Hua Hin... Once we hear this name, we already feel happy because it makes me remind all classic stories of Hua Hin such as Princess drama, it has used Hua Hin for a scene of summerhouse in the drama. I have got the chance to Hua Hin again ( I cant actually remember how often I come to Hua Hin) but I am still excited.

As I am invited to participate in Hua Hin's LiveMusic Weekend which is held at Cicada Market. For the theme of this event is Let's PICNIC without shoe. According to the theme, it is clearly indicated that it is the picnic that people can walk with their bare feet on the ground, to place a mat and listen to the live music band. I and other bloggers attended the event on 23 May 2015, there was a sponsor who supported us to stay 1 night at Ibis Hua Hin , event ticket and food coupon. The event is held every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 17.30 hrs. to 23.00 hrs.

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I and my colleagues have travelled by using our private car. We continue driving and reach Hua Hin in the late afternoon. We will stay at Ibis Hua Hin, the room at Ibis is quite narrow but it is not the matter because I will stay alone.

We have taken the photo of twilight in the evening before go to Cicada Market where is not far from the hotel. We spend a few minute and we are now at Cicada Market.

Cicada Market

It is very difficult to take the photo of Cicada's neon sign due to crowd people. We continue walking and we seldom take a photo.

Most of the beautiful arts displayed at Cicada Market, you are not allowed to take the photos of them. It can be said that this place is the center of art.

Furthermore, you are able to find the invention, handmade material, house decoration, clothes and used products over here. You can enjoy with the tropical Garden, it is very shady with various species of trees which age for a century on 16,000 square meters area.

We continue walking till we reach the entrance of Hua Hin's Live Music Weekend, the live band is performing in Sasi Theater, it is the open air theater.

The ticket costs THB 350, you will get a good quality of mat (you are able to take it home), and a bag for you. For the food is inside, you need to buy the coupon.

After taking off your shoes, please then put your shoes in the bag and walk inside. There are various food & beverage booths. It is the bogus grass which we are standing right now. Once we pass the entrance of the event, it is a very wide area with real grass, there is a stage for the live music band.

We are now inside the area of music live band but it is not crowd yet. We are not reluctant to unfold and mat and continue taking a photos. I am really excited to take the photos both inside and outside of the event. Furthermore, I enjoy buying some food. There are plenty choices of food that you are able to buy according to your preference.

Fruit juice 100%

Ice cream

Alcoholic drink

We return inside the event again, and it has been crowded now. In my point of view, I think this live music band is very skillful. They sing and perform greatly. Especially, the singing leader is very friendly as well as be a good entertainer.

The purpose for this kind of event is to make the audience have more space by unfolding a mat. There are not too many people, hence this makes us really chill out.

To lay down on the ground but you can still chill out.

It is time to go back to the hotel after we enjoy drinking, eating and listening to the music.I have made an appointment with other blogger at 5.00 am to enjoy the beautiful moment of the sea and await for the rising sun. We need to take a walk through a footway because the hotel is not close to the sea but it is far from the sea.

The weather is very nice this morning, we guess there are not much people to see the beautiful sky of this morning. Eventually, our dream comes true, we see the wonderful sun. We are imaging that If it was a small boat floating on the sea, it would be great.

It is extremely beautiful and the atmosphere is also great. It is worthy to wake up early.

For me, this is one of the refreshing morning, the nature is so wonderful and full of art.

The monk has started walking for receiving alms, this is one of the symbol of Hua Hin.

After the sky becomes clearer, the light has started shining throughout the sky. It is time to say goodbye for the sea and go back to the hotel.
These 2 photos are taken from the balcony at m room. I decide to take a little nap before check out from the hotel.

For those who are at Hua Hin, please do not miss to attend Hua Hin's Live Music Weekend at Cicada Market. To come for a picnic, take off your shoes, drink, eat, and listen to the music on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 17.30 - 23.30 hrs.

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 Friday, July 3, 2015 5:30 PM