I have to admit that there are a lot of new shopping malls all over town nowadays .

Some we know and some we don't. From time to time that we drive along and pass some places and feel perplexed that Oh!!! What is this place construct for? Or what does this shopping mall called?. However, right now there are more than 10 community malls around Bangkok.

Community Mall is a form of department store development and management business which focus on the Open-Air Shopping Center style. I usually called it "Local Department Store" or "Small Department Store" Ha ha ha.

Today, we have been invited by Victoria Gardens, the first community mall on Phetkasem Road to explore places for visiting, tasting and shopping in the mall.

Come on! Let's go and explore together.

"Vitoria Gardens"

Ps. In this review, I will be posting the telephone number of each shops in the review for those who interest and would like to have more information so that you guys could directly contact the shop.

Victoria Gardens community mall is located between 67-69 alley on Phetkasem Road, you can entry to the mall both ways from main Phetkasem Road side or entry into 69 alley and park at the back of the mall.

Victoria Gardens has 20 Rai of space (1 Rai equal to 1600 square meters) with more than 200 shops in various zones divided into department store, restaurant, bank and tutorial school.

The parking lot could accommodate more than 400 vehicles. There are outdoor, indoor and underground parking lots, you can choose to park wherever you like. As for me, I prefer to park outdoor as in the late afternoon like this there are many outdoor spaces available and it is quiet convenience. Since this time we have been invited to explore here, so we will start by picking some places to eat first Ha ha ha.

Let's start with our first restaurant, it's a Japanese restaurant called "Sushi-OO"

Sushi-OO is a Japanese restaurant which focuses on serving the original sushi menu from Osaka, Japan.The menu allows you to eat sushi and sashimi in one piece.

The restaurant has 2 floors, for those who take a seat at the ground floor; you can enjoy the atmosphere of making sushi process. As on the second floor, you guys can indulge in the surrounding atmosphere of Victoria Gardens.

We choose to eat on the second floor. And as soon as we take a seat, there will be a small cold towel for us along with the menu. There are various menus to choose from with the price indicated.

First menu, Silver Fish Salad, fresh vegetables topped with Salad dressing with white sesame which adding rich favor in Japanese style.

California Tempura Roll

Chopsticks ready so let's eat!! Each person take one to two pieces and this menu is gone. Tempura flour is quiet crispy, I like it very much.

Belly Salmon, Salmon, Salmon Maki

Salmon is quiet fresh, you guys can observe from the color of the fish. When eating it with Wasabi, my tear would come out every time Ha ha ha.

I choose Strawberry Soda for my beverage and it really goes well with this hot weather. Our last menu is California Hand Roll, I didn't try this menu but I think the vegetables lover would prefer them as there are a lot of vegetables in it.

Sushi-OO opens daily from 11.00am - 10.00pm. The restaurant is located in the middle area of Vitoria Gardens. There is discount promotion 30%off for every piece of sushi when pay by cash throughout 2015 year.

Telephone Number: 085-3414666


Now, we are done with the starter meal and next stop we will have the second meal. It seems that there are still the bigger meal later Ha ha ha.

The second restaurant that we will taste is called Chabu Chabu Nang Nai.

The restaurant opens hours:

Monday - Friday 04.00pm - 10.00pm

Saturday - Sunday 11.00am - 10.00pm

Chabu Chabu Nang Nai is located on the second floor. It is quiet near, if you guys entry the mall from Phetkasem 69 alley. The restaurant serves fresh pork and beef ball which is not mixed with flour. Various menus that we ordered are already placed on the table right in front of us now.

Each dish will have the price indicated in the menu. There are set menus serving to your table. The serving is pretty fast, you don't have to wait for a long time.

I would say that the color of Sliced Pork Loin looks awesome. Thinly slice and nicely place in the dish like this can really stimulate our appetite Ha ha ha.

Garlic Fried Rice in Chabu Chabu Nang Nai recipe style.

The sauce here is the unique recipe of Chabu Chabu Nang Nai, it said that each branch of Chabu Chabu Nang Nai will have their own unique sauce recipe not like each other.

- First bowl in the front is Ponzu sauce, it is Shabu sauce and can season with chopped scallions and garlics, adding the spicy taste with the bird pepper.

- The inner bowl that having white sesame is Suki sauce, this is the unique sauce, you can only have this sauce only at Chabu Chabu Nang Nai, Phetkasem 69 branch.

As for the sauces that divided into 3 holes are the recipes which making the food tastier. From left to right, there are Radish Sauce, Seafood Sauce, Bean Curd Sauce.

