Hello guys, today I have some recommended accommodation to introduce to you guys again ;) It's the hotel in Bangkok.

Generally, I mostly review hotels and resorts off Bangkok, so today let's go explore Bangkok.

Well, sometimes we forget the important facts that there's many people travelling to Bangkok as well, some for working, some just for pure travelling, and some for seminar purposes. Of course, they would need some accommodation that is convenient for their travel, therefore, location can be strategically important and make the accommodation selecting decision easier.

So today, I get to stay at "Courtyard by Marriott Bangkok" Hotel.

It is the hotel under the management of Marriott International that is the first hotel to operate under the name "Courtyard".

The hotel is located on Ratchadamri Road, the main and important road that will connect us to business area.

This business arena includes Sukhumvit, Silom and Rama V. In addition, the hotel is close to many iconic shopping centers.

It is also very convenient for transportation, easily reached by BTS. Le'ts go explore together!!!

Looking from the map,the Courtyard by Marriott Bangkok is closer and more convenient from BTS Ratchadamri than BTS Chitlom.

It takes only 5 minutes walk from the BTS to the hotel, we just need to go along Soi Mahadledluang 1 and the hotel will be on our right hand side.

Since today we are here as a family, it's more convenient to drive here. We get off from Highway at Prathunam and going pass Central World Shopping Mall.

Then we go onto Sukhumvit Road and turn left at Soi Mahadledluang 1 to reach the hotel and then parking underground.

After that, we simply take our language for checking in.

Lobby area is looking glamorous, spacious and extensively decorated in modern style with several welcoming sitting areas.

The hotel also offers "Welcome Drink" :)

For checking in process, the Courtyard by Marriott Bangkok will take the deposit for damages insurance, each room is 1,000 THB.

The hotel will give us its receipt confirmation and it can be refund upon we check out.

Majority guests of the Courtyard by Marriott Bangkok, from the observation while we are here, is foreigners. Approximately, it is more than 90%.

And the rest are the tour groups who are here for travelling within Bangkok.

For Thai guests, they are mostly come here for dinning service at MoMo Cafe in which many promotions are available for various buffet services during different meals of the day. Another popular service for Thai guests is the meeting room and banquet service of the hotel.

After getting our key card at the Lobby, now let's go up to the 4th floor which is our room (there's 15 floors altogether) ^^ .

Red carpet is placed along the walkway. Seemingly, we are on the models walking on the catwalk ;)

There are 3 elevators altogether with locking system. This means that each key card can only take us to certain floor, we cannot go to the floors other that is not designated on our key card floor except G floor, the Lobby and dinning room and M floor for seminar room, swimming pool, fitness center in order to ensure and strengthen the safety for the guests.

Now, we arrive our room, we will stay in this room.....

Grand Deluxe

There are 44 Grand Deluxe room types. We get to stay at the corner room at the 4th floor. The room is not too small nor too big, I think it's the right size. The area is divided into carpet and white tile zone.

Inside the bathroom, shower room is clearly separated and fully equipped with bathing facilities, such as the whole set for showering, a hair dryer. For the wardrobe, there are a security safe, bathing suit, coffee maker, iron and ironing board, you heard it right, the Courtyard by Marriott Bangkok offers it here ^^

This is a 32 inches LCD TV. On the very near corner, I don't want you guys to miss the wireless wire on the table and chair.

I've tried to connect it to the internet. It's very good with its high speed. This is quite impressive as we will be kept updated with news and all kinds of entertainment.

Looking at the design of bathroom mirror in which can reflect both sides like this, it's so sexy, right? hehe, well, there's also a curtain that can use to pull down and close it up.

Haha, this is for someone who wants some private time in bathroom.

And here is our soft bed, so so soft :)

Now let's take a look at the mini-bar corner, in case we might get something free to eat tonight, haha.

These 2 water bottles is of course complimentary, right? hehe, tea and coffee is also free, but other beverages inside refrigerator will be charged and the price is just behind the refrigerator. Well, I didn't check the price of how much it is different from 7-11 because I've never drank it no matter where I stay, hehe.

