(TBA)~ * ~ * ~ .......Villa Kalyana : the Secret Hideaway, Home from Home…....~ * ~ * ~ * written by Tamkarnwela

Tamkarnwela will take you to Samui Island, there are various lovely hotels and resorts. But, we will take you to the hotel where it does not call itself as hotel or resort. In the other hand, it only provides the definition as " Home away from Home ". Villa Kalyana is one of the candidate wh

(TBA)~ * ~ * ~ .......Villa Kalyana : the Secret Hideaway, Home from Home…....~ * ~ * ~ *

(TBA)~ * ~ * ~ .......Villa Kalyana : the Secret Hideaway, Home from Home…....~ * ~ * ~ *

Tamkarnwela will take you to Samui Island, there are various lovely hotels and resorts. But, we will take you to the hotel where it does not call itself as hotel or resort. In the other hand, it only provides the definition as " Home away from Home ".

Villa Kalyana is one of the candidate whom is selected to compete in project " Thailand Boutique Awards Season3 (2014 -2015)" (TBA), the main sponsor of this project is Krung Thai Card company limited. Tamkarnwela is honor to be 1 of the reviewer in this project.

Tamkarnwela has ranged Villa Kalyana as the 4th place to visit. Before going to vitsit this place, we would like to find some reviews about Villa Kalyana in order to get some ideas. We have found only some reviews in Trip advisor. So, it is time to start discover this place, it must be fun.

We get the chance to use the service from 2 sponsors which are Bangkok Airways and Thai Rent A Car, these make our trip very convenient.

This trip will spend longer time than usual because we will go to 2 hotels. It takes sometimes to get the queue from both hotels, our trip validity is almost invalid. This refers to the popularity of these 2 hotels in Samui. For those who would like to join the trip with us, please arrange your luggage and prepare advance costume as well. lol.

We start our journey in the early morning because we do not want to miss Blue Ribbon Lounge, this is privilege from the project to grant us to Blue Ribbon Lunge.

The breakfast is available here such as Shrimp Wonton soup and Buk Kut Teh Porridge, you are able to order by informing the staff accordingly.

But, there is one thing which always bears in our mind and it is the legend Khao Tom Mad (Steamed sticky rice in the banana leave)

We prefer to have Stuffed Dough Pyramid dessert at the moment.

We will take the plane at Gate A3A, it is next to Blue Ribbon Lounge. It is not far by walking.

Today, we will fly with this flight PG 127.

The staffs are ready to provide the service on board.

Since we are full from Blue Ribbon Lounge, thus we could not eat further on board.

The equipment illustration clip is very cute

Thank you to Hflight.net

Once we reach Samui airport, we then go to Thai Rent A Car. We just notice that there is a counter of Thai Rent A Car at Samui airport because the renting price of Thai Rent A Car is quite high and it can make us surprise once we hear about its price.

All the document are ready.

So, we get Nissan Almera to drive for our trip.

Please do not forget to check the completeness and all strains on the car in order to avoid getting issue later. We are ready to start our trip now.

It is very easy to drive on Samui road because the roads are encircled around Samui island. It is difficult to get lost.

But, we get lost, we spend almost 1 hour to find Villa Kalyana. At first, we thought we have very clear location of this hotel where is located on Laem Sor beach, thus it would not be difficult to reach the hotel. But in real situation, there is no any sign to lead us to the hotel, thus it makes us spend longer time to find it. After getting lost, we decide to call the hotel to ask about the direction. None of us knows that there will be no sign informing us about the Private Villa, which is hidden over here.

We are so tired once we arrive at the hotel. However,Khun Renaud has warmly welcomed us, we feel like we are staying at home, the accommodation here is categorized into 2 groups: the first is building, it consists of 5 rooms and 1 room for children. For another group is villa, there are 8 private villas. The owner prefer to not call his place as hotel or resort.

This place has been established for 2 years, we are the 2nd group of Thai guests, the 1st group is the committee of Thailand Boutique Awards, this group came here 1 week earlier than us. The below picture is the main building where the accommodation, restaurant and town hall are here

The target group of this hotel is the foreigner, it is not quite well known by Thai people. This place is one of the popular venue to arrange wedding ceremondy. We have talked with Burmese staff, she said she has worked here for 5 months and already arranged 11 wedding ceremonies.

This place really emphasizes on the privacy because there is no sign indicating the direction. You are able to come to this place by entering to Villa Kalyana, you need to notice about this in advance. Wow! how cool it is.

The are 4 styles of the accommodation

1. There is 1 room of Master Bedroom type.

2. There are 8 Beach Bungalows

3. There are 4 rooms of Apartment and 1 room for children

Apartment room type is on the first floor of the main building.

The area is very wide and cozy.

The room is very clean, the housekeeper here cleans the room everyday even though the room is vacant.

The bed is very modern, there is a pose in the middle.

For Beach Bungalow room type is close to the beach.

The room space is very wide.

The same decoration

The are both indoor and outdoor zone in the bath room. Furthermore, the spray hose is also available in the toilet.

After getting up from the swimming pool, there is an additional door where you can enter to the bathroom directly without passing through the bedroom.

We will stay in this room for tonight, I really like this room type because this room is surrounded with mirrors where you can open them widely.

There are 2 swimming pools at this hotel, we can take only the photo of 1 swimming pool because another swimming pool is occupied by the hotel guests. We really feel considerate the other guests, thus we decide to not disturb their privacy.

This place is very shady because the process of building this hotel has very less impact on deforestation.

