Thanks to Readme, we get quite a few opportunities to stay at interesting resorts and hotels. We recently got contacted by the Oriental Beach Resort for a complimentary night stay at one of their properties. We took a look through what kind of accommodation they have, which were:

  • Condominium
  • Beach Village & Pool Villa
  • Beach House

Immediately I thought that the beach house looked awesome and unique. Since it was ideal for 4 people, my wife and I decided to invite two of our friends with us. We also had to see what was the best time to go. Weekends was not available and since we work, it was not possible during the week. Luckily, May 10 was a holiday due to Visakha Bucha Day. The decision was made - a perfect midweek getaway from the chaos of Bangkok.


After about a 3.5 journey from Bangkok to Rayong, we finally arrived at the Oriental Beach Resort and Village. We contacted the staff at lobby who later took us to the beach house about a hundred meters further down the road.

Since we left Bangkok past 2'o clock, it was already dark by the time we got to our rooms.

We couldn't enjoy the pool or beach anymore so we simply stayed in the house - eating, drinking and enjoying each other's company.

The Beach House
Size : 350 SQ.M.

They have two, maybe three types of beach houses at the property. You can either get the two bedroom or three bedroom house. We got the two bedroom one without a private pool. Yes, some have their own private pools like these ones here!

Private pool or not, it didn't matter because there was a massive communal pool in front of our beach house and there was NO ONE else at the property while we were there. We had the whole place to ourselves.

So what facilities and features did our beach house have? Let' take you on a journey through the house.

Our beach house was the first one on the right as soon as you enter the property gates. It's divided into three sections - the living/dining room, the Jacuzzi room and the bedrooms.

This is the entrance are to the house. The left side is the living and dining room. In front is a common garden area and patio where you can chat with your friends and enjoy the outdoor ambiance.

You can enter the house either from the left (dining) or right (bedrooms) side. In the middle there, that's where the Jacuzzi is, which also connects the dining and bedrooms from the inside.

The living room itself is quite spacious - definitely big enough for more than 4 people. The shutters and tall windows around the entire room lets in ample natural light during the day. At night however, the lighting is a bit low.

The kitchenette is right there as well behind the dining table. It's equipped with a fridge, microwave oven, utensils, plates, stove and all the basic necessities for cooking. There's also a bathroom in the living room/dining area.

The coolest thing is second floor sitting area, perfect for some private talks and relaxation.

Across from it, next to the stairs is the outdoor rooftop area. There's no seating up here but it is a nice place to take some gorgeous vantage pictures of the property.

Coming back down into the living room we move on to the Jacuzzi. Really awesome! We immediately turned on the water to fill it up. It took a few hours so we had some food and drinks till then.

Through the other door there are two bedrooms each with their own private bathrooms. That's a total of 4 toilets/bathrooms. Where's the fourth one you ask? Well, right behind the wall in the Jacuzzi room but who would use that? There's no privacy there...not really.

We didn't spend much time in the rooms. Only to sleep a few hours and change our clothes. In fact I wouldn't have mind sleeping in the living room - it was so cozy there as it is.

Overall, the beach house is a perfect place to getaway with your friends or family. It's comfortable, not too expensive - about 10,000-11,000 THB per night. That's 2,500/person/night, which is a pretty good deal for the spaciousness of the place.

It could however be improved a bit with more lighting at night and slight modernization of furniture/facilities. Some repainting also needs to be done such as at the kitchen.

Even though this place was sponsored, all my thoughts and opinions are my own. I'm not obligated to give all positive feedback or responses.

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 Thursday, May 11, 2017 2:44 PM