For me, I prefer Seafood Sauce more. When taking everything into the pot, if I would like to add more taste to the food, I will season it with the Seafood Sauce. Ei ei.

Now, Let's eat! ^^

Our last menu is a dessert, Pineapple Ice-cream. They core a whole pineapple in average size to make the ice-cream and freeze it. You guys can feel the pineapple texture and its smell in the same time.

Restaurant telephone number 02-0216775

Facebook page : ShabuNangnai.Phetkasem69

Krua Natthiya

Clean food is quite popular nowadays and this restaurant also serves the green food such as Shrimp Paste Rice with Fried Mackerel. It is the recommended dish of the restaurant as well. For those who love clean food, you guys can come and try it. ^^

Following with Khanom Jeen Nam Ngiew (Thai Rice Noodles with Spicy Pork Curry Soup), the tender boiled pork spare ribs are very tasty. For those who love Thai Northern style food or Thai Northern people, you guys could not feel disappointed of this dish as the owner of Krua Natthiya is Northern people as well so the food is definitely in the authentic northern style way. Unlike many Thai Northern restaurant that serving Khanom Jeen Nam Ngiew, they do not even put the main ingredient which is Ngiw flower into the curry and just only put the chicken blood jelly. Krua Natthiya adds all the ingredient into the curry, making the curry tastes just right on the spot for me Ei ei.

Other menus such as Thai Papaya Salad with Salted Egg, this dish is not that spicy and it does taste very good.

Lod Chong in Fresh Coconut Milk costs 25 baht. I eat up this dish by myself, Ha ha. Because I am a dessert lover.

And these are the entire menu from Krua Natthiya that we have tried. Oh! There is also Rice with Honey Roasted Pork; I didn't try this dish so I can not tell how it tastes.

As for other menus, there are photos of food menu indicated the price hanging on the wall for guest's information.

The restaurant is located at the ground floor, separated from the community mall building. It is at the passage way so you can easily find it.

Krua Natthiya

Opens daily from 11.00am - 10.00pm


Black Sheep

Homemade Bakery Shop making the bakery from fresh strawberry and the tasty beverage such as Green Tea, Italian Soda which can very well add the refreshing feeling.

Opens daily from 12.00am - 10.00pm

Facebook page: Blacksheephomemade

There are not much table and chair inside. However, I really like their table set as they are quiet light and strong, the simple wall decoration design looks great as well. ^^

As I have mentioned above that the beverage here have a rich taste. I have Iced Green Tea and I would say that Green Tea taste is very rich that it is like there is no water mix in it. I didn't try Iced Chocolate but I think it might have a rich taste like Iced Green Tea as well.

Red and fresh strawberry of Homemade Strawberry Cheese Cake from Black Sheep shop.

The below menus are Dark Secret and Banana Cream Tart.

The price of beverage and cup cake are written in the sign board in front of the shop. It is around average price; the beverage such as Milk Green Tea, Thai Milk Tea, Cocoa costs 45 baht per glass. Cup Cake and Brownie cost 35 baht per piece.

I will end the review of this shop with Strawberry Short Cake menu.

There is the little puzzle for you guys to guess that how many people of us that visited Victoria Gardens that day?

As we still continue to visit other restaurant. And the next restaurant is Yakiniku in Japanese style.

Koyama Yakiniku

Grilled food restaurant with no seasoning powder, the original taste from Japan and every material is from Thonglor area.

Buffet promotion 2 hours 380 baht net per person, I think the price compare with the material is very reasonable.

Big Size Giant River Prawn together with some of other menus that we take photos for you guys to have a look.

Koyama Yakiniku opens daily from 11.00am - 11.00pm

For more information

Tel: 02-0216871, 097-280-8338

Facebook page: koyama yakiniku

For now, we feels pretty full already but our stomach still also have a space for the next restaurant Ei ei.

I really have a crush in this restaurant called "You & Me". There is the adorable European style doll decorated beside the shop so I take a photo of it.

You & Me is a bakery and ice-cram shop which selected only the quality ingredient with sweet and soft taste. You can change the ice-cream flavor in toast menu as you like. The shop uses ete' ice-cream for serving.

Menu places in front of the shop also indicated the price, there are various price from ten to hundred, the most expensive is not more than 200 baht.

I think the price is quiet cheap compare with the quality of the food.

This is some of the atmosphere inside the shop, there are many corners to choose from and there is Wifi service available for fee as well.

There is also Pandan Leaves drink serves for free while eating the dessert.

