:: Days ago, one of my friends has recommended a restaurant around Chaengwattana area named "H i d d e n B a c k y a r d"

Once I have arrived the restaurant, I am very impressed with how the restaurant was designed and decorated, it matches well with a nice ambiance. Moreover, the owner is so cool, friendly, and kind. All menus are also at reasonable price.

The highlight is the quality and the taste of its food, they are all superb. Therefore, I would like to share this Hidden Backyard dining experience with all of you : )

reviewed by : https://www.facebook.com/PalapiliiThailand

:: While we are on our way back from Cartoon Network Amazone water park Pattaya and very tired, we are looking for a place for dinner in chillaxing atmosphere.

Right before Monday approaches and we all have to separate apart to go to work and some need to go study, we think this is the right time to try this new restaurant where it has brought up by my friends so many times earlier. It is a newly opened restaurant near Rangsit University in Chaengwattana area. However, before we make the final decision we have to double check how people have reviewed this restaurant. We search through Google by using its name "Hidden Backyard" and have found the Facebook Fanpage https://www.facebook.com/hiddenbackyard. There are so many good reviews, and nice photos reflecting the restaurant's food and ambiance. We guess this should be a good choice, hence; we get the direction right away. Let's go and eat there!

We have arrived to the restaurant not long after and truly understand why this place is called Hidden Backyard, the restaurant is located pretty far from the main street hahaha.

:: Because of our hunger, we look for a table straight ahead.

Once we open the menu, we are like oh!... there are so many yummy dishes and we don't even know what to pick.

Therefore, we have decided to ask for recommendation from the staff. The staff are very friendly and helpful, they have given us a very good recommendation. : )

:: We have asked the staff to give us a light menu that we can enjoy while chitchatting for a bit after a long journey back from Pattaya.

Therefore, they have arranged a set of light meal for us plus some wine accordingly. Well, I usually drink beer and whiskey but not wine though but guess what! after taking a sip of this recommended wine "Sangria", I am like this is not bad at all. There are also some berries inside the wine and it is so cool that it is served in a beaker which we normally use in the science experimental classes in high school, I love it.

:: We have got some spring rolls which is very simple but very tasty.

If you don't trust me, you have to go and try it yourself. This menu is called "Grandma Spring rolls" and if you want to know why it is named like this, ask the owner straight ahead. : )

:: After sitting and chitchatting for a while, we think that we really need to get something serious to eat since we are all still hungry.

The restaurant offers a wide range of food and we guess it is impossible to try them all. We are getting those that are recommended by the staff and those that we are craving for. Not long after one dish after another has been well-served to our table.

:: This menu has such a strange name as Pasta AOP German pork knuckle. My first impression is like oh! how come they serve the food looking messy like this.

Look! The spices are all over the plate. After a while I have realized that they are the garnish...hahaha.

Well, the taste is good but it is pretty similar to other restaurants and there is nothing special about this menu.

:: The next menu is this "Rice with Ham Cheese Omelet" which is perfect for children but the staff firmly said that we should try it.

The rice is simply topped by ham cheese omelet and you know what! this simple menu is totally delicious. Everything just goes very well together and this reminds me of my favorite childhood food, Cerelac.

:: The third menu has come and it is "Soft-Shell Crab Salad". This menu is very very tasty. > <

I don't know how to explain into words but trust me it is superb and don't forget to put the salad dressing before eating!

:: The weather is so good in winter, the sun is gone and has left the beautiful colorful sky for us to take photos.

However, there is a lot of mosquitoes and I am not sure if it is just for this season. Hence, we ask the staff to move to indoor area.

While the staff are helping us moving inside, we have taken a chance to go around taking photos. I love taking photos personally and with the location like this, it is fantastic! hahaha

:: The lighting and ambiance are so good, I am sure you will get a lot of good photos with any kind of devices.

From my point of view, this place is perfect for catching up with friends, chitchatting, or even working on homework or assignments. You can spend the whole evening here.

I would recommend you to take the table in the garden, it is simple but very beautiful especially for taking photos.

:: Lastly, the last menu has well-arrived "Salmon Salad".

I love salmon, I truly do. So I love it all no matter how they are served and cooked and it always makes my mouth water.

:: Indoor area of the restaurant has been well designed in classic style with beautiful lighting, I love it a lot.

I am sure if you ever post a photo taken from here on Facebook, you will get a lot of likes. Hidden Backyard also offers a variety of homemade desserts and beer from different countries.

However, it seems like there is no any other desserts but Blueberry Cheesecake Pie hahaha. Actually, I have intended to have Crepe Cake With Strawberries which I have seen on their Facebook Fanpage but I guess this is better than nothing .

:: After a long while, we have decided to end the night with some beer that we have never tried before.

Once we call the staff to ask for more information, it turns out to be the owner who is coming. His name is Joe and he is very friendly. He explains very well about all different kinds of beer, how they are brewed and what are the ingredients. I don't get it much because it is not easy to understand them all but I guess it is good to try after all.

:: We are honored to be well-treated by Khun Joe, he personally pours these three glasses of beer for us.

Let's take a sip of each of them! Let's start from the left to right respectively!

Limburges tastes similar to Hoegaarden, it is light and very easy to drink.

Bokkereyer tastes nothing special.

Brewdog Punk is very flavorful and very fruity with lychee aroma but pretty strong and bitter at first, after a while you will find it sweet.

After all, I guess if you want to give it a try just one kind of beer you should go for "Brewdog Punk".

:: We have spent about 3 hours here, we are totally full and feeling a bit tipsy now.

In summary, the food and drinks at Hidden Backyard is not that expensive like we have thought. It is 1,627 THB for 3 people which the bill in photo above is not correct, the Pork Chop was keyed in by accident. This is totally reasonable for a chillaxing dinner with great ambiance. If you have time, don't forget to stop by and experience this hidden gem restaurant.

PS. The restaurant offers 10% discount right now as the new opening promotion.

Mi Palapilii

 Friday, July 3, 2015 5:39 PM