Koh Man Nok, the Eastern Sea at Rayong Province that is Totally Worth a Visit! written by อยากเที่ยวก็เที่ยว

Koh Man Nok is at Rayong Province, hehe. Well, I never knew that this island existed and that it was so close, just in Rayong Province. This trip started from two years ago when I read about Koh Man Nok review and found that it's so beautiful. When talking about Rayong Province, most people

Koh Man Nok, the Eastern Sea at Rayong Province that is Totally Worth a Visit!

Koh Man Nok, the Eastern Sea at Rayong Province that is Totally Worth a Visit!

Koh Man Nok is at Rayong Province, hehe.

Well, I never knew that this island existed and that it was so close, just in Rayong Province. This trip started from two years ago when I read about Koh Man Nok review and found that it's so beautiful. When talking about Rayong Province, most people would think of Koh Samet. Well, actually that is my always understanding that Rayong only has Koh Samet too. In fact, it's not like that, it has three more islands including Koh Man Nai, Koh Man Klang, and Koh Man Nok. Only two of these islands have accommodation services which are the Koh Man Klang and Koh Man Nok. Actually I like both islands but more into Koh Man Nok. When I look at the hotel, I got shocked as I need to save up money for a while longer, haha. Certainly, I must go anyhow.

After that, two years have gone by and I decided to visit Koh Man Nok this year. Then, I found a promotional price at Thailand Travel Fair which also includes food. Since weekdays are the cheapest, followed by weekends, and long holidays and that I still have 2 days' leaves, I decided to go there during weekdays at the end of September. And now that everything is booked, let's enjoy this ride together.

Since I stay outside Bangkok, I travel at night time to reach Bangkok in the early morning. Then, I go take the van from the Victory Monument.

Ok so the van that would take us to the office of Koh Man Nok or Laem Tan Pier is the VR van. I'm not sure whether they will still be in the same place or not because I heard that they might all be relocate to Mochit. So, if you guys want to travel, you can call at 081-7340383. The van leaves every hour. If I remember correctly, the first van leaves at 05.00 a.m. I take the 06.00 a.m. van. Actually, I'm not in hurry but because I reach Bangkok too early and don't know where else to go. The van leaves on time and it's only 5 of us in the van, so comfy.

**Also, you can drive private car there as well since the office of Koh Man Nok provides the parking.**

It takes us about 3 hours to reach the office of Koh Man Nok. The name of hotel is Koh Munnork Private Island and the van will drop us right at the office. The office is still closed when I arrive because I come here way too early, haha. The boat departs at 13.00 p.m. For the hotel reservation, you can either book with booking or agoda or call at 0266409756.

While waiting, I walk around and take photos.

I roam around the pier. The weather is quite nice today. I'm here during rainy season so I pray there's no rain.

Then, the office opens at 11.00 a.m. (this is the office taken when they are closed, haha). After arriving, we can also sit at those chairs to wait.

That it's almost noon, I'm so hungry. I order the food near the office. It is a seafood Rat Na which is quite tasty. I'm not sure if it's because I'm hungry or not that it's very delicious, haha.

After that, the staff will tag our bag with our room name at noon. I book the J Villa zone which is near the sea and my room is J3.

After that, the staff takes our bag to the boat and asks us to board. The boat is parked at the end of the walkway.

Well, the boat is huge. I think it can house bout 100 passengers but today we have less than 10 people, haha. Well, I like to travel to not crowded place as it's good for photo taking, haha.

Today the boat leaves early. It leaves before 13.00 p.m. because there're only few passengers. There's only one boat a day leaving to the island which is at 13.00 p.m. You must plan time well. I think you should take the van from the Victory Monument not later than 09.00 a.m. otherwise, you might miss this boat and have to hire a speedboat instead which is quite expensive.

I can take the photos inside the boat without people, haha. It's like I own this boat, it's quite lonely...

Oh wow, Koh Man Nok is just around the corner.

This boat takes about 45 minutes and then we take a smaller boat towards Koh Man Nok.

Once we arrive, the cool fruit juice is our welcome drink. That day, I got to have a red drink which is sweet and sour but I'm not sure what it is, haha. But one thing for sure is it's very refreshing. After that, I go check in. A staff already put my luggage in my room and another staff walks me to my room.

The left side of the photo is the J Villa zone which is near the sea. You simply opens your door and you can walk right into the sea. The right side is B Villa zone which is not so far from the sea either but not that near. It's cheaper than J zone.

Here is the front of my room, let's go explore inside together!

Here is the room key.

Wow, the bedroom is so specious and looking very beautiful. It comes with towel, loincloth, and Sarong.

