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*** " Ling Bah Pah Tiaw Mu Koh Surin" ***

" Mu Koh Surin National Park "

It is one of Marine National Park where still preserve the natural marine diversity, it is also recalled as the heaven for diving or snorkeling.

Let's discover together why we need to go to Koh Surin.
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: ลิงบ้า พาเที่ยว

**** The details of trip is as below ****

Are you ready ? Let's go

"Ao Chon Khat Gulf" is the 1st point that we will set up tent on Surin Islands. Even though, the area is not so big but we are able to see the sunset.

The water is crystally clear.

" Mai Ngam Beach" is the second point that we will set up tent, it is the white sandy beach. We are able to see the shark's babies in the mangrove forest.

Mai Ngam Beach is very beautiful, it is in curve shape. Furthermore, there is the mangrove forest at the far end of the beach. If you are luck, we will be able to see the shark's babies as well.

Once we arrive at the beach, we have directly contacted the staffs of Marine National Park for paying fee @ THB 300/ night in order to set up tent on the beach. We will stay here for 3 nights.

The view is definitely worth for a million, meanwhile we pay for 300THB per night only.

After finish setting the tent, we take a walk on the beach.

Once we are tired, we take the rest on the hammock. Since there are many trees on this island, hence you are able to choose for the proper place to tight the hammock as you prefer.

We have taken a rest on the hammock for a while and see something is interesting to play as per below photo. So, let's play it.

Then, we go to swim in the sea

After that, we take FINS to do diving.

If we talk about diving, here is the best place where should not be missed. We highly recommend to buy the package with tour agent because they will take us to the point which they are not duplicated, the schedule will be available in 2 periods (morning and afternoon), it costs THB 150 / each schedule.

Once we arrive at the diving point, we start realizing that the corals at this area are recovered very fast comparing with our previous trip to Similan in 2 years ago.

You will be able to enjoy seeing the various types of coral over here.

ลApart from corals, we have also seen the diversity of marine lives.

We highy recommend you to practice Freedive in advance in order to get familiar of adjusting the ears while diving which will increase the chance to be closer to these marine lives

After finish diving, we got to visit Morgan village, it is local people who can be referred as the owner of the sea. The Royal Grandmother has given the surname for Morgan villagers as " Kla Tha Lay"

We have bought handicraft from Morgan villagers as the souvenir.

Below photo is the school in Morgan village with most stunning view in Thailand.

It is time to recharge our energy now in order to get ready for the adventure in Surin Islands tomorrow.

The summary of all expenses are as below


-The public bus of Lik Nite Toura at Public Transport Terminal at Kura Buri
- Sabina Tour Bus to pick up us at Public Transport Terminal
- Speed Boat from the pier to the island

#Trip Expense, it costs about THB 6500 per person, we stay there for 3 nights 4 days
- The transport (round trip) of Lik Nite Tour and get off at Kuraburi costs THB 1400 +-
-Speed boat of Sabina from the pier to the island (round trip) THB 1700
- Tent costs THB 600 + sleeping kit THB 60 per night
- The entrance fee to Marine National Park @ THB 100
- Diving costs THB 300 per person
- Food & Drink expense THB 2000

*** We have brought the diving set by our own, so it is not necessary to rent ***

The things which must be prepared for outdoor activities

- Sun Block Lotion
- Camera for both normal and water resistant model
- Snacks
- Power Strip *** Important ***
- Portable Electric Fan*** Important ***
- Cool powder *** Important ***

# The device for taking photos of this trip
- Samsung Galaxy S6
- Gopro HERO 4 Silver

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Thank you very much.


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