...From the day of Tsunami disaster swept our Andaman coast in 2004, and when the time continuously passes, many buildings, roads, houses and accommodations are gradually reformed to their normal conditions. There may leave a trace of memory, and the place that has the most impact from Tsunami attack might be "Khao Lak", Phang Nga province.

Until today, We are back here once again and have a good opportunity to stay at one of the resorts in Khao Lak, the resort is in tropical contemporary style with U shape, The building has modern atmosphere with a large swamp in the middle. There is a large swimming pool with the green lawn area and the beautiful coconut trees which adding shady and refreshing to the area, you can also admire the sunset at the front beach in the romance feeling.

All of this is the combination of the harmony and perfect fit of "The Sands Khao Lak by Katathani" at Nang Thong beach.

Not to waste anymore time, let's begin to explore the areas of The Sands.

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From the roadside, you can see the spacious area of the resort with the mountain in the background, Lobby building in the middle and there is also the swamp in the middle. From this point if you look back, there are the guest room buildings located on left and right side, there is a Floating Market area which is the dining room on the right.

The guest room buildings located just in the middle of the sunset view beach, moreover, the sun will rise at the back of the mountain. For me, the location of The Sands is just perfectly awesome as the sun will rise at the back of the mountain and set at the beach. This is definitely suited for those who love to take photos.

During check in and waiting for bringing the luggage to our room, I walk around the resort and take some photos. I walk along the beach, there will be the area of green lawn with the coconut trees as well.

Since The Sands had just recently opened during the end of 2012, so the trees and grass are still not fully grown. However, in the future when trees are fully grown and more abundant, I think there will be more shady and refreshing area here.

From the lawn area to the most front, is located Talay Restaurant, the restaurant is along the beach side, next to the resort.

In the evening, this area has a superb ambience, we listen to the wave and wind of the sea in the twilight time, and admire the sun set at the beach front. If you come in the good weather with clear sky, I assure that you definitely can see the beautiful scene just like us.

The beach is in the rising tide time now so it looks even. Today the weather is great with clear blue sky; we could see the brilliant emerald green sea. We also hope to see the beautiful scene in the evening during the low tide time and sun set at the beach.

Although this area, the sand is not that white but it is moderately soft. Most of the tourists are foreigners, during the day they will take a walk all day, no matter how strong of the sunlight is.

Back to the resort, as I have said before the entrance of the resort has the mountain view and the sky is so brilliant and bright.

Another highlight of The Sands must be the spacious swimming pool, you can swim in the long way or just in particular area, besides there is the space for guest to take a seat and order some drinks.

The surrounding atmosphere of the pool is for leisure activities for guests in the relaxing day like this.

You can freely select the seat as there are many of them to choose from.

Most of the foreign guests will choose the seat for relaxing beneath the coconut trees area at the beach front lawn.

You can take a relaxing way as you like. Oh! There is Thai massage service available at the beach front lawn as well, but I did not take a photo.

Looking at the time, it is precisely noon, so I would like to swap from walking outside in the boiling weather to the guest buildings for taking photos of each type of guest rooms.

There are 4 types of guest rooms: Sands Room/ Family Room/ Pool Access Junior Suite/ Seaside Junior Suite.

Start the first room with Family Room, 55 square meters size, suitable for family guest.

From the picture, you can see that there is the colorful swimming fish decoration on the wall which is suitable for the family with little kids.

There are 2 beds, one for adult and another one for children, comfortable for 2 adults and 2 kids.

The room plan, from the room door, there will be the rest room, main bed, kid bed and the balcony respectively. We will continue to other room type in next picture.

Let continue with Sands room, suitable for 2 guests.

The room size is smaller than Family Room with the area of 45 square meters.

Sands Room will be located at the left side of the resort and far from the beach.

From this view, Looking straight throughout the balcony, you will see Lobby building in the front.

Looking back inside the room, you can see that the decoration is quite simple; there are only wood lath lamp and round bending wood hanging on the wall. Every rooms color at The Sands is all in this color tone.