Here is the living room with a sofa and two bottles of drinking water. There's no TV and a fridge inside the room and the electricity is turned off from 09.00-14.00.

The next zone is a dressing area. It comes with a sink, toothbrush, toothpaste, hand washing gel, body lotion, shaving thing, and a hair dryer. Well, let's just say it's fully equipped.

Here is the shower room.

The toilet is in the other room.

At the back of the house, there's stairs towards the sea after we open the door, I just love it.

Here is how the back of J Villa zone looks like.

Here is what make me happiest. After getting down from the house, there's this hut and wooden bridge for us to just chill and relax. We can also enjoy the water anytime we want, it's so private.

This view is taken from the bridge. It's quite beautiful. But too bad that the water isn't so clear due to now is rainy season and it had been raining almost everyday before I came.

Here are the little fish.

Here is the landlord, beautiful peacocks.

After unpacking stuff, let's explore around this island.

The beach here is very private. It's located at the end. I'm not sure what zone it is. Since there's people inside the room, I didn't take any photos.

And then I keep walking before this rock catches my attention. What do you think it looks like?

I try to take some artistic photos and my key is almost floating away because of this shot, haha.

Ok, let's keep walking into the wood.

I just walk following the arrows.

The back of the island has almost no sand but rocks which is also looking differently beautiful. I think if we have a model here, it'd be so great!

Fishing is allowed in this island so you can carry your own fishing equipment.

I think this island is still naturally abundant judging from big trees, forest and several other plants.

Many strange shaped rocks are here, I think it's looking quite classic.

There's a name of this rock park too, it is a bread rock park and elephant rocks.

Here is the sign of their names.

Mostly, the back of this island is rocks.

A lot of strange shaped rocks are here.

View along the way

Here is some kind of flower.

Trees are so beautiful looking from this angle.

Let's keep moving.

I'm not sure what this flower is but it looks quite beautiful.

Rocks again

This rock looks quite like a chicken, haha.

Tree tunnel is also here, quite beautiful.

More tree...

Trees still look very abundant and complete.

Finally, we reach the front area. This round trip walking somehow gets sweat out of me.

White and delicate sand

Here is the front view, a swimming pool.

After that, I go back to rest. I'm thinking to wake up again at 17.00 p.m. to capture the evening light but it's raining so nothing I can do, T_T. I just rest until the dinner time.

The rain is still there when we have our dinner. This is how our dinner looks like. It's quite delicious. I recommend you guys to bring a drinking water from the room too because beverages are not included in this meal. I was going to order one but it's quite expensive so I didn't get to try, haha.

Good morning, the rain stops at 9.00 a.m. so I missed the morning light also TT I want to cry now because I missed both evening and morning lights. That's alright, let's come back again.

There's also a breakfast served but I didn't take photo. We can choose to have either a rice porridge or American breakfast which is quite tasty.

After that, I enjoy my photography time at the front beach. Oh, I forgot to mention that in addition to walking around the island, there's also kayaking and snorkeling to see the corals activities and we can rent the snorkel and boat from the resort.

Just wandering and taking photos

No people is around so it's very easy to take photos.

Every corner is just so beautiful. No matter where we click, it turns out to be so beautiful.

A swing is here.

The weather today is not hot because it's just rained.

Here is a shell of something.

Here are some dry corals and shells.

I'm not sure what this tree underneath the water is. I think the waves bring it here.

The water is super clear, I must say, considering the rain was just here.

Here is the swimming pool, looking so nice, right?

You can enjoy the sunset from here. It's too bad that it was raining on the day I visited TT

Tables and chairs are also here for you.

Let's take a look at the inside.

The pool table is here also.

Here is the counter for information and when when you need to eat.

Today the staff said there're two boats leaving the island. One is at 11.30 a.m. and the other is 15.30 p.m. I choose to go back at 11.30 a.m. because I still need to work on something.

It's time to say goodbye to Koh Man Nok now.

Like usual, we take a small boat in order to board a huge one.

People on the way back is also few.

Goodbye now Koh Man Nok, if chances allow, I definitely come back again.

Once I arrive on the shore, I called to have the van pick me up from the pier but they didn't do this service. What to do now? I go ask the staff at the counter whether they have the contact of the van that would come pick me up from the pier. Since I need to go Chonburi next, the staff offers to drive me where Songthaew go so that I can take it to the bus station. So that's our solution and I get to go back like this.

Ok, let me end this review here. It's just a rough review with not many details but I really encourage you guys to experience it yourself. It's an ideal place for a lover, a family, and a group of friends. I think this is another interesting choice for the sea lover.

Thank you very much for reading until this line. If I have made any mistakes, please accept my apology here ^^.

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