I believe that..

Many of you who are workingmen or women, teenagers, and retirees enjoy drinking coffee.

Some have developed their skill in professional coffee tasting, some fall deeply in love with its scent, while some others can't live without it.

However, I believe what everyone loves the same is to drink a cup of good coffee in a favorable ambiance.

Today, I will take you to a cafe, a cafe that I fall in love with it at first sight. It is a small cafe but offers a very warm feeling with amazing ambiance.

This unseen attraction is at "Phu Lang Ka" in Phayao.

I will tell you the name of the cafe and how to get here at the end of this travel blog and I guess you are very excited already to see how incredible it is.

So let's go and see!

The view of the barista is this wonderful, so no need to question how is the view for customers !!

Is this a cafe up in the heaven ? The sea of mist is super close to you.

My main mission of this trip is actually to come here to Phu Lang Ka to take a photo of sunrise and beautiful sea of mist.

I have been here once but was not lucky to see the sea of mist.

The cafe is on the highway number 1148 Phayao - Nan which is as same as the favorite route of all bikers. This route has numbers of what we call, "Sky Roads" and the road is very well-paved.

Once here, you will find a spacious parking lot and the cafe is located right at the viewpoint.

I feel totally amazed once I arrive at the cafe even the fog is not at its best time yet. Let's wait until it forms to be an amazing blanket of sea fog!

The fog starts to form in just a short time.

Here we go! The sea of mist is here, it is incredibly beautiful. And let's get inside the cafe !

My first sight of the sea of mist inside the cafe blows my mind totally ! Which branch of Starbucks offers a view like this, please tell me !

Photos above are taken from the entrance but at different times. It is very pretty so I can't help but walk back to the entrance and take more photos.

And now let's have a look into the ambiance of the cafe! I agree with what one has said, "A picture paints a thousand words."

A few photos can note down this special moment into such a good long-lasting memory.

The cafe is not big but nicely decorated. The sea of mist right in front of you through this window is also crazily charming.

Trust me! You can't insist taking a photo while waiting for your coffee at this moment. ^^

*Hope you all don't mind me publish this photo of you

The surface of the sea of mist lies perfectly in the same level.

It is so pretty everywhere I turn my face into. There is also a campsite nearby.

The sea of mist like this really makes me want to jump into it. The small peak of the mountain in the middle is, "Pha Chang Noi". It is the signature of Phu Lang Ka.

The sea of fog is very thick today, very beautiful.

It is so nice all around.

The fog floats up when it is getting late and disappears in the end.

Anyway, I have got some photos to show you when there is no sea of mist here as well but I can assure you that the view is second to none. These photos were taken when I was here last time. There was no blanket of fog but the sky was clear with a pleasant sunshine.

The view with no sea of mist is also fascinating, don't you agree? ^^

Pha Chang Noi in the clear morning

The same ambiance but no sea of fog, the view is still stunning.

A cup of coffee with a cold weather during the New Year

When the clouds fly low

People are here with their loved ones so if you are single, be prepared to be jealous!

This is the end and I would like to say goodbye to all of you with this delightful sunrise, the first light on the very first day of the year at Phu Lang Ka.

*The detail of how to get here and the name of the cafe is right below this photo

This cafe is called, "Magic Mountain." The name is perfect for its beauty, isn't it?

Magic Mountain opens everyday from 6 AM - 9.30 PM.

To get to Magic Mountain

1. Drive on highway number 1080 from Nan and turn into highway number 1148 to Phu Lang Ka, Pong District, Phayao

2. Drive through Chiang Kham District from whether Chiang Rai or Phayao and turn into highway number 1148, it is only 40 kilometers to reach Phu Lang Ka

The road is in a good condition.

For those who need to use the public transportation, there is only the bus Nan - Chiang Rai that can take you to Phu Lang Ka. By the way, I would like to apologize if this is not right. For those who drive from Bangkok or travel often, I hope you won't find it difficult to get here (nowadays you can put the name of the destination on Google map and head there easily hahaha).

It is time to officially say goodbye, please stay tuned for more of my travel blogs and thank you for your kind support. ^^

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 Monday, January 30, 2017 2:12 PM