Ranong is a province I always see as passageway to the south. I don't think it would have so many attractions like waterfall, hot spring, grass mountain, grand canyon, islands, etc. It is also connected to Myanmar's island. The nearest island is only 5-10 minutes away which is Song Island. Some other islands you can travel are Cocks Comb Island or Emerald Heart Island, Horse Shoe Island, ZedetkyiKyun Island, Dunkin Island and Lord Heaven Island. This trip I will bring you to see Nyaung Oo Phee Island or what we pronounce Now O Pee in Thai. For transportation, we cannot hire a boat by ourselves, so we have to book a tour only. I choose Loveandaman, as always, because I'm impressed with their service. Let's start our journey.

I depart from Southern Bus Terminal by using Sombat Tour service. It is a VIP bus with 32 seats, THB430. The bus departs at 20.50hrs. which is very punctual. After parting, they serve snacks and fruit juice. The bus also stops for late meal at 1.00hrs. Tonight we will be sleeping on the bus. It takes around 9 hours to arrive at Ranong Bus Station which is 6.00hrs.

- Apart from bus, you can also go by plane but there is only one airline, Nok Air. The price is accordingly quite expensive. Or you can drive personal car.

- Main bus providers are Sombat Tour, Navamitr Tour and Choke Anan Tour. Choose what you like.

Day 1...

After arriving, I take a shower and wait for Loveandaman's van to pick up. PS. Loveandaman will call to confirm location and time 1 day in advance. And driver will call again in the morning. Oh, I almost forgot. The bus station provides bathroom which is very convenient. We can take a shower and travel right after arriving. To travel around Ranong, you can take mini-bus (shown in picture). It clearly mentions where it goes. If you are coming, please try.

At 8.00hrs. the van picks up at bus station and drop at Lighthouse Pier taking around 15 minutes.

The first thing we do is check-in, receive wrist band, prepare documents for border crossing and wait to get on boat. We only need to give ID card to a tour guide. He will manage everything. Then we will receive 1 border pass to show before getting on boat. **Important thing you need to prepare is ID card. Can't forget because it is used for issuing border pass and verifying before get on boat. For foreigners, use passport.

Loveandaman also provides breakfast. Today is sandwich and fruit juice. Eat while waiting for boat. If it's not enough, you can ask for more.

When it's time, tour guide will call. ID card will be scanned before getting on boat and returning back. Absolutely can't lost the card, haha. Take off your shoes before getting on. Wearing shoes is not allowed on the island.

Let's move. We need to do border pass at Song Island, Myanmar first. Then we can go to Nyaung Oo Phee Island.

Weather today is miserable. The sky's overcast. I heard that it was raining last night. I'm so sad but we have come already. So look at the bright side it's not hot.Anyway, I have to admit that the sea isn't as clear as it suppose to.

There are less tourists today, only 2 boats going to Nyaung Oo Phee Island. I'm on the second one. There are very little tourists. We can sit comfortably. I really like it as I can take photos easily.

Now we arrive at Song Island. From the lighthouse to this island is only 10 minutes. You can take a boat to travel on the island. If you are coming, the pier is next to lighthouse. The guide said boat charge and border pass fee is only THB150. The boat departs every hour. I think I'll try next time. Once we arrive, officer from Myanmar takes border pass. We wait on the boat for 5-10 minutes. After this, go directly to Nyaung Oo Phee Island.

It takes around an hour to arrive at the first diving spot. At first the guide says there are 2 spot. We arrive at the first one. The guide already survey location and allow us to go down. However, another boat tells us to move to another location they are going. So sad TT The boat drops tourists who don't want to dive at Nyaung Oo Phee Island before going to diving point.

Now we are at second point. The guide survey the sea, like before. Though there is no sunlight today, the sea is still very clear. If it was sunny, the sea would be certainly splendid.

After the guide says okay, we immediately go down.

Others are already in the water. I'm still taking photos, the last one on boat, haha. This is the first time I take photos underwater. Let's see if I get anything, LOL.

Jump into the sea. Today the tide is quite strong but still can dive easily. The first thing I see is Staghorn corals. There are plenty of them like a field of Staghorn corals.

Following by Vase coral.

Here's what they call sea anemones field. I have to say there are lots of them but I'm wondering where Nemo is, LOL. Normally it likes to stay around anemones, doesn't it. Where is it? I see only Skunk clownfish. A lot of orange fish near anemones. Let's move on.

