Today I would like to suggest you a place for relaxing in the central of Bangkok, "Sofitel So Bangkok" which is located in the business area, where is quite busy and the most traffic in Bangkok.

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Due to curve design of the building, Sofitel So Bangkok is different from other square buildings around this area.

It is only one night one dinner for me here but it makes me impressed in its identity.

I will do my best to express my feeling on this review.

Due to Sofitel So Bangkok is located at the corner of South Sathorn road and connect with Rama 4 road so there are two entrances.

For Rama 4 entrance, you will see the hotel logo and hotel name in the front.

The Gold Sofitel So Bangkok Logo is sculptured punctiliously.

The hotel symbol is a Tree of Life which you will see in almost every corner of the hotel and designed by famous French designer, "Monsieur Christian Lacroix".

Let's check-in first

For guest who does not stay on Club Signature will check-in at the Lobby on the 9th floor.

When I get off the elevator, I get a warm welcome from staffs, polite greeting and asking if I need any help.

Welcome drink here is well known as "Magic Drink" which they will mix it in front of you before serving.

And this "Magic Drink" is Butterfly Pea with Lemonade and adds Lemongrass smell.

Rooms at Sofitel So Bangkok is divided by size of room and room view as follow:

So Cozy, So Comfy, So Club, So Studio, So Suite Spa, So Lofty, So VIP

Which design by famous architect and interior designer.

It is inspiring from The 5 Elements – Water, Earth, Wood, Metal and Fire for design and decoration.

For each room is under concept of 4 Elements: Earth Element, Water Element, Wood Element, and Metal Element. For Fire Element is using in the public area and restaurant (Red Oven where I will have my dinner today).

I stay in the Earth Element room on the 23h floor. The front desk staff escorts me to the room and explains about all facilities and WiFi password.

Earth Element room is decorated in Dark Blue with pattern decoration like painting on stone in Thailand ancient age.

Inside the room>>> Give a feeling like power of imagination and make me feel refreshing.

Soften Bed and fresh air

Enjoying painting on the wall makes me feel so relax

Bathroom separates from the bed area by sliding partition with design like we walk inside the cave.

Everything Minibar is Complimentary; water, soft drinks and snacks.

For the bathroom area is quite big with bathtub outside as in the photo.

There is also rain shower and toilet in separated area.

Amenities: soap and shampoo by L'Occitane.

After discover the room, I like to take you to swimming pool at "So Fit"

So Fit is a fitness center located on the 10th floor as well as So Swimming Pool-Infinity View which you will see Lumpini Park View from here.

At So Swimming Pool-Infinity View>>>

Sitting by the pool for a while, pool staff will serve you towels and appetizers which are Orange juice with Cantaloupe and Honey Water Melon. It is such a good set before go to swim in the afternoon.

It's time to go into So Swimming Pool-Infinity View.

Lumpini Park View with City background.

This is the atmosphere from So Swimming Pool-Infinity View in the Afternoon, in Morning and at Night.

This is the photo of the pool in a rainy morning.

The high light of So Swimming Pool-Infinity View is at night with city lights and nice view to enjoy.

No one is coming to swimming pool this morning because of the rain.

Even it is raining, the pool is still so attractive.

Let's get back to the room.

There is a turn down service with Thai Style by putting White Champaka on the pillow.

And open one corner of the blanket.

One more thing that impressed me is in each guestroom using Apple Mac Mini Multimedia Entertainment system, controlling by Keyboard Bluetooth through television like a personal computer. Just enjoy all entertainments the room.

View from the room.

Street Lobby is on the 1st floor. This side is Sathon entrance.

And this is Rama 4 entrance.

Choco Lab is on the Left.

The atmosphere of the Lobby Front on the 9th floor with Lumpini Park view.

The end of this corner is Check-In Counter.

On the other side is Mixo counter to serve snacks and drinks in the afternoon and it is quite busy because guests are coming for Afternoon Tea here.

For dinner, I will have Dinner buffet at Red Oven Restaurant located on the 7th floor and already reserved a table in a private corner with Lumpini Park View.

Today the restaurant is quite busy so I do not have a chance to take a good photo for buffet items.

I just take snapshot while grabbing my food and mostly I take a photo of food on my table.

Wow!!!...Fresh Seafood...

Staffs are refilling every item all the time especially crab and shrimp.

Japanese food zone

Fresh Salmon and Crab stick

Grilles Scallop is taste so good.

Shrimp dumplings with crispy pork in Spicy Soup.

Cabonara Spaghetti and Spicy Spaghetti

Varieties of dessert, this glass has so many tastes.

Fruit pie is very delicious.

Varieties of cake

Tiramisu is my favourite one.

Chocolate Lava, you probably have to wait a little bit.

Mango with 3 color of sticky rice

There are varieties of dessert, I cannot try them all this time. Everything is just taste so good and I am so full.

Homemade Ice-cream is another menu that you should not miss, which is very tasty such as Thai tea, Coconut, Mocha and Mango Sorbet.

It was raining since last night until this morning but it does give me some fresh air.

Tuk Tuk of Sofitel So Bangkok with special design which tries to tell about this modern city but still keep Thai style.

-End of Review-

Visiting Sofitel So Bangkok this time makes me forget my own bed for a while. It is such a good place for relaxing and recharging your energy with power of natural. Both the hotel design, service and location make is comfortable and relax. I might not be able to express all of my feeling how I am impressed but it is already the end of this review so...

“Just SAY So"

So - GooD

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 Wednesday, July 1, 2015 10:38 AM