Lipe Island is such a famous island for beautiful beach, clear water, and great corals. Oh well, nothing compares to experiencing yourself right? So I pack and go to prove it myself. Once I'm here, I'm almost speechless because it's just so amazingly beautiful! Incredibly beautiful! Unbelievably beautiful!

Now, you might think that I'm being exaggerated or that I might get some benefits for saying so?....Oh well, you have to read and see my photos to see whether it's all the truth or not. If you are ready, let's go find out together!

5 things you should know before coming to Lipe Island:

1. Drinking water is extremely expensive, you should buy it from the shore. A small bottle of water is 40+ THB.

2. The ATM is often on and off, the worse case would be none is working. To play safe, you could withdraw enough cash in advance. But if you really forget about it, there's pharmacy shop called Pharmacy House which is located opposite to the 7-11 at the walking street that accept the visa card payment. You can also transfer the money online to the shop and they give you cash with 5% service fee.

3. Timetable for ferry is 9.30 ,11.30,13.30 and 15.00. I recommend you to take the morning ones as they will also take you to tour island.

4. If you are flying, you must book the flight after 14.00 p.m only, otherwise, you would miss the flight.

5. Monsoon season from May-October is quite risky for experiencing rain and wind as well as the water may not be as clear. Several of islands within Tarutao National Marine Park will also be closed. Please plan well.

We choose to fly early because we wanted to catch the early ferry. But that we stop for food, we miss it anyway.

This trip, we got a promotional flight ticket from Thai Lion Air, which is only 690 THB per flight. This price comes quite often but we must be quick, haha.

Once we arrive, we buy a round trip speed boat ticket which is 1,000 THB for each.

While waiting for the boat, let's enjoy the view.

Then, it's time to find seats. For the photography lover and a sea-sick person, I recommend you to sit at the back of the boat. The boat is not as bumpy and you can take photos without people obstructing the view.

It takes about an hour to reach the island.

The first thing we do is paying the national marine park's entrance fee which is 40 THB. You can get a stamp here if you have a national park passport.

We book the room at Aplus Hostel with Agoda. It is 500 THB/2 people/night It is a mixed dormitory with public bathroom, hair dryer, towel, showering accessories, and locker. But if you prefer a private room, it is 900 THB if I remember correctly.

Overall, I think it's alright. Most of my roommates are Westerners who have good manner and did not make any unacceptable noise.

After unpacking stuff, it's time to roam around. Well, actually we don't have to go far and we already feel the clear water and blue sky. It's such a great place.

Although there're a lot of people here, it's not chaotic. Puzzle? haha. Well, everyone is here but they are not shouting around like some islands I used to visit.

At Phatthaya Beach, there's a really cool bar opening from 22.00 p.m to midnight.

The sunset time is the time most beautiful for light shots. We just enjoy our time taking photo on Phatthaya Beach side.

If you are looking for snorkeling trip, you could easily find one at the walking street. They are many of them with similar price. We choose to go with Mana Travel. They take us to 10 stops both internal and external stops. It is 1,000 THB each. It's only 6 people on the boat. The boatman is so kind and friendly. He also takes us down to take photos with Nemo fish.

The first stop is Koh Hinson.

Here, the stones are stacked, looking quite strange. It is said that corals here are very beautiful but the current is too strong that we just stop for photography but not snorkeling.

The second stop is Ao Phai. The boatman says this stop is the home of Nemo. I'm so happy and ready to jump.

There're a lot of sea flower and the water is super clear. I think you could take photos with a long selfie stick without having to actually get down.

The third stop is Ao Pladao.

There're really tons of star fish in different colors.

The clamshell also have different strange colors.

At this point, I try to test my theory of whether I can snorkeling without knowing how to swim.

It's true. I can't swim but with snorkel equipment, I can kind of diving, is it strange? haha.

Our energy is almost gone by snorkeling so the boatman stops us for lunch at Koh Rok Roi.

We could walk up to the mountain to have the entire view of the island from a high angle.

We can say that this stop is the center for boats.

The simple lunch with worth a million digit view.

A sweet watermelon is so perfect with this hot weather.

Personally, I think the water at Koh Rok Roy is clearest and the beach is both spacious and beautiful.

This island is opposite to Koh Rok Roy which I also don't know its name, haha.

The fifth stop is Koh Phung, if I remember correctly. Lots of stones and fish are at this stop.

The current is also very strong. Without the fin, I would move nowhere. This stop is where I get tired the most when swimming.

The sixth stop is Ao Ling where monkeys are everywhere. Due to we focus on under water this trip, we didn't take much photo on the beach.

The highlight here is the three colors Nemo, they are so cute.

Nemo house is not so far, it's about 2 meters down.

There are a lot of corals at this stop but the water is not so clear.

The seventh stop is Koh Hin Ngam.

The highlight of this island is where there's no sand around but round black stones.

They are most stunning when the water and light touch them, it's just amazing.

I take this shot from underwater, the water is so super clear.

The fish here are so familiar with human, they are so close to me that they almost hit my camera, haha.

The eighth stop is Koh Ja Bang.

Here is probably the highlight of this trip. Since the current is so strong, we need to hold onto the rope at all times.

But I couldn't careless, I just jump in and I learn it quickly. I suggest that you put on a life jacket.

The 7 colors corals here are so beautiful.

The photos might not be so clear due to the strong current and my shaking hands.

And then it's time to go back. Probably some of you get puzzled now. What about the other two stops? Actually, I'm not sure too, haha. Well, I just jump whenever they stop so I didn't count neither remember how many islands we actually stopped. Anyhow, overall, it's so fun and exhausting but extremely worth it.

After that, we have our dinner at the famous restaurant of Lipe. All of this cost us 1,300 THB.

I think the taste is not that great, probably my taste is poor. But I'm very disappointed, haha.

Then, I just roam around at the walking street. The seafood here is very fresh and offers a great variety. I think probably eating buffet would be more worth the money.

Here is the atmosphere of the walking street.

A lot of bars are here and all are looking nice, you can choose to enjoy whichever you like.

This is a highlight shop that people are talking about but I didn't get to try, haha.

There're really a lot of food here, the price is ranged from normal to extremely expensive.

Here is the bar that we took photo at the evening. There's such a beautiful light at night. It closes at midnight. After walking for a while, we go to bed.

This morning, we enjoy the sunrise at the Sunrise Beach which is located in front of Casaway Resort.

The morning light is very beautiful.

The atmosphere is great and peaceful.

The morning atmosphere is just the one that I wanted to stay with it for as long as possible.

And then, it's time to go back.

Here is the end of our chill Lipe trip. I have to say that one time is certainly not enough. I think you can travel here like me without buying the tour. It's quite economic but you just need to plan well.

Thank you for reading until this line, see you again next trip!

Here is the approximate expenses of this trip which is about 4,380 THB including flight ticket (excluding food).

- The round trip of speed boat is 1,000 THB.

- The room for 2 nights is 500 THB/person/night (Each room is 1,000 THB and this is the cost divided by two).

- A one day snorkeling package is 1,000 THB.

- Pick up fare from the airport is 500 THB/person.

- The flight ticket is 690 THB for a single way.


 Tuesday, March 14, 2017 9:46 PM