Fireplace Grill at Intercontinental Bangkok is a European Cuisine Restaurant that has been opened for over 40 years. This area around the hotel has been called as "Gaysorn" since that time and Intercontinental Bangkok used to be one of the most modern hotels in Bangkok named Hotel President.

Even though Hotel President has been renamed as Intercontinental Bangkok, the name of Fireplace Grill has still remained the same with its quality food and well-known original recipe Steak.

Nowadays Fireplace Grill is in a good hand of the Austrian Chef, Chef Sebastian Reischer. He has been working in the industry for ages and he has such an incredible working experience, for example; he used to be the personal chef of The Ambassador of Austria and also The Ambassador of Czech Republic.

Let's have a look at today's menu!

Fried Asparagus Stick and Butter Soup are served as our H'orderves. The Butter Soup smells very buttery and nice, and it is tasteful.

Lobster Soup, I would say this is the most delicious Lobster Soup I ever have.

Steak Tartare, Beef Tartare served with Salmon cream cheese and some toast. It looks delicious but I don't want to try this one because it is raw.

Huge scallops fried under not too high temperature is served with cauliflower espuma and chorizo sausage plus parmesan crisps, I wish I could have the second service. It is so good.

This is another menu that I wish I could have two of them.

Pork Belly braised for 2 days is served with pan fried scallop, deep-fried chorizo sausage, apple mustard and Chicharron.

I have to say this is way too tasty.

Another amazing menu would be this one. Thick Challan duck breasts are served with spring rolls stuffed with braised duck intestine and figs. It also comes with the creamy chick pea puree topped with crispy duck skin, I wonder how could the Chef possibly create the menu like this, it is incredible.

Last but not least, I end the dinner with this Coffee Ice cream with Banana Cheese Cake.

Even if I have to get fat after having all these amazing dishes, I am totally okay with it.

I would like to thanks to Khun Tippawan Charoenwong , Assistant Marketing Communications Manager.

For more information please call: 02-656-0444 ext. 5500

Or you can check out the hotel website as the link below.

Anusorn Tancharoen

 Wednesday, July 15, 2015 2:52 PM