Nung Ping Seafood & Beer Buffet

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"Nung Ping Seafood & Beer" is located on Punya-Indra road (behind Fashion Island department store), slightly further from Max Value around 100 m. Before reaching to Punya Golf Club, the restaurant is on you left hand side. You can see huge sign clearly. Large parking lot is provided. The restaurant is open air,clean and neat. I like sitting outdoor with beautiful light decoration. The ambiance is amused with music. Also, there is large toilet. Nung Ping is newly opened seafood and beer buffet restaurant that just operates on 20 June 2015. I have a chance to join opening ceremony as well. Let's try together.

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Equipment and washbasin are provided.

The gridiron is large and the food does not fall down. Waiters always take good care of charcoal.

There are 3 types of seafood sauce. Very spicy! The wasabi one has strong smell of wasabi.

Giant freshwater prawn – Standard size and fresh. Recommend.
Flower crab – Medium size and fresh. Recommend.
Mantis shrimp – Various size but fresh. Recommend.
Squid – Moderate size and good texture. Recommend.
Bigfin reef squid – Size for 2-3 bites, fresh and easy to cook. Recommend.
Mussel – Normal standard.
Clam – Very large and clean. Recommend.
Scallop – Suitable size serving with butter and seasoning. Recommend.
Spotted babylon – Super-duper big. Recommend.

Moreover, other grill menus consist of pork barbecue, grilled pork, chicken teriyaki and Eringii mushroom.

Hot dishes include vegetable salad, deep fried items, spicy seafood salad, stir fried mussel with white wine, fried rice and steamed glass noodle with shrimp. I try some menus. The taste is in good standard.Menus will be rotated day by day.

Friut and ice-cream.

Non-alcohol drinks includes water, soda, Est (5 flavours), Oishi and Lipton tea.

Alcohol drinks are Syder Bay, Vola Wine Cooler, Leo lager, Leo and Singha in bottle.

Differentiate from others with Benmore Scotch Whisky : Golden Stag Liqueur.

The atmosphere is clean, neat and bright.I super like sitting outdoor. The restaurant is crowded since first day. Service is fully provided as much as 1-day-old restaurant can do. I feel they have well prepared for services. Seafood is fresh and clean. The shell is very huge plus spicy seafood sauce. Finished food is in good standard. Also, drinks are offered in full stream and whisky is different from others. Food and drinks are refilled all the time. In conclusion, it is a nice restaurant to try.

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Buffet details;
Pay 4 for 4 persons promotion, today to 26 June 2015
Seafood buffet + drinks for 1.5 hours at 399 THB per person

Kids with height between 100 to 140 cm. at 199 THB per person.

Free for kids below 100 cm.
Any left over will be charged at 30 THB per 100 g.
Intention to cover up the left over will be charged at 300 THB per 100 g.
Remaining of beer 59 THB

Details of restaurant;
Nung Ping Seafood & Beer Buffet
3/2 Panya Indra Rd., Khan Na Yao, Bangkok 10230 Thailand
Opening hours : 5.00PM - 11.30PM
Tel. 08-1689-7115, 08-5665-7979
Facebook Page :

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