That the bed is so soft because the hotel put some mattress pad as well (I'm not sure if I call it correctly).

It is another layer that helps make the bed even softer. Tonight, I'm going to have a sweet dream, don't you think so? ^^

After taking some tour to our room, now I want to take some break by finding some delicious food to fill the stomach.

Well, I'm quite starving now....

At MoMo Cafe restaurant (G floor)

MoMo Cafe is able to accommodate as most as 160 seats, available both outdoor and indoor.

The restaurant is decorated in warm color tone which is suitable for every occasions.

The buffet today is an international buffet and it's 550 THB each including taxes and beverages (soft drink, lemonade, iced tea).

Open daily from 12.00-14.00 pm.

Let's get our first menu started. It is Thai food and called 'Som Tum' (papaya salad). Here, they will make it fresh for us upon our order in order to deliver the freshest and best taste possible.

Almost forget to let you know, MoMo Cafe restaurant is an open kitchen where we will see every details on how the chef is cooking for every menus.

For example, this is how the chef is making pizza, here the bread is very thin, we can fully enjoy the taste of its dressing and toppings. If you are an Italian food lover, you must not miss to pay a visit at this corner :)

Followed by seafood corner, I find out that seafood corner of MoMo Cafe only offers shrimp, oysters, and squid while crab and crayfish is not available.

Well, I think it's worth 550 THB though (if you are looking for full seafood dinner, it's also available every Friday night for 850++THB). As for the seafood sauce, one word "Oh yeah, so right taste!".

In fact, I want to say that every time when talking about seafood, it's just making me hungry, haha.

And I also have other menus to show here. However, due to that day we happen to have a group of seminar, therefore, many people are going for international buffet, and it's not so convenient for photography time, hehe.

Let's end our meal with sweet dessert just like the city buffet style in which many cup cakes and sweet desserts will be served in parade.

Our a la carte is served with fresh orange juice and lemonade mixed with pineapple shake topping with some sliced ginger, so I have to ask the staff what is this drink.....

Well, it's like I only know to eat, as for the name, I remain the minimum knowledge, haha >"<

On the M floor, there are seminar conference room and banquet room. So I can't resist the temptation to take you to tour it. This is a chic corner, I really like it and here I share with you guys too, hehe.

But at that time, the rooms were occupied so I didn't get to take a look inside.

Here I have the outside view for you instead :)

The swimming pool at M floor is surrounded by skyscrapers of the Courtyard by Marriott Bangkok.

The outdoor pool is 5*20 meters along with massage pool. Looking here, there's no children swimming pool. Since we take the child with us, so we just let him play at this massage pool.

Well, only this, it's already very fin (Thai slang-very happy). Every time when kids meet with water, the refreshing is always immediately shown, haha.

I also wear my new shoes today and I want to show it off a little bit, hehe. It is the KEEN shoes, model of UNEEK, with a very sweet pink.

I'm going to take this pair of shoes with me everywhere I'm about to step to for my coming trip in this year.

Now let's continue to explore our rooms. Whenever I have an opportunity to stay at any hotels or resorts, I like to also collect other's room photography.

The Courtyard by Marriott Bangkok hotel is offering 316 rooms which can be categorized as below.

- Deluxe Room (213 rooms)

- Grand Deluxe (44 rooms)

- Family Room (10 rooms)

- Executive Room (47 rooms)

- Executive Suite (2 rooms)

This room is still Grand Deluxe room but it is the opposite site to our room.

Well, what's different between this and Deluxe Room? I would say that the size is different. The Deluxe Room will have only 1 window whereas the Grand Deluxe Room is having 2 windows and is situated at corner.

Another room type that I have an opportunity to visit is Family Room. There are 10 rooms altogether with windows in both side and 2 big beds.

The bedroom and bathroom is clearly separated and the bathroom of Family Room will also offers bath tub.

In addition, the bathroom is more spacious, everything else is