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To discover Phusing @ Bueng Kan, the 77th province of Thailand

It is such a chic place to travel and check in.

You are able to enjoy seeing tree Rock Whales, it is the highlighted attraction.

Furthermore, there are also many corners where you can take the photos.

It is a good trip of roaming in the forest

I think I have briefly explained about this attraction and it is time to discover our review now.

google map : https://goo.gl/maps/ZicAMayyQcs

As we have discussed with staffs here, there is not public transportation available in this area.

Most of the tourists have to take their own cars or rent a car.

If you come to the right direction, you will find the sign as per above photo.

Furthermore, you are also able to set up the tent.

Finally, I have arrived Phusing, Bueng Kan as per my attempt.

After parking a car, I go for registration.

This area is taken care by forestry officers, volunteers and villagers.

I have to bear in mind that it is a must to drive only 4x4 four wheels pick up only because the other types of vehicles are not powerful enough.

*** In addition, if you do not have 4x4, you are able to rent the car, it costs THB 500 per day.

After renting a car, Mr. Sapsin Jongsri,one of the forestry officer explains the details of roaming in the forest. It is for safety reason.

If you require further information, please contact his number 088-563-8852.

And it is the map of this area.

You may see that there are various points to take the photos such as hermit cave, Phusing heart, Sang Roi Bor viewpoint and Hua Chang Rock etc.

It is quite far from each point, we will be very tired if we go there on food. Luckily, we have rent 4 x 4 four wheels.

Get ready. Let's go.

The road condition is fine at the beginning of the trip which makes us misunderstand that we are able to drive the normal car up to the hill. But, please stay tune to see in the next chapter.

The entrance is quite steep and narrow.

Please be aware of twigs along the way.

Most of the roads are with the same condition as per above photos, it is after raining.

Once of our trip joiner has volunteered to place some stones to make the road more stable. Then, we can drive easily.

The road is really narrow.

Renting the car is the best choice for us because we are amateur and dare not drive in this road condition.

We choose to come to the peak point of the hill, it is three Rock Whales view point.

It is called as Rock Whale because they look like whales in different size.

If we use drone, we can obviously see them.

According to the photos, you may notice that it is not that far for walking distance. In my point of view, you are able to come to this point with your family members or your seniority.

It is such the spetacular view. Please be careful while stepping on the rock.

It is very high.

We can see three Rock Whales from this far end.

Well, you might see there, three Rock Whales.

We can also see Khong river from this point too.

It is very important river for Thailand and Laos.

We have some tip to share for taking the beautiful photos, it is to stand on each Rock Whale

Please be also aware that the rock is quite slippery in the rainny season

Please be careful while stepping because the accident is easily occurred.

For those who like cycling, it is the good place to do cycling here.

We have been recommended many places which we can take the beautiful photos.

Apart from enjoying the trip, we also receive the precious friendship from other tourists as well.

The view photo is taken from three Rock Whales

Then, we continue walking to hermit cave.

The toilet is available here.

All right, it is time to take the car and walk to other point.

The dry leaves are along the way to the viewpoint.

Finally, we have reached Hin Hua Chang viewpoint.

Is it like elephant's head?

The photos taken at this point are very beautiful. We have seen Phusing Wall on the way to the viewpoint, it is very high and big.

And we arrive at Hin Chang viewpoint where we can create the posture as per our desire.

The view at this viewpoint is not as beautiful as three Rock Whales.

We are able to indulge the spectacular nature along the way.

In the former time, there were the monks who came to do meditation in the forest but we have not found recently.

And the highlight is Phusing Heart, it is the rock which is originated in hearted shape.

We have to specially thank for Khun Nuna who has taken care of us throughout the trip. She is very friendly.

Please feel free to contact Khun Sapsin for further information Tel:088-563-8852

Please feel free to visit www.facebook.com/lazycoup

Thank you

Lazy Coup

 Tuesday, February 28, 2017 1:10 PM