These pictures I have taken are not for business purpose.

I want the readers to please determine and make your own decision while reading

and I do not recommend you to buy, go and eat as the picture depicted.

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Today we make an appointment with members from "Tao Kae Mern" group
Our group leader makes an appointment in advance for many days

We mostly share the bill so group leader said "For this restaurant, the more members join the less you hurt! but the less members join the more you hurt! "

7 people are ready

Ruansripon 2000 Restaurant is located at the entrance of MCOT Public Company Limited ( go straight for 200 m., it's on the left side).

The owner has personal fishing boat in Surat Thani.

1 commercial building

There is only one personal room and 2 tables outside.

Here are the menus and it's emphasize us to "ask for the price before you order it!"

We book the table and food one day in advance.

The first dish

Fried Crispy Angle's wing

1,480.- Baht

A Giant Surat Thani Cockle

2,380.-Baht, such a suitable price haha.

The third shell dish

Oysters with XO sauce

@680 x 7 = 4,760.- Baht

Grilled River Prawns

6,720.- Baht

Steamed Crab


Steamed Pomfret Fish with soy sauce

5,696.- Baht

Fried rice with salted fish, only one size one price

1,380.- Baht

It must be only one commercial building in Thailand (offer this high price)

This meal share with 7 people

And yes, we know the price before ordering.

So that's why people who invite our uncle said " less people hurt you more, more people hurt you less!"

There is no WALK IN customer here because the outside restaurant is not attractive at all.

Only 3 tables which 8 people is limited per room

2 tables are setting outside, 4 people/table

All menus are posted on the board, that's all.

and the price should be asked before ordering because the cost is different each day.

This restaurant has a specific group of customer since the year 2000.

There are so many pictures of famous people, master class,even the former prime minister with his boards.

This restaurant is suitable for "entertaining boss's clients"

Not suitable for having meal with colleague and friend (sharing bill) and they should be firstly told that "this restaurant is damn expensive".

But if you think that you are kind of enjoy eating people, you must have try this restaurant here.

Then you will be surprised (with the price) and you will never forget it!

Again, all members that join the meal today have already known the price rate.

The group leader has already told us that this is a legendary restaurant.

And people who join this time is mostly an enjoy eating people.

So, we take it easy, not serious and we want to share to epicures that there's still a restaurant like this which really offer this price with a regular customers for the whole year.

The table must be booked in advance, the restaurant is not new and is opened for almost ten years now.

For the price, expensive or cheap depends on people judgment, thus comment it freely.

For this group, if we have a chance to find this type of restaurant (the real one), we would like to try it and write a review again.

Just tell us, our head hunter is ready then I am ready to follow him too.

Anusorn Tancharoen

 Wednesday, July 1, 2015 10:50 AM