Today, I don't go to the way so far. I suggest here to welcome my guests and situated not far away.

But unexpected, There are Architect Expo at Impact. So I'm stuck in the traffic!

It's located in the area of Impact and near by Novotel Hotel

There are pork, duck, chicken and congee. And a variety of Chinese food in Hong Kong style.

Cooking by Chef Peter Lai (Iron chef Thailand).

But today he is absent. (No':/-&@,);:7฿@@(?)bum,;,?,)

There is also fresh seafood.

8 people of this meal.

Here is menu for a cursory glance for pricing.

The first dish is Roasted duck.

Today, I feel so disappointed because it's not like the last time. In the past, The top for me about duck, pork and chicken is this restaurant? But today is unfortunately lower.

Every dishes are dressed by the original gravy sauce.

DIM SUM in Hong Kong Style.

Cooked to order, Fried rice's Impact.

Fried Rice in 2 colors.

Seasoning squids.

Shrimps Rolls

Another pot of Suki in Hong Kong style.

Suki sauce in Guangdong style.

Hmmmmm 8 people of this meal!

This is the one meal that I eat delicious food but I still disappointed in ฺฺBBQ.

But If there are any Expo at Impact, Please avoid to come here because of the traffic jam.

It will make you moody inessential.

It's just a story.

Not induce or recommend you to go.

The taste is a personal like.

This is restaurant that I want to go again and again.

Thank you.

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Anusorn Tancharoen

 Wednesday, July 1, 2015 10:40 AM