Rainy Day in Pattaya

F i r s t D a y

6 . 5 0 a m .

Late !!!
I was bounced from bed, then I had time just 10 minutes to take the shower cause my friends gonna pick me up at Condo around 7 Am. My friends and I had an emergency Chill short trip at Pattaya cause we had very very hard works all of last month. It's time to pack all stuff and bring out camera, enjoyed everything we have seen on Road.

7 . 3 0 a m .

Seven and half . . . ?
My friends still not came to pick me . . . the funny things was, we were all late. Around 8 Am. We were ready for starting our trip so Let's GO !!! We used the expressway No.7 or Motor Way to go to Pattaya, the traffic was not that bad, did not have traffic problem at all.

1 0 . 4 0 a m .

This trip was very chill, we had no any plan. We could stop everywhere we would to take some rest, to sip some hot tea or coffee. The Sky Gallery is a favorite restaurant for many people who come to visit Pattaya , Yes we agree with that. Even the price of the Menu a bit higher than other restaurants but the panorama views of the sea that you will get from here are worthy to spend some time.

1 2 . 3 0 p m .

Time for dessert , The Sky Gallery has many of Drinks and Sweets but we would go to a Café that my friend had recommended to us where is very good taste of sweets and good decoration.
" L a B a g u e t t e " is located near by the Circle of dolphin (North Pattaya), easily to find out. L a B a g u e t t e is very interesting, there is variety of bread, pastry, Waffles, Drinks or event main dish also can find in here.

2 . 3 0 p m .

It was a time to check in into the " A - O N E S T A R H O T E L " , the hotel in A One Hotel Group, the hotel is just starting up, everything is clean, comfortable, good decoration. The Most important things why we chose A-One Start were the standard of A-one Hotel Group, very good services, how nice of the reception and many facilities of the hotel such a swimming pool and Fitness.

That day we got Super Star with Balcony Room type which was wonderful width and cozy room, we had a space to chill out (Baby-Alcohol-wait for me, we would go all out to the night party). The Decoration is clean with white tone suitable for relaxing, so comfort in here. See you the Night life, let we had some sleep first. Zzz

Many room types are ready for service to the guests,

1. Star Room :
Around 17 square meters with twin bed suitable for one or two people.

2. Superior Star Room :
A bit wider around 18 square meters with twin bed suitable for one or two people

3. Super Star Room :
25 square meters, amazing view, you can see the swimming pool from the room,
and also a small working table to service with one king size bed.

4. Super Star with Balcony :
Super Star with Balcony, same as Super Star Room but additional with the grand Balcony to chill out.

5. Super Star Family 4 PAX :
The biggest room type 28 square meters, with double king size bed.

5 . 0 0 p m .
We got up with fully hungry feeling, we went to the famous Sea Food restaurant in Pattaya is PU-PEN Sea food where not far from the Hotel. I am sure you won't be disappointed with this place.

8 . 0 0 p m .

Time for our Night life, we headed to Walking Street Pattaya City fully with Pubs and Bars, there was many of Thai And Foreigner tourist. It was very easy to go by taking taxi, just 10 bath per person. Actually walking street was not our goal but next intersection of walking street was our destination, Chai Mong Kol temple. It was very good time cause there was a religious ceremony in the temple, this atmosphere made me think of the old day. There was many foods, snacks, accessories, clothes, games and many many shops. Time almost Midnight, we had to go back to the hotel, so tomorrow we could get up early for chilling walking on the beach and have a nice hotel breakfast.

S e c o n d D a y

8 . 0 0 a m .

Breakfast was very important, we won't be missed. Having breakfast at A-one Star Hotel made me feel like I was in the grand garden restaurant. There also have an air condition dining room reserved for the guests. There was many kinds of foods such Thai style, American style, salad and others. After breakfast we still had a short time to check into swimming pool.

1 0 . 3 0 a m .

Before checking out we went to see Fitness, actually we had a plan for fitness yesterday but we missed. When we reached to the fitness, the first thing that came in to my mind was we had a big mistake cause the fitness was very good fully with very good quality equipment and machines, wide and clean. There also had a trainer to service to the guests.

Before went back to Bangkok . . .

We had a good time on the beach chilling taking photo, we was fully charge battery life and ready for the next working day. So see you the Next Trip.
" L i f e i s J o u r n e y "

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Suksawat Arthitrungsaeng (ig : kenz_ken) - Gopro Hero 4
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Chetsada Sangchuto

 Tuesday, April 11, 2017 2:52 PM