This place is very quiet and cozy, it is suitable place for hideaway and recharging our energy.

I wish to have my favorite book with me in order to read and chill out at this place.

I unconsciously fall asleep.

In the afternoon, Chef Peter comes to ask us about the menu that we would like to have, there is no restaurant in this place but there will be a chef to standby. The foreigner chef also cook delicious Thai food.

We have told chef that he is able to cook any menus that he wants us to try.

There is a long table in the dinner zone, many guests can join the food together.

There is a little pantry but it has the same standard as restaurant, it is to serve for the hotel guests only. For the real kitchen is underneath.

So, it is time to have a look what Chef has prepared for us.

The tuna is cooked with rare style, it goes very well with Chef's signature sauce

We have grilled Sablefish with seafood dipping sauce, Chef cooks this menu more delicious than some restaurants.

Deep fried shrimp topping with tamarind sauce.

To eat Steamed shrimp with butter sauce and seafood dipping sauce.

Stir fried crab with red curry, this menu looks a like stir fried crab with curry powder.

Tuna is mixed with Shoyu sauce. To eat with wasabi sauce.

Deep fried molded rice

Chef also prepares some dessert and special canapé, we will surely get drunk tonight.

This is the main building, you are able to find the restaurant and the accommodation (Master style) on the 2nd floor. Unfortunately, we are unable to take the photo inside the building because it is reserved for shooting a movie.

The town hall is very wide and cozy.

This wooden table is antique.

To enjoy spectacular view of the sea from this point.

The view of swimming pool during twilight moment, it is still beautiful.

The swimming pool is very clean and clear, the hotel staffs frequently remove leaves once they are fallen into the pool. The room that you are currently seeing, it is our room.

The atmosphere during the night

To sleep and enjoy seeing the sea from this point.

To have a good sleep and good night.

This corner is the most used corner once we stay in this room, we always enjoy seeing the view from this corner.

The breakfast here is very modest, you are able to walk to breakfast station whenever you want.

As per below photo, they are prepared for 2 people.

If you would like to have some eggs, you are able to order to the staffs.

Once the bacon (full dish) is served, I am sure that I will eat them all.

The wholewheat bread is very delicious, we really want it to be sold in Bangkok.

The beach in front of Villa Kalyana is very beautiful and quiet.

This beach is called Taling Ngam (beautiful bank). Even though, there are much stones but the sea is very clear.

The below security guard (dog) has known well who is the hotel guest, it will keep quiet without barking. But, it will bark like crazy once it sees stranger.

You are able to chill out and enjoy refreshing air in this small pavilion.

Anyhow, we are now at Samui tourist destination and we also have the car. So, it will be a good idea to search for the famous restaurant on this island.
We actually have 2 restaurants to recommend.

The first is Sabiang Lae, the ambience is really good over here, it is always crowd with foreign customers.

The oyster costs THB 70 / piece with minimum order 2 oysters at least.

The texture of oyster is so sweet and fresh.

Stir fried Pakria with shrimp paste is delicious but we just wonder why it is much juicy.

Biang Lae salad - The menu which you should not miss to order. Otherwise, it will be guilty.

Fried crab with rice

And the 2nd restaurant is Por Seafod (Ta Kho), the name of this restaurant is nice because all restaurants in this area named Por Seafood.

The atmosphere is so chilled out, we really want to take off our shoes to walk on the sand by our bare feet.

We like to repeat ordering the same menu. Thus, we have ordered the menu like the other day. We would like compare the food taste, this restaurant is better.

หอยนางรมที่นี่ตัวละ 50 บาท ตัวเล็กกว่า แต่หวานกว่า

To continue eating oyster with high cholesterol.

The spicy dipping sauce

Stir fried Pakria with shrimp paste

Chon tamarind soup with less spicy

Stir fried sheatfish with garlic, and a dish of pineapple is served for free. Which restaurant should win?

To sum up

Villa Kalyan is the private villa where really impresses us in various points. For instance, the friendship which is generated by K. Renaud and Chef Peter and all staffs. Furthermore, Villa Kalyyana has well planned about the drainage system which flows from the mountain to the sea. There will not be anything to obstruct the water flow, all areas are clean because staffs work all the time. We will not have the chance to know such this warm place if there is no Thailand Boutique Awards.

We try to think about the disadvantage of this place, but we could not find any except the mysterious location. It is only a disadvantage of this place because there is no sign to lead us to the hotel. If we have a chance, we will surely go to Hideaway, Home from Home again.

Thank you very much to Thailand Boutique Awards Season3 (2014-2015) to choose Tamkarnwela to be one of the blogger to participate in review project.

Thank you very much to Villa Kalyana, the boutique hotel where passes to the final round of Thailand Boutique Awards Season3 (2014 - 2015) and also thank you to warmly welcome Tamkarnwela.

Even though, Villa Kalyana is busy to prepare and welcome movie shooting team but we are well taken care.

Thank you very much to Bangkok Airways to take us to Samui to enjoy our trip over there.

Thank you to Thai Rent A Car for being kind to us, they make our lives more convenient.

Thank you for following us to all places

Thank you to Pantip.com to let us share our experience.

Lastly, thank you to everyone who click and read our review. All comments and votes are very important for us. It is the core value to inspire us.;

Tamkarnwela has taken the responsibility to review 5 hotels, if it is not much disturbance, please also support us for another review as well.

Please stay tune and follow us to see what will be the next hotel.

Love all review followers.


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