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The EmQuartier Shopping Mall is officially opened today where it is located at Sukhumvit 35.

The Quartier Food Hall is on B Level Floor.

HOT STAR Large Fried Chicken is a famous fried chicken restaurant from Taiwan. It has branches in around 10 different countries and it has opened one of its branches here at The Quartier Food Hall, Bangkok.

Even though it is pretty crowded and people are all lining up, I don't have to wait too long to get to order.

We have ordered enough for 3 people.

We can see how they have their chicken freshly fried directly.

The main concept of the restaurant is to offer a large and very big piece of fried chicken.

They even have the scale for you to measure.

They also offer fried chicken in the smaller size as well as the fried squid.

Squid is fried with salt and chilies, it is very crispy and tasteful.

Moreover, most of the people who go to HOT STAR Large Fried Chicken restaurant in any branches would have this large fried chicken next to their face while taking a photo so people can see how big it is.

Let's do it!

They smell so good with their seasoning and they are all crispy and delicious, a bit spicy as well.

Anusorn Tancharoen

 Wednesday, July 15, 2015 2:29 PM