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Happy New Year...

First meal is full options....

We dine at Shangarila Thaniya restaurant

We used to come here often in the pass 3-4 years.. week after week..

Then we changed to eat at Silom branch, which then we had many disappointed things.

Together with there are many other options of Chinese food,

so we eat around from place to place..

Today, we come here once again...

This picture was taken after we have finished our lunch as you see an empty restaurant.. Lunch would be totally pack....

We order a set of 8,000 Bath...

The good thing is you can get better quality of dishes but just have to reduce number of menus.

As you wish...

Order DIM SUM for hors d'oeuvre while waiting for our main courses...

Following pictures are included in 8,000 bath set

After we re-arranged our set menu

Starting from Hors d'oeuvre ...

Smoked Duck

Fish Maw fried in dry style

Chinese Turnip Cake

Stir fried Ginkgo

++If something you don't like in this plate you could ask for a change, for example from duck to a fish++

Crispy whole work (Boneless), Hong Kong Art

2 Hot Pots

one is Nautilus pot

Other pot is Grouper

Nautilus Shall Fish

And Grouper Pot

Baked Legs of Goose

You can add noodle and bake it if you would like too..

Sea Cucumber in Red Sauce

Stir fried egg noodle...

The set come with two dessert selections..

Ginkgo and young coconut in syrup

and fried black sesame balls

With hot Ginger tea.....

This meal is for 10 persons

All dishes are in big suze

delicious, packed restaurant, good service.

Not that expensive as I have though. But this hour I hope for A-Yat-Pao-Hue and FEIYA.

Thank you so much.

Anusorn Tancharoen

 Wednesday, July 1, 2015 10:39 AM