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We do not suggest you buy or eat as per shown on the photos. The purpose of this review is to make the review followers be convenient to access to read the review.

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As I have eaten and complained various menus as well as provided some personal comments on the other days

If I am invited to participate in that particular program or activity without paying any charges, I will clearly indicate that I have eaten and used it for free in order to make to have the same alignment.


According to the invitation, I would like to explain you a bit about VOF restaurant " it is originated by 3 close friends who has the same vision to open and run the restaurant. Once, we graduated, we have the chance to gain some experience abroad for 1 year. We have put an effort to open the restaurant in their own style

Meanwhile, we are searching for the suitable location, they come across to meet Chef Martin and his wife, his wife is pregnant at that time. This restaurant is on the process of changing new owner

Thus, we have agreed main the original menus which are the outstanding point of this restaurant. Furthermore, we decide to manage and control about the consistency.

The menus are Peruvian grilled chicken, Artikucho chicken hip/heart, deep fried cassava and mint lemonade.

Eventually, we have added our own menu such steak, pasta and desserts. As mentioned, we would to take this opportunity to invite fatty uncle to visit and enjoy having food at VOF "

++++ I follow the invitation by walking in and paying for the meal like usual. I inform staff to serve the food as normal without expressing any special request. ++++

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The restaurant is located on Soi Rama VIIII 41.

Contemporary decoration

To order the full set for signature menus of Peruvian chef.

The offered menus from the restaurant

We are 3 members to join the meal, and we also order take away menu.

New chef cooks Peruvian grilled chicken is as good as former chef.

The new look of restaurant is very clean and the price is also reasonable.

The car parking is very convenient.

Anusorn Tancharoen

 Friday, July 10, 2015 4:23 PM