrete which are so well matched. Walk inside the hotel you will see a very big which is also attracted us to jump in. The front zone is Deluxe room and the back zone is Villa where is next to the beach. Each villa is separate from each other so it is quite private. For us, we stay in 2 Deluxe rooms with a connecting door. The hotel also provides all necessary amenities and facilities as per guests convenient. The room is big and has bathroom with bathtub. At the back of the hotel is next to the beach which has a wonderful view.

After check-in, we have dinner at Jae Aew Seafood restaurant. Food are very delicious in every menu and not expensive. We spend 1,600 THB here for a very tasty food^^...Yummy Yummy!!!!

After dinner, we are driving around and found that there are so many restaurants, pharmacy shops, minimarts and clothes shops. So if you forget anything, do not worry you can find anything you want here even snorkel mask

Waking up early because we are going on the diving trip at 8.30am.

Wow!!!! Breakfast buffet....

We buy a diving trip with Sea Hunter Tour for 900 THB per person. If you are interested, you can contact them at 084-7782234 , 080-6430537. It is a full day trip, there will be a shuttle to pick us up to the pier. The package is including lunch buffet, drinking water and coffee on the boat. Do not forget to prepare your snack, you might want to eat during the trip.

Are you ready??? Let's go>>>>

We have so much fun, there are still plenty of corals and fishes. In the afternoon we stop by Koh Rang National Park where is known as the Heaven Sea of the city because it is really beautiful with clear seawater and blue sky. This is another place that you should not miss. Here we can disembark from the boat at walk to the island because there is plastic pontoon bridge connect to the beach. When it is time for departure, staff will come to call us back to the boat.

Arriving to Koh Chang about 4.00pm., we are heading back to the hotel and going to have a big dinner here which is Charcoal Grill Buffet, a famous buffet of Koh Chang. They provide all seafood, pork spare ribs, and lamb with very tasty Thai seafood sauce within 3 hours for 759 THB. (If outside guest would like to join the buffet or for more information contact 086-3357024)

Kayaking after breakfast, the hotel has kayak boat for rental if you like. While kayaking you have to be careful, try not to go too far because there is quite a strong wind it might be difficult to paddle back....

After that we pack our back and go to have lunch at Phu Talay Restaurant and Homestay. Food is very tasty and rooms are not expensive. If you come at night, they will take you to see fireflies too. It opens everyday from 10.00am - 10.00pm. For more information contact: 0-3955-1300 or 081-863-9213. At the back or the restaurant is an estuary bay and there are also many homestays here....+++

Travelling to Koh Chang should be at least 3 days and 2 nights because spend almost all day to get here on the first day already. Or you might departure early to catch the afternoon boat so that you can go to waterfalls and other places that recommended by others. If you do not have you own car, it is still easy to get there because there are public transportation to the pier and on the island also has a small shuttle bus and motorcycle rental. However, if you would like to drive or ride you must be very careful because the roads here are up and down the hill.

The end of the journey...

Koh Chang...Everyone can come!!!! ^_^