Hello gourmet! This issue of Tamkarnwela will bring you to try Thai food which is southern spicy food like "Nakhon Si Thammarat" (name of southern province) people eat. Some of you may have heard of "Baan Ice Restaurant" already since its first branch is located at Prachacheun area. It has been operating for 25 years already. Nowadays,it has second branch at Thonglor and newly third one at 4th floor, Food Passage zone, Siam Paragon which I am going to try today.

Southern food is one of my favorite food because I am originally half Nakhon Si Thammarat. I am well familiar with all menus but some dishes may be too spicy for me.

Let's check on the atmosphere and food of Baan Ice, Siam Paragon branch.

If you are ready, let's go!

Upon arriving to Siam Paragon, you can take either elevator or escalator to 4th floor, Food Passage zone. It is an area gathering many good restaurants. Here is Baan Ice ... with its outstanding green color.

Southern food restaurant from skillful chef.

Open and light atmosphere.

Feeling like having meal at my friend's place. There are photos of different menus hanging on the wall for clear understanding.

Where do you prefer to sit?

Drink iced Butterfly pea water and honey lemon drink for refreshment while waiting for food.

I have been to this restaurant many times because the first branch at Prachacheun is near my home.

Normal dish but can't miss "Bai Lieng Pad Goong Seab Kai" (stir fried Gnemon with egg and dried shrimp).

Leaflet of Gnemon tastes munchy and slightly sweet. It is a regular menu when going to southern food restaurant or travelling to the south ... You can't miss this dish because it does help reduce hotness from other dishes very well. This menu is 180 THB.

"Moo Kapi", moderate-sized of pork stir fried with shrimp paste, topped with sliced onion. Taste salty following by sweetness. Eating together with pomelo and cashew nut is superb!

This dish makes me hungry, 160 THB.

"Pu Pad Prik Leung", white crab meat stir fried with yellow pepper giving mellow flavour. Highlight is fresh sweet crab meat.

This dish is 380 THB.

The charm of "Tod Mun Tarad Tai" (deep fried fish cake) is gooey fish mixed with intense curry paste.

Dip with sweet sauce. This one is 180 THB.

Another highlight menu of Baan Ice is "Pad Sator Kapi Koong" (stir fried Pakria with shrimp paste and shrimp). Pakria is well known as representative of southern food. Bring Pakria to fried with quality shrimp paste. mixed with curry paste, and big shrimp. This menu would make you finish rice without realizing.

The price is 220 THB.

Pakria contains high nutrition including Vitamin A and protein. Also helps preventing cancer in digest system and retards age as well ... Don't miss to have a bite!

"Pad Ped Maha Pralai Moo Krob" (super spicy crispy pork stir fried with Thai herbs), the name well presents its hotness.

This menu is 220 THB

When thinking of Thai food that is easy to eat everywhere, one menu must "Pot-stewed Egg". After testing pot-stewed pork all over the country, here's the perfect taste of "Pot-stewed Pork Leg with Egg". Its sweet scent and intense egg bring out my child memory.

This traditional Pot-stewed Pork Leg with Egg is at 180 THB.

This is my forever favorite dish, "Kaeng Som Pla Krapong Aaw Dip" (Sour Soup with Sea Bass and Pudding Pipe). The Pudding Pipe is moist with the soup eating together with hot rice.

This menu is 250 THB. "Senmee Kaeng Pu" (rice noodle served with crab curry) is one of the most popular menu of the year with its intense curry and thick crab meat. The taste is excellent!

Ready to eat. I can smell the betel leaf.

Which one should I start first. They all look yummy!!

This meal is wonderful!

End the meal with pink snow which is signature dessert of the restaurant.

After spicy food, this cold sweet dessert helps relieve hotness from food pretty well. I can touch the taste cold sweet milk.

If I'm not wrong, the price is 70 THB. (Sorry if it's not correct)

Signature of southern food is the full-flavored of ingredients. Baan Ice is another restaurant with long operation of 25 years. It has indicated the charm of good taste. The new Siam Paragon branch has opened to better welcome suburb customers because going to Prachacheun may not be convenient.

Apart from things to eat with rice, the restaurant also offers other main courses as well. It is another option of you prefer to have a quick meal.

Thank you Baan Ice, Siam Paragon branch, for inviting me.

Thank you Tamkarnwela for always being together.

Thank you README for providing space to share experiences.


Thank you everyone for reading the review and giving comments. You guys are great support for me.

I hope this review would be useful for those who are interested.

Love everyone!



 Friday, July 10, 2015 2:04 PM