The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has co-operated with Pattaya in organising a project " THAILAND SPLASH & SPICE 2015". They offer a dining package called "ONE PRICE POINT MENU".

Further details can be found at

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Let's go to see how I joined this trip !!

This is a one night and two days trip. We left TAT office located at New Petchaburi Road on Sunday morning at 9 am and took about less than 2 hours on motorway before we arrived Pattaya.

There we visited a well known bakery shop called " Ban Si Kao" which was close to the fountain in front of Dusit Thani Hotel. It was on the left hand side after about 500 metres driving on the way to Na Klua Market.

Then we headed to the hotel THE ZIGN 's restaurant where they would organize activities for this trip. There were a lot of invited mass medias from different countries in order to record the event and bring it published in their countries.

Ready for guests participation in cooking roasted duck dry curry (Panaeng) and bananas in syrup. Of course, guests were very happy and the hotel also provided Thai food sets for us to try the magnificent taste !!

And the party checked in here

All belongings packed and we were ready to visit CAPE DARA.

There they recommended us lamb ribs in herbs with its cooking demonstration. They also let us try another menu.

The hotel allowed us to see the exclusive guest room of 200,000 Baht per night, accommodating up to 20 persons with full meals provided and a personal assistant during all staying period.

It's time to go to Thailand's first ever riveting water park !! It's under the world's copyright

" CATOONNETWORKAMAZONE " with international safety standard. It's just next to Nong Nut garden. You can see more details at

Seeing a very nice weather, we were going to a new opening place in Pattaya called "Thai Thani", houses park where it compiles what represents the Thainess. Tourists can join activities that they organise, take some nice pictures, and enjoy Lanna style buffet dinner. Also, you can have a good time with some fun local activities, the entrance is at the same of Nongnut garden.

Now it's time to go back and have some rest. For those who are not sleepy yet you can go to Pattaya walking street. But, for me not tonight.....Good night.

In the morning we plan to go to Naklua market. But before that let's have a look at the hotel breakfast.

We visited the Pattaya morning market where it used to be the old Naklua market, people call this place Ton Pho market. Here is good for you to buy ingredients for cooking or you could take it back to Bangkok.

Next to that we also tried steamed fish curry past, this is one of the popular and best selling menu.

They also sell soup which is made from squid (black soup from the squid has a very good smell with very nice taste).

Not far from that it is a place for those who love noodles, you won't be disappointed.

And this is one of the most amazing and beautiful places in Thailand, the Castle of Truth. Not so many Thai visiting this place due to relatively high price. But as I have reached here already, so I should take this chance !!. Inside the castle I would just say " amazing".

We took time there quite long until it's time to go back Bangkok. But before going back we also visited a Japanese restaurant called J PARK. This is where we have to come every time we visit Pattaya. There are a lot of customers today enjoying their food here. We also had fun with photo taking.

(All Japanese restaurants here have good quality).

Thank you TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) for giving me a chance to participate in those nice activities. If I got invited again I would share my story to you all. See you next trip....follow me Fatty Uncle Eat & Travel trip !!

Anusorn Tancharoen

 Wednesday, July 15, 2015 10:45 AM