Vientiane and Vang Vieng Trip written by Justvisit for_once

Vientiane and Vang Vieng Trip within budget of THB4,000 Our journey this time is Bangkok-Udon thani-Vientiane-Vang Vieng-Udon Thani-Bagkok. Must have items : *Passport* , cash (I recommend to exchange money at Laos and don't need to exchange much. The rate is slightly different. To be exact, s

Vientiane and Vang Vieng Trip

Vientiane and Vang Vieng Trip

Vientiane and Vang Vieng Trip within budget of THB4,000

Our journey this time is Bangkok-Udon thani-Vientiane-Vang Vieng-Udon Thani-Bagkok.

Must have items : *Passport* , cash (I recommend to exchange money at Laos and don't need to exchange much. The rate is slightly different. To be exact, spending in THB is more worth.) , mask , inhalant , waterproof bag

Money is ready. I now have a chance to hold like hundred thousand.

Summary of transportation to Vientiane>>

1. Take a train to Nong Khai. Then continue with a bus to Vientiane taking around 2 hours, THB55. The bus stops at morning market.

2. Take a plane or a bus to Udon Thani. Continue with a bus to Vientiane taking 3 hours, THB80. The bus stops at morning market.

3. Take a plane to Vientiane taking only an hour but expensive. Taxi fare from airport to hotel is LAK57,000 (THB250). Airport is only 3km. from the city.

* Udon Thani-Vang Vieng Udon Thani transit hub starts selling ticket at 7.00AM, THB320 (only one round). Bus departs at 8.30AM taking 6-7 hours.

Vientiane to Vang Vieng

Find ticket at agencies by Khong riverside. They provide shuttle from hotel to transit hub (near morning market) in order to move on to Vang Vieng. There is a 30 minute break during the way.Traveling by van is faster than bus. The van has 15 seats while bus has 40 seats. I choose mini van at LAK50,000.

Vang Vieng to Udon Thani

Find ticket at agencies in the city. The price is LAK100,000 taking about 6 hours. The bus departs at 9.00-9.30AM and arrives Udon Thani at 3.00-3.30PM. The price is ranging from LAK90,000 to LAK120,000. Based on my survey, there is only one bus company so the price is depending on mark up of each agency.

Let 's goooo!!!!!!! Ready to move!!!!!!

Let's start the journey heading to Mochit in order to grab a bus to Udon Thani around 9.00PM. Arrive in the next morning approximately 6.00AM. Then continue to Vientiane arrving at 11.00AM. Now it's time to travel.

Day 1 Travel at popular attractions of Vientiane

Oh!!!! Keep walking+++ It's hot.

Pha That Luang* significant sacred place of Vientiane

"A monster of concrete" Victory Monument" We hire a cab to go.

Ho com, a center of antiques

Ho Phra Kaew

Wat Si Muang

In the evening, visit by Jaow Anuwong Monument beside Khong River.

Walk along night market (located near the park holding Jaow Anuwong Monument) Not many stuffs here.

End of first day

Some more photos in Vientiane city. The environment is similar to Thailand.

End with this lunch. It is a local food of Laos called Mush Line, LAK10,000.

Day 2 Travel from Vientiane to Vang Vieng

Take a bus from morning market and get off here, ticket center to Vang Vieng. It is considered as transit hub of the north.

This is what mini van looks like. It doesn't have choke. After the ride, my organs are in misposition. I rather recommend to get on van. The bus is quite old, good air condition but very shaking.

Arrive at Vang Vieng in the afternoon. It takes 4 hours including break for meal and rest.

Hotel tonight has friendly price where breakfast included, nice room, clean and comfy.

We take a sightseeing in the evening as well as buy day trip and bus ticket found in nearby area. There are diverse routes. Try comparing the price. Along the way we find many roti and burger shops until we see this one. So we pause to refill sweetness, LAK10,000. We ask how many stuff we can add in it. She says up to us which is very satisfying.

So we add egg, banana, Nutella and coconut milk powder.

Tour around the city. Walk to Nam Song riverside. There is a restaurant where you can dip your legs in the water. Very nice atmosphere.

The wooden bridge is always full of motorcycles but we are still able to take photos. No exception.

Stop for some cakes at Luangprabang Bakery which is the most popular bakery shop in Vang Vieng.

Follow by light meal.

Day 3 Day trip at Vang Vieng >>> The program consists of Than Nam - Tham Xang - Kayaking - Blue Lagoon. The price is LAK120,000 including lunch (barbecue, bread and fried rice).

Normal program doesn't include Tham Chang. We pay extra LAK15,000 plus entrance fee LAK15,000.
Tham Chang, tubing at Tham Nam, worshiping Buddha at Tham Xang, 4km. kayaking and splashing at blue lagoon.
We hire a cab to Tham Chang since early morning.

Prior to that, there is an orange bridge which is landmark here. Drop by for some photos.

Ascent to Tham Chang. There is stalactite and stalagmite inside.

Shuttle comes pick up at 9.00AM to do activities. Gotta walk pass this way to Tham Nam.

Floating on a tube at Tham Nam is quite fun. It's totally dark in the cave. Please come and try.

This is Tham Xang.

Continue with 4km. kayaking. Ready to goooo. >>>>

There is drinking bar during the way which is crowded with foreign tourists. Is that nice?
End today trip with blue lagoon.

Let's jump into the water. The point we are standing is super terrified. Our legs are shaking.

End of the day

Day 4 A journey back to Bangkok. Take a long ride to reality which we arrive at 5.00AM of the following day. And go to work right a way. Our mind and body are not ready, but gotta go.

Summary of expenses for the whole trip

Tiny tips

  • Multiple ways to travel around the city; mountain bike LAK20,000, simple bike LAK10,000, motorcycle LAK80,000-130,000, automatic gear LAK80,000 (THB320) and manual gear LAK50,000 (THB200) exclude gasoline (24 hours)
  • Entrance fee for the caves is LAK10,000 (THB43) same as blue lagoon LAK10,000.
  • There are two types of bridge crossing Nam Song; free and not free. The free bridge is wooden one.
  • For those who like bakery, I recommend Luangprabang Bakery. It is the most famous bakery shop in Vang Vieng selling cake, cookie, coffee and other beverages. Opens 7.00AM-10.00PM everyday. It also provides free WIFI. The shop is quite large. Most of foreign tourists like to come here. The price is little high equal to popular tourism district in Thailand.
  • For chilling restaurant in Vang Vieng, I recommend Sakura Bar. There are lots of western tourist at night. It's like a place for playing games, chatting and drinking beer.