The shop serves hot tea which uses Twinnings tea, "Four Red Fruites Tea". The dessert menus are continually serving to our table.

Some ladies may mutter that it is too fat. However, who can resist the nice and adorable ice-cream menu like this Ha ha ha.

Mini Macaron here is not too sweet. I have tried many brands of Macaron, they taste very sweet that the sugar in my body will rise up. Macaron here tastes good so I have many pieces of it.

The menus showing above are Blueberry Cheese Cracker, it is very soft. I eat it all by myself. Another menu is Baby Banana Toast is suitable for one person.

The delicious do not stop at those menus above, there are also other menus parading to serve for us with the friendly and warm welcome of the owner of You & Me shop, Victoria Gardens.

You & Me Toast Fresh Strawberry. A harmoniousness of fresh strawberry and chocolate.

Brownie Strawberry

Soft brownies topping with Chocolate Sauce serve with sliced fresh strawberry. We eat it up in the blink of an eye ha ha ha. For brownie lover, you should not miss out this one. ^^

Caramel Twist topping with Caramel which is imported from France along with Iced Latte which I believe that it could go well with all dessert menu in this shop. Moreover, it is very suitable for this summer season to have various flavor of ice-cream like this.

I will end the review of You & Me shop at the most popular menu of the shop, Mixed Fruit Toast of 10 Minutes combines with a lot of various fresh fruits in the big dish. ^^

You & Me opens daily from 10.00am - 10.00pm

Telephone number: 089 205 2211


And now we finally come to our last mission Oops! the last restaurant for today actually.

Wine Mate

Wine Mate Food & Wine Restaurant, the uniqueness of the restaurant is wine that is imported from Australia. Their wine has unique taste not like others and it is imported under the brand named Wine Mate.

Serving with Thai food by Chef from Food Travel who will select the food to go along with wine or you can just have it for dinner as well.

There are various beverages and many brands of beers to choose from. The atmosphere of the restaurant is really splendid; there is live music performance band as well.

In my opinion, I like the classic decoration style of the restaurant, I think it is suitable for a place to gather and have party with friends, it would be quite enjoyable.

I am eagerly looking forward to the beverage that they will mix for me.

There are many bottles of beverage that I feel a little dazed, If I mixed the beverage by myself, I would surely pick the wrong bottle Ha ha ha.

So I will just wait and try the food.

One of our dishes on the table today is the recommended menu, Miang Sattabongkot. The outstanding ingredient is the petal of Sattabongkot lotus blossom from Na Bua, Khlong Maha Sawat which applied to be Miang Kham eat with the side dish that have sour and sweet tastes with the aroma from the herb. The taste is mix along very well.

There are also the Black Pepper Pork Shoulder and Hawaiian Spring Roll.

Wine Mate opens daily from 11.00am - 01.00am

Tel: 098 264 2556


We take a walk to the front zone of Victoria Gardens, there are Mcdonalds, Starbuck, Tom N Toms Coffee, Chester Grill which are located on Phetkasem Road side.

We could see the community mall sign with a lot of messy electric wires which ruin the beautiful view.

If there are no these messy electric wires, the community mall will definitely have an authentic Victoria looking style, I would say.

Walking inside, there is the garden and the popular photo corner to take photos of this community mall.

We leisurely sit here for quiet sometime to wait for something that will appear in the short time.

We are waiting for the night lights of Victoria Gardens which can be changeable lights into various colors. Not to waste anymore time, I take some photos for you guys to have a look.

The front zone opens 24 hours and will have the lights light up all night.

This is the meeting point, the fountain area.

And this photo can be the answer for the question that how many people we are in today's trip? ^^

From our point of view for Victoria Gardens;

- The traffic during the evening time on Phetkasem Road is quiet bad.

- The parking lot space is quiet enough.

- Various shops, for example the shops that we visited today are quiet at reasonable price.

- It is consider to be the good stopover point in the good location, convenience for meeting, shopping and make any financial transactions etc.

As for the messy electric wires matter in the front of the mall is quiet hard to solve. I have been to Europe twice and the first thing that I admire is their architecture atmosphere which there is no electric wires blocking the beautiful view. I just hope that one day Thailand can do like them in this aspect.

Thank you everyone for reading until here.

and also Thank you to Victoria Gardens for inviting us to try the food in many restaurants which make us know that there are many more delicious food in this mall.^^

For more information of Victoria Gardens:

Tel: 02-444-4555

Facebook page: http://www.facebook.comvictoria.gardenshop


And Thank you for all comments.


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