After taking couple of photos, I try recording vdo. So, I just go with the flow and suddenly ... Ohhhhhhh, I see large creature in a hole. Its head appears from the hole. Wow, it's a local ruler, Giant Moray. I turn off vdo and take photos instead. I'm super glad. I thought I wouldn't see it.

I'm so excited. Look like it like taking photos, haha. It doesn't swim away or be shy in front of camera, LOL.

I go closer and see it smiling to camera. Hold on! It actually gnars, haha. However, it doesn't go away. Lovely.

I also find remarkable yellow fish. Don't know its name.

Actually there are plenty of fish but I can't follow them, LOL.

These are all photos I got. There are plenty of gorgeous fish which I don't know the name. Let's say they are sea fish, haha.

Ohh, is that clown fish or Nemo. The black and white one. Seeing only one is good enough as I thought I wouldn't see it, haha. The truth is other tourists see many of them. The tour guide also lead the way but I don't go, LOL.

We spend about 45 minutes diving before the guide call everyone back to the boat. Then we move to Madam Beach on Nyaung Oo Phee Island.

Reach to the island approximately noon. Loveandaman staffs already set up food. Ready to eat.

Consist of snacks, tea, coffee, cocoa, soft drink and fruit juice. Too many to mention, haha.

There is also grilled seafood which the guide grills by himself, LOL. There are fish, squid and prawn. I gotta say the prawn is very big.

Finding a seat after getting all food. Tables and chairs are provided. Or you can sit at the beach where they place a mat.

Prawn is very big.

I grab a set of papaya salad, seafood and steamed rice. Very full. You can refill if you like. But I'm too full to eat anything else, haha.

Eating beside the sea surrounding by beautiful sea. So pleasing, hehe.

Now I'm full. It's time to survey the island.

Though it is cloudy today, the water is still crystal clear.

There are only 2 boats at Nyaung Oo Phee Island.

Madam Beach on Nyaung Oo Phee Island is a very long beach.

I wish everyone to see. The sand is purely white and fine like power. That's a bit exaggerate, haha. Anyway, it's seriously white. Once step on, it subsides according to the foot. Very soft.

I take photos of the beach almost till the edge. There are some rocks in this area and the sand is slightly rough.

The sand is a bit rougher yet beautiful.

Once look back, the coast is quite long.

Try photographing in different an angle.

There are many nice spots for taking photos. With less amount of tourists, I can take photos easily.

Can you see such a white sand.

Sorry if I take too many photos, haha.

Camera I use for photographing underwater is Action Camera 4k, only THB2,440, including buoyancy and 1 battery. The set I bought add selfie stick and 1 battery at THB3,050. I think the price, for first trip, is quite reasonable as I intend to use it underwater only.

Walk to the other side of the coast. Most of tourists are hanging around here because it is close to food, haha. The sea here is very clear.

You can bring air sofa to sit beside the sea or dive in front of the beach. Actually I have brought snorkel and plan to snorkeling. But turns out that I'm lazy, LOL. I prefer to take photos.

Everyone's sharing photos on social network. I wish you guys could see surrounding ambiance. No matter you come as duo, friend group or family, it is still satisfying,

On the left coast, the beach is very beautiful and the sea is also clear. There are many nice location for photographing. It would be great if I have a model.

I still deplore that it is overcast today. If there is sunlight or clear sky, the sea would be even more charming. Imagining the light reflects with clear blue sea. The photos would be superb.

I sit at the beach before going back and see a couple pass by. I capture them in photo. I therefore would like to ask for their permission ^^ I'm jealous, haha.

About 15.00hrs. the guide calls to get on boat. It's time to go back. Time always flies when we have fun. Say goodbye to Nyaung Oo Phee Island. I'll come back next time as I want to make up. For me, I think this island is very fresh; beautiful sea both onshore and underwater. It is another island that sea and diving love can't miss. However, expense may be little high, haha. But I guarantee it's worthwhile.

From Nyaung Oo Phee Island, we go back to submit document at Song Island again before returning to Lighthouse Pier. The whole process takes approximately an hour. We have to scan ID card at the pier in order to affirm that we are back on land. Then I get on a van heading my accommodation. I have reserved a room at Sino Mansion with THB990 per night plus THB100 for breakfast. Total is THB1,090/room/night. This hotel is decorated in Sino-Portuguese style looking a bit Chinese yet classic. It has opened for only 2 months. Very nice.

How's my sleeping place tonight? It is quite okay; generous space, new room and cool air conditioner.

Night ambiance. I don't hang out at night. So, I just find something to eat and go back to take some rest. I'm tired the whole day. Prepare for tomorrow, haha.

Hi, it's day 2. Today we will travel around Ranong downtown by motorcycle. Oh, I forget to mention that Sino Mansion has at mini-bus station in front of it. If you come in group, you can hire mini-bus to travel. Try asking for the price. Motorcycle shop is also near the hotel, only 100m. away. They have both manual and auto gear. Normal one is THB200 while auto is THB250 plus deposit of THB1,000 per 24 hours. They also provide Ranong guide book. Let's go.

First stop is grass mountain located 13km. from city. Go along Petchkasem road. It's on sideways near Ngao Waterfall. The entire mountain is covered with green grass. There is pavement to the top where you can watch 360-degree view.

Following by Ngao Waterfall. Entrance fee is THB20 but ticket can be used for Pornrang Hot Spring too. Ngao Waterfall is opposite grass mountain. The water flows from upland, so the waterfall can be seen from far away. Next to the waterfall is a small canal where you can swim. On that day, there's very little water. If it was raining season, there would be more water. Anyway, the weather is nice and cool comparing to outside. I dip my hand into the water. It is cool making me want to swim.

Next is Baan Ngao Temple not far from grass mountain. Its ubosot is very attractive. Inside is principle Buddha image called Luangpor Deebuk which made from tin. It is the first and largest Buddha image made from tin. The image is highly respected by locals.

Then move to Pornrang Hot Spring located 5km. from downtown. Drive along Petchkasem road. Turn left and go further for 2km. It contains hot spring and natural watercourse. Actually you'll find this site first but I want to go to grass mountain. So, I'm driving round and round, haha.

Here's natural canal. Water is slightly cold.

There are 2 hot springs where you can dip in.

Next location is Rattana Rangsarn Throne Hall. This place is built as remembrance of King Rama V, Rama VI and Rama VII's visit. It is on Nivet foothills made of teak wood and iron wood.

You can walk and take photos outside while entering inside costs THB50. It opens in round. Unfortunately I didn't go inside.

Inside the hall is bronze statue of Luangpor Chan, Luangpor Nui, Luangpor Ruen, Luangputuad, Luangpor Beaw, Luangpor Tew, Luangpor Loy, Luangpor Noi and Luangpor Bun. It is considered as Ranong's sanctity and tourist attraction.

This is Ranong Shrine. Since I'm in Ranong, why don't I visit Ranong Shrine a bit.

Next is Hat Som Paen Dam.

I like this place a lot. It consists of gorgeous view, atmosphere, multiple spots for taking photos and more importantly blowing wind. Suitable for taking a nap, haha.

Ranong Canyon is 3km. further from Hat Som Paen Dam. There is a large pond full of fish. You can buy fish food nearby to feed them. If you walk further, the ascent looks like mountain ridge. There is viewpoint for photographing.

Ruksavarin Hot Spring consists of Por Spring, Mae Spring and Looksao Spring. Moreover, there is space to sit and dip your feet in spring. It also has natural canal with 2 bridges just perfect for photographing. Next to the spring is restaurant selling papaya salad and grilled chicken.

Punyaban Waterfall is a bit far from city. I go by motorcycle, quite far, haha. The waterfall is beautiful but too little water. During water season would be more beautiful.

Landscape on sideway is nice. So, I stop to take some photos. Actually there many places I haven't visited but unfortunately I run out of time. TT

After travelling the whole day, I return motorcycle to the shop and take a motorbike taxi to bus station. Buy bus ticket. I still use Sombat Tour but change bus type to VIP with 24 seats. The fare is THB627. For DTAC customers, you will get THB50 discount/person/round. You can claim your right at ticket counter. The bus leaves at 20.50hrs. and will arrive Bangkok at dawn.

Once I get on bus, it looks great. It is equipped with single seats on one side and double seats on the other side. The seat is wide, soft and comfortable. There is screen for watching movie, listening to music or playing game up to your preference. Headphone is also provided. It takes around 9 hours to arrive Bangkok which is considered the end of "Travel at Ranong, Try Myanmar Sea and Trace for Nyaung Oo Phee Island”.

Please enjoy reading this review. Also, thank you the book "Travel Ranong" that brings me to travel at Ranong as well as gives information about attractions. Should there be any mistakes, I herein apologize. I have to say that Ranong is a province I fall in love and want to go back. I think there are less tourists which is suitable for traveling with family, lover, friends or even solo. I'll definitely go back if I have a chance ... still impress with the Myanmar sea ... I think I'll go again next year, haha. See you in next journey.

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