From the rest room area aspect, there is a wooden door which is able to slide.

Although there is no bathtub in the Sand Room, but the bathroom still has rain shower to feel alike it is raining. The rain shower is available in every room. After this picture, let's continue to other room type.

Continue with the only room type that has a small pool at the front, Pool Access Junior Suite, 65 square meters size. The highlight of this room is the private swimming pool at the front.

This Pool Access room is also not located next to the beach just like Sands Room. The reason might be because there already has a private small pool so it is the choice for the guest to decide which type of rooms they prefer, the room near the beach or near private pool.

This room is similar with Sands Room in the decoration design and the room style, it is just only the additional bathtub provided inside.

In the picture, from the room aspect observes to the outside area, you can see that the pool is connected with other rooms. Generally speaking if you lazy to walk to the outdoor swimming pool, you can just swim here.

Next is the last room type, Seaside Junior Suite, 55 - 65 square meters area.

There is a bathtub inside and the room is more spacious than Sands Room. The highlight of this room is the pleasant sea view from the balcony next to the beach.

The room atmosphere has soft tone color style with a little colorful pillows but overall the color tone is still in the resort concept.

From this aspect, you can see the coconut trees, the lawn and the sea clearer; anyway it is not that near because it is not the room which located next to the sea.

But there is also much pleasant if you could upgrade to this room type.

Finish with the room pictures, there are another atmosphere pictures of the building ground floor, let's continue watching.

Start with Game Room which is divided into two zones; the reading area and the computer area.

If the outdoor is too hot, here is air-conditioning room provided for guests to conveniently read books or use computer. There is fitness zone provided at the side of the room as well.

The activities provides for guests to choose from are small pool table, table tennis table, fitness room and boxing room. Guests continuously come to use the service during all day long.

Another area is Kid's Club, it is divided into 2 zones, inner zone and outer zone. As per the picture, the inner zone is located inside the building, there is the staff taking care the children, if their parents would love to take a relaxing time. Besides there is the outer zone for kids to play outside as well.

After finish taking photos at the inside area, then we will go to outdoor area once again.

Next destination is going to Talay Restaurant again, but this time I will go to have lunch there as it is already afternoon .

Choosing some relax corner to have a seat, the outside might too hot so I choose to sit inside with the sea view, seem to be suitable for the afternoon time like this.

There are tourist boats of local people sailing by from time to time. It is so refreshing to see the blue emerald green sea like this.

During waiting for the meal, I order some drinks for sipping too.

The cooling wind flows from outside to inside area, I order Tropical Dream, the blue glass in the big picture for refreshment. Continue with the green color drink below, Heritage of Nature. As for the purple drink above, I just already forgot the name.

And then our meal has been served, dessert or main dish, whatever you call. It is because we ate it with rice and it also makes us full.

Start with Deep Fried Spring Roll, Pork and Chicken Satay and the last dish..... I forgot the name, but from the picture it might be Shrimp Salad. Eating this set, I think I already full.

The desserts pictures are from the afternoon meal and evening meal.

There are Warm and Crispy Pear Tart and Mango Cream Blulee.

After finish our lunch, I just take sometime for relax, the sun is already move to the front beach.

The heat gradually loosens down little by little, and I have a power to go on walking and taking some photos again.

When the sunset, the guests are more crowded here. Most people like to take a walk and swim at the pool.

And the pleasant corner around the pool is the small bar which guests can sit in the water and order drinks.

The atmosphere generally is the same, not different from the day time.

Just only the heating of the sunlight is lower and the level of the sun that about to set at the horizon ahead.

At this time, the beach is paint with the golden light of the sun; the sea level is low that I can see the hidden rocks which cannot be seen in the day time.

The little one also want to go out and take a walk.

From my observation, when almost the evening time, guests who take a seat at the lawn area are leaving one by one.

Maybe they back to the room for taking shower and prepare for having dinner.

The rocks that are obscured during the day time are already showing up now.

In my opinion, I think it is very good as the rocks come out, making the beach not too empty and the rocks also can be set as the foreground for taking the sunset photos in the twilight time as well.

It is considered to be the happy time of the day.

Admiring the sun gradually lowers down slowly to kiss the horizon and the sea, is always the happy and delighted moment, no matter where you are.

After the sunset below the horizon, left only the twilight which adds the color for today. The atmosphere at the lawn area which the umbrellas already closed to protect the blowing of the wind, it is the sign telling that it is the end of the day.

Guests gradually come out in pairs, like this couple comes to reserve a romance place at the twilight time.

From the picture, you can see that the moon set in the middle which means that at the beach of The Sands, when the sun already set, we might see the moon come out and welcome us right away.

This picture is the clearer view of Talay Restaurant, bright blue sky with the white color from the light inside the restaurant and the orange color from other zone.

Or if you facing the sea, you can feel today beautiful twilight light, adding the romance feeling to the atmosphere.

And another area that can not be missed is the pool area which has the reflection of the coconut trees inside with the glowing light from the horizon as the background.

Looking back to the guest buildings, although the color is not beautiful as looking outside to the beach, but we also still can see the beautiful of the lights at night. I will leave this picture for today, then I will have dinner, back to the room for rest and prepare for get up in the early morning to take morning atmosphere photos in the next day.

Early morning of the next day, I wake up early and take some of the resort atmosphere photos before I head back to bed again.

Start from Lobby area, the beautiful cloud is lining in the sky above, it is the good sign telling that there will be the bright sky today alike the previous days again.

The Lobby has fascinating decoration style, there is a spacious area inside with the seats provide for guests divided into sections.

And then here come the Floating Market area, which will be the place for having breakfast and dinner.

It is still early in the morning now, guests are still not waking up. Therefore, I just take some photos of the clear atmosphere.

Until late morning, the guests gradually began to cram up.

Most area have been occupied, especially the shady area. However, guests will come and go all the time, so there is no space problem.

After breakfast, let continue with the atmosphere of another zone of the pool area, this area also has the slider for kids to play.

At the late morning, there is the water exercise activity leading by the resort staff.

Our time is very little comparing to the whole area of The Sands that still has many places for promenade and taking photos. However, only the photos I took at this time is alright.

The atmosphere in the late morning begins to have more activities to do.

Besides the sunset time, I would say that the sky at the beach in the late morning time is more captivating, as the sun behind the mountain fully shines down on the beach.

The Sands, Khao Lak is located at Nang Thong beach, the area is surrounded by the abundant nature. In my opinion, I think this place is suitable for those who would like to have some peaceful relaxing time. With the large area of the resort, you can take your time to take a walk in many areas.

Our one night stay at The Sands seems too short comparing to the whole area. If possible I think 2 nights stay is suitable, not too tired and you still have more time to be imbued with the atmosphere inside the accommodation.

It takes approximately 1 hour, If we start the journey from Phuket international airport. You can take the taxi service from the airport to The Sands as well.

The Sands is suitable for those who come with family, couple or friends. Great trip to change the atmosphere and relax by the beach, the activities might be taking one day trip to Koh Similan or Koh Tachai and then stay one more night at the resort, this relaxing program might give you the happiness on your special holidays.

I will end the review of The Sands Khao Lak by Katahani with this picture.

Although the time I spent here is kind of short, just only one night. But if I have chance to travel to Khao Lak again, I will definitely stay at The Sands again. The Sands, resort with tropical style and has good combination with the nature atmosphere; the sea and the green color from the trees and grasses inside the resort.

It has been almost 2 months now since the trip, but I often miss the beach front atmosphere and the delicious food at the Sands.

See everyone again in my next review. Thank you everyone for reading. ^^

I will leave one more photo, the soft dreamily atmosphere picture of the beach front after sun set.

Sawasdee everyone.


 Wednesday, July 1, 2015 10:48 AM