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Tamkarnwela will take you to Contemporary Japanese Cusine which is quite well known "Zuma". It is one of the best Japanese restaurant in the world, the first branch opened in London and extended to Hong Kong, Istanbul, Dubai, Miami and now open in Bangkok.

Zuma restaurant serves in Izakaya Style but it is quite luxury and modern.

Let's go find out perhaps here might be another choice to take your mom for a Mother Day.

Zuma located on the G floor at St.Regis Bangkok.

Let's go inside>>>

Zuma is a big Japanese restaurant with well decorated.

They are decorated by using the 4 elements and natural for inspiration.

And combining with Japanese traditional and modern style.

For seats, there are both sofa style>>>

Wooden tables and chairs>>>

And Counter Bar>>>

Private Zone

Sushi Counter

Outdoor zone will connect you with the natural atmosphere and create a different feeling.

Concepts of Zuma: 1. Quality of each dish 2. Serve in share style 3. Continue serving at appropriate time.

Here is an open kitchen so you can enjoy watching while the chef is cooking each meal.

Main Kitchen

Sushi Bar

Robata Grilled Kitchen is Japanese traditional cooking around bonfire. Zuma use this idea to create a special meal by make sure that Robata stove can give an original taste of food and no smell stick to customers.

We already reserved a table.

Outdoor zone is not that hot because there are streaming fan to reduce heat.

Today will be Signature Testing Menu which we will try all marvelous menus of Zuma.

Starting with White Shrimp Tempura ...small shrimp tempuras serve with spicy mayonnaise.

They fried tempura in less oil but still crispy and taste good which is a special technique of Zuma only.

Dipping with Spicy Mayonnaise...Umm Yummy!!!

Thinly Sliced Seabass with Yuzu truffle oil and Salmon roe

It is feeling fresh in my mouth.

Seared Beef thinly sliced serve with Ponzu sauce and red onion + ginger stewed.

This dish is for beef lover, no fishy smell and soft meat.

Another refreshing dish: Japanese tomato salad and grilled eggplant with fresh ginger dressing.

Soft Shell Crab serves with Wasabi Mayonnaise.

This menu is also using the same technique as tempura.

SuShi & Sashimi Platter

Grilled asparagus with Wafu sauce and fish powder

It looks common but tastes superb.

Grilled Black Cod marinated in Miso sauce wrapped with Hoba leaf.

Black cod is similar to Sable can find in Alaska Ocean. Meat is firmer and softer than Sable. Black cod will be marinated in Miso Sauce for 4 days then wrapped with hoba leaf and grilled. It tastes so good and smell so great.

White Miso Soup

Signature Dessert Platter (I am really full right now^^).

For visiting Izakaya style restaurant, we cannot just eat, we have to get some drinks as well.


Umm...refreshing ^^

For wine lover, there is Happy Hour during 6.00pm. - 9.00pm. everyday. For White & Red wine is 100 baht per glass and 600 baht per bottle. For Prosecco (Sparkling Wine) is 180 baht per glass and 990 baht per bottle.

And Ladies Night is on every Thursday from 9.00pm. - 11.00pm. Ladies get free two glasses of wine.

After tasting all Signature Menus of Zuma, I would say that every menu was selected the best quality, punctiliously in cooking and neatly serve each dish as it is the world best Japanese restaurant. For total today is 2960 baht, we get varieties and good quality of food.

Every branch of Zuma has the same value and standard that's why it is quite well known for tourists and business men. I am so glad that now the world best restaurant opens in Bangkok.

I like to thank Zuma @ St. Regis Bangkok that invites me to try these marvelous menus, it is very delicious and I am so impressive.

Thank you to Tamkarnwela for going together.

Thank you to readme.me for space to share my experience.

And last but not least

Thank you all readers, your comments and reviews are our power to move on.

Until next time....Love you all^^



 Wednesday, July 1, 2015 10:34 AM