Hanging around Khao-san road, Thailand

According to the title, I'm bored of staying home. Where should I go?

With my freelance lifestyle, sounds good, but I have to work at home everyday. Don't have much chance to meet people causing my creativity to reduces. So, this week I wanna change location to get new feelings, meet new people and absorb new atmosphere.

First of all, I'm looking for a place not far from city, easy to travel and no traffic jam. The conditions remind me of my favorite area where I used to go very often, "Old Town at Khao-san Road". It is full of day activities and night life is also superb. There is good food plus handsome tourists to gaze. Okay, let's go there!


For accommodation, anything will do.
I only prefer convenient, lovely, clean, reasonable price, in the center and more importantly safe.
(Should this be called "anything will do". LOL)
In conclusion, I pick "Baan Chart". Meets all requirement!! It is close to Khao-san road and next to Rambuttri road as well.

> One step on the left is Khao-san road.
> Or should you prefer to drink leisurely, walk to the right, next to Rambuttri road, you will find plenty of good food.
> If you would like to sit and work, cyan Starbucks, that everyone must be familiar with, is a nice option to sip coffee and relax.

> Want to make a merit? Just cross the street, you'll find both Thai and Chinese temples.
> If you are hungry, you can find something to eat at hotel's restaurant or Burger King at the front.

> Right next to the hotel is "FuBar". A chilling bar where you can enjoy live music. It is so close that no matter how drunk you are, you can still go back hotel. Because there is a door connecting with the hotel.

(FuBar is under the same chain as hotel, so you don't need to be worried about safety.)

I stay at the hotel for few days. So far I like it. The hotel is safe, convenient, having guards and not lonesome.
Inside is also lovely. Next time I will definitely stay here.

PS. For those who have a car, there is a guard to take care about parking lot. I come at late night and the guard it still there finding parking space for me. How lovely he is.

The room is decorated in Indo-China style looking like Chinese. There are 3 styles available for your choice. I stay at "Amazing Indo-China" one. I really the design that is not too Chinese, classic but grunge. The other styles are "Blue-Heritage" in cooling blue and "Chinese Inspire" in extremely Chinese.
(Check on photos at http://baanchart.com/home.php)

The bathroom is pretty.

There is swimming pool at rooftop. If you finish from party and don't know where to go, you can have a swim with your friends here.
You can also order food and drinks from FuBar to deliver at the pool.

Okay, after taking some rest, it's time for night life.

Khao-san Road VS Rambuttri Road

What are differences between these two parallel roads?
Though both of them are similar, each has its own outstanding points.

Khao-san Road

It is more busy, more (strange) food and more (strange) people.
There were more good restaurants previously but now the restaurant that my friends like to come is "Muligan".
For pubs and bars, you can choose what you please. There are many music styles if you search good enough.
Don't only observe on ground level as good pubs are on upper level as well.
Some bars play old dance songs giving another feelings. Anyway, up to one's preference.

Don't think you can't dance at chilling restaurant.
It's totally depended on atmosphere.

Wanna have a try?

"Deep Fried Insect" is the peak must-try menu for foreign tourists. Scorpion is the most popular one.
But the tasty one is likely grasshopper. I tried once when I brought my Japanese friends here.

Lovely girl gang enjoy trying new things.

If you are wearing long jeans and feeling uncomfortable, grab new ones.

There are plenty of comfy clothes!

Or wanna try Dreadlocks?

If you have an ache, just go to massage shops. The shop is crowded.
After a massage, I can walk smoothly. So comfortable.

Rambuttri Road

Rambuttri is less crowded and more calm. Restaurants are more chilling atmosphere, not that extreme.
If you like to sit leisurely listening to music, absorb the atmosphere or have a chit-chat, this place is more suitable.
If you like to dance and party, Khao-san road better meets your needs.

These 2 roads are connected. You can walk through.
At the end of Rambuttri road, you will find delicious food such as superb sukiyaki restaurant (slowly add the spicy sauce), congee, a la carte, Thai dessert and fruit juice which seems to be signature of the road.

The ambiance is much more quiet than Khao-san.

Suits for drinking and person who doesn't like crowded place.

This is all about night life in this area. Let's go back.

Morning at Khao-san

There are not only dark side in this area. I have to say surrounding space is full of temples. In fact, there is a temple on opposite side. Apart from that, go little further, you will find "Wat Phra Kaew", "Wat Pho" and "Wat Saket" (or "Phu Khao Thong").

Last night I already enjoy night life. This morning I would like to give food to monks for joyous.

Start with breakfast at the hotel. I'm hungry already.

Well, let's find something to eat. There are plenty of food. I buy so many things that I forget I already had breakfast. Everything looks yummy. Soybean milk and deep-fried doughstick is also delicious. I haven't eaten sweet rice noodles with coconut cream for very long time. Difficult to find.

Feeling delighted.

Since I start the day with good things, for the rest of the day, let's pay respect to the Buddha, make merit and find yummy things to eat.

Begin with the right hand side of the hotel, then turn left at junction.
Around 10 minutes, you will get to "Roti Tha Phra Athit".
Prior to the restaurant, you will see "Phra Sumen Fort" (Pom Phra Sumen).
Walk slightly further. There is a tree in front of the restaurant.

There are Roti eating with curry, Mataba and dessert.
I really miss when I was in India.

Wat Pho
(Wat Phra Chetuphon Vimolmangklararam)

The temple is well known for the immense "Reclining Buddha" and traditional Thai massage. Don't miss these two things, if you have a chance to come here.


Not many people know this Brahmin temple.
Not only Brahmin comes here but Buddhist who respects Ganesha or Mahesh also come here.
Inside is much more quiet than Thai temples because it is known to less people. So, not many tourists come. How peaceful it is.
If you would like to perform any Brahmin ceremonies, you can contact this place. It is real one for sure.
Nowadays there are many tricksters pretending as a Brahman and conducting ceremony. There are several of them on the internet.
I recommend to contact this place.

Looking for place to eat?

Actually there are several famous restaurants, let's check it out.
+ Pad Thai Pratu Pee (Thipsamai)
+ Mont Nom Sod
+ Roti Tha Phra Athit (But comparing to Tha Phra Jan, I think Tha Phra Jan is better.)
+ Pizza Lanta, Pizza Koh Lanta, Pizzeria
+ Gin Lom Chim Saparn

Something sweet

I'm tired now. Since I am at Brahmin temple, there is one popular restaurant nearby.
It is "Mont Nom Sod"! Before Mont Nom Sod, there is Thai dessert with slogan of "extremely famous in the world". I eat one cup.

Mont Nom Sod

This place has a very long history and always full of customers.
Upon coming here, grab a bread with Thai Pandan custard or a bottle of fresh milk as take away is good enough. To order, get in the line in front of counter which is separated between bread and drinks. Have to line up one by one and find a table to sit.

Following by walking leisurely at "Wat Phu Khao Thong". Very close.

Evening at Phu Khao Thong

Let's see top view of the city. Not only you have a chance to make merit but also exercise and appreciate view of Old Town.
Move on! Buddha's relics are situated on the top of mountain. You need to reach to the top.

Night cruising along riverside

After a long tired day, let me cruise to view beautiful scenery along both sides of the rive.
The boat I get on is "Chao Phraya Princess". It can be booked via website or call for details.
I have to check-in prior to the departure at Port 1, See Praya, Charoenkrung 30.
Go to "Ticket Check-in", as shown in the picture, to receive ticket.

Before getting on boat, you can walk around, no need to be hurried getting in queue. Because the table is already fixed. Don't have to fight for it. Better to be relax, so you waste a good moment.

Drinks are available to welcome upon getting on the boat.
The food is on buffet style. Grab from buffet line and have a set at table.
I recommend to get in queue and take the food enough in one time. So, you have more time to appreciate the view.
There are various kind of food including soup, stir fried dish, deep fried fish, sushi and pasta.
I think tourists should experience the atmosphere of Thai riverside.
The boat pass many beautiful places and important bridges.
After the guests are full. It is time to open the dancing floor
Foreign tourists seem to enjoy a lot.

So, this is the end of my weekends at Old Town, Bang Lum Phu district. Time flies. (Happy time always passes fast.)
Slow life in the afternoon is reversed with sound and light of the night.
It is fun and relaxed. If I have time, I will definitely live chilling lifestyle.

: )


 Wednesday, July 15, 2015 9:25 AM