This Tam karn wela issue will take everyone back in time to feel the atmosphere of the old city in a comfortable, beautiful and harmonious under ancient surroundings at the IUDIA (pronounced as I U Dia) On the River.

IUDIA On the River is one of the hotels that participate in contest of the best small and medium boutique hotels under "Thailand Boutique Awards Season 3 (2014-2015)" (TBA ). This project is hosted by Krung Thai Bank Public Co.,Ltd. and we are honored to be invited to be one of the reviewers. Altogether, there are 5 hotels that are under Tamkarnwela's responsibility.

IUDIA On the River is situated near Chao Phraya River, opposite to Wat Phutthaisawan which is a very important temple in Thai history. This starts to be interesting, isn't it?

Normally, Ayutthaya is the tourist place that Thai people usually go for a one day trip whereas foreigners usually spend several days there. And this is once again for Tam karn wela to retrace at Ayutthaya and we will be staying at IUDIA On the River.

If you are interested, let's pack and come together..... And do not need to carry much because we will spend only one night here.

Before going to IUDIA On the River, let's stop for lunch. It's a must to have grilled prawn at Ayutthaya. So then we go to enjoy our famous grilled prawn at Ruen Thai Kung Pao restaurant at Wat Cheng San. We must also make reservation call in advance, otherwise, no chance here.

I didn't take any photos of the restaurant, and this happen every time I'm here as all my concentrations are paid to prawns... hahaha. Below is the map to the restaurant by Khun Tian Long, thank you very much for this information :)

Ruen Thai restaurant grills the prawn so nicely, good level of grill but the seasoning sauce is not yet so tasty.

Today we reserve 5 prawns for 5 people, about 3 prawns/kg. And if I remember it correctly, it's 1200 THB/kg (and could be more expensive).

P.S. One prawn is missing... where is it? hahaha

Garlic Prawns, we order 3 to share together.

Deep-fried Tender Fish with Garlic, so crispy and the most delicious one!

Fried Fish Cake, stickily good.

Tom Yum Pla Kung, the fish is extremely and exceptionally fresh.....can't be fresher, so good!

For the prawn's claw, they stir fried with vegetable (no picture illustrated) and we also ordered many other dishes but not remember and didn't take photos. Anyway, let's enjoy the food now...

P.S. On this plate is only half the prawn, it is really big, isn't it?

And now that we are already full and happy, let's go to our destination for this trip, IUDIA On the River.

IUDIA On the River is located on U-Tong Road, the road that situated many cotton candy shops (the famous Ayutthaya snack).

It is also located just in the center of the old town.

Staying here, we are within walking distance to 69 places of designated historic temples and important palaces. We could enjoy all the ancient temples as we wish and also visit to the nearby ancient city.

The starting point of this hotel may be coming from the fact that the owner is Bangkok-er but truly falls in love with Ayutthaya and visits here very often. The owner loves the identity of Ayuthaya and also is passionate about the great history of this ancient town. The owner then think that we should also have a good and chilling coffee shop in order to be able to deeply appreciate this ancient beauty. So then here it is with a cute coffee shop and some rooms available for rent to offerthe tourists who wish to spend a slow life at Ayutthaya.

Here serves coffee, tea, cake and ice cream. This is custard-apple ice cream, very yummy.

The owner is also quite expert on ancient bowls, there is one room for displaying them.

Originally, IUDIA On the River offers 8 rooms, but now they expand to the new zone of the left and offer more of 4-5 rooms (if I remember it correctly).

This place is decorated modernity with traditional Thai harmoniously.

Very details in every piece of work

What is the most Wowww.... and the most Impressive thing about staying here is that......We can clearly see the Wat Phutthaisawan which is situated at the opposite, so stunningly beautiful view.

Wat Phutthaisawan is located at Sampao Lom sub-district, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya district in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya province. It is southern of the Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya island, currently territory is 46 rai, 2 ngan and 46 square wa. (1 rai=1600 square meters or 4 ngan and 1 square wa = 4 square meters, approximately 74.584 square km.)

During Ayutthaya period, Wat Phutthaisawan is one of the biggest and most famous monastery temples. It is said that the King Ramathibodi 1 (U-Thong King) built his residence in this area when he moved the capital city to Ayutthaya. According to the chronicle, this area appeared as 'Wiang Lek sub-district'. After the establishment of Ayutthaya as the capital city, this temple was later built as to be the memorial temple for new capital establishment in 1353. And the follow kings also kept contributing and renovating this temple. The war loss of city to Burma in 1767, although many temple were burnt, Wat Phutthaisawan was one of the temples that didn't destroy by the Burmese and therefore many ancient decorations and constructions remain.

Now, let's turn to look at the rooms here. Each room here decorates differently and we are lucky to get to see the biggest room here as well.

This room is in the new zone. This is the small swimming pool that every guests can enjoy the service, however, as far as I can see, most guests prefer to play at the big swimming pool.

This is the view in front of the room.... Wat Phutthaisawan.

..Just loving it so much!

It is a long style room.

The room is decorated in contemporary Thai style but also facilitate guests appreciation with the display of ancient bowls.

When keep walking in further, you will find the bathroom which is fully equipped.

Also offer bath tub for our relaxing time

Showering area

Well designed

This bowl has its own history.

It's like we are staying at the museum.

And for our room, we have to walk upstairs in the new zone area.

Everything here is under smooth construction and nice decoration.

It already gets my Wow just by opening the door.

The color is bright and vibrant, harmoniously decorated.

Facilities are fully equipped with a free wifi.

This is just the view that I'm so in love with, love it! love it! love it!

Question..... What is behind this door?

Answer... It's the bathroom...

Now, no need to fight for brushing time....

This room offers no bath tub but the showering line....

And in a little while, let's go enjoy dinner provided by the IUDIA.

Well, in fact, the hotel doesn't usually offer the dinner but due to we are coming under the TBA project, so they provide for us specially.

If you are coming and want the dinner service, you can request the hotel in advance. And now, let's enjoy our dinner under this view, and this is the view that we request from hotel.

Let's see what we have for our dinner tonight...

The food here taste mild and moderate which I think foreigner would love it. The view of this evening swimming pool is so beautiful, such an impressive scenery.

And we are just simply sitting there until the sun is saying goodbye to us.

We can feel the beauty, peace and serenity of Wat Phutthaisawan.

This is the highlight of our Ayutthaya trip!

We are sitting and watching this view all day long and not feel even a little tiny bit of bored.

But, we've got to be a bit careful of mosquitoes here though....

Majority of guests here are foreigners, we are the only 2 Thai guests here that day.

Like I said earlier, Thai people don't like to stay overnight at Ayutthaya, mostly is a one day trip. But simply coming like this is a changing atmosphere as well.

Now, i'm ready to go up and take some rest.

Our balcony is also quite chilling and comfy.

Have a tight sleep and sweet dream!

Wake up the next morning with fresh and good weather, let's greet our nature around.

Our breakfast is served at the coffee shop.

Choose your own favorite kind of eggs...


And followed by fruits....

IUDIA On the River is a small boutique resort that is ready to accommodate the guests who wish to spend easy, simple, and slow life in the ancient town in order to stay away from the bustle city life style. The environment here can totally offer the genuine Thai and the modernity of full service ready for comfortable life just exactly like we want. Tamkarnwela has discovered that Ayutthaya is one of the great choices for when we just want to stay in a peaceful resting atmosphere in a very close distance.

Thank you very much to the Thailand Boutique Awards Season 3 (2014-2015) project for choosing Tamkarnwela to be one of the Bloggers to participate in the reviews.

Thank you IUDIA On the River, the boutique hotel that is selected to be part of the Thailand Boutique Awards Season 3 (2014-2015) project for the warm welcome at all time when Tamkarnwela is staying for the review.

Thank you to the time for travelling with us everywhere.

Thank you to for providing such a good space for us to share our experiences.

And last but not least,

Thank you everyone for clicking to read our review, every comments and votes are a good encourage for us, the reviewer.

And for this project, Tamkarnwela is responsible to review 5 hotels. If it's not asking too much, please also gives support and encouragement to our other reviews. Please stay tuned for the next hotel that will be selected.

Love all the review readers :)



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