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Cooking with 10 Celebrity Chefs
EP. 1 Chef Ken, Masterchef Thailand

Hi everyone!

The special activity to celebrate my decade review, fanpage REVIEWNOWZ will give away multiple rewards; to eat or stay at luxurious hotel tracing my review. Now it's time for another super special campaign called Cooking with 10 Celebrity Chefs that I will bring everyone to meet 10 famous chefs of the country. We will closely see each chef cooking as well as try the food. I guarantee that no food blogger has done this before. REVIEWNOWZ is definitely the first page gathering all 10 celebrity chefs to celebrate 10 years anniversary. Get ready and start with the first chef.

And the first chef of this special activity is chef Vatcharavee Visetpohchanatip or chef Ken.

Chef Ken is the first Masterchef Thailand with several years of international cooking experiences. He is currently doing many things including being consultant to numerous restaurants, writing a book Chef Journey, attending TV shows on channel no.23 (Workpoint) and recently being brand ambassador of Mabin chili sauce.

Today's venue is a nice and lovely restaurant, Cloverleaf Tearoom, located inside The Walk Kaset-Navamin.

Before entering into the kitchen and cooking delicious food for us, let's have a chat. I often keep in touch with the chef, so I certainly don't miss a chance to invite him to be 1 of 10 chefs.

Now it's time for chef Ken to cook an extraordinary menu for us.

The selected menu is 'Cod Steak with Saffron Sauce'.

Chef carefully selects ingredients.

Chef divides cooking process into 4 parts; fish, vegetable, saffron sauce and mashed potato.

Cod is fresh and firm mixed with salt, pepper and oil. After well blend, put it in a pan and leave it medium ripe. Then regularly pour butter on top.

Chef trims all vegetables to make them more appetizing and wash in water.

First step of saffron sauce is preparing vegetables including garlic, carrot, celery, onion, leek and fennel. Fry them with olive oil till ripe adding white wine and salt. Then add chicken stock. Leave it boil and add saffron. After that, churn it till fine. Put it in another pan adding cream and stir. Then sift it with sieve as last step.

Last part is mashed potato. Chef slices potato before boiling till ripe. Pour water out. Mash it with colander and out in frige. Then mix cream with butter, salt and pepper in a pan leaving it hot. Slowly add potato but keep stirring until it's creamy and soft, like he wants. Add more taste with little salt and get natural sweetness from potato itself.

Displays everything on plate.

Cod Steak with Saffron Sauce by chef Ken is done.

It looks colorful and very appetizing.

Time to taste.

The cod is medium ripe giving very firm texture while saffron sauce is extremely scented and full-flavoured. Vegetables are fresh and sweet. Also, mashed potato is soft, scented and delicious.

This menu allows me to feel all dimensions. No matter lively and appetizing decoration, or freshly beautified ingredients. They not only looks good but also easier to eat. Everything is outstandingly scented plus intense flavour, like chef Ken style.

Chef explains each part of menu that clearly shows how much he truly cares about tiny details

I am not disappointed at all to invite Chef Ken in this special activity. Not only getting to see behind the scene of superb menu. I also get to know chef's aspect and concept of cooking deeply. He is very professional. I therefore would like to thank you Chef Ken, Masterchef Thailand, once again for joining this campaign and presenting this delicious menu. From now, there are 9 chefs left who will be cooking for us. Stay tuned.

Thank you very much.

Thank you.
Chef Vatcharavee Visetpohchanatip, Masterchef of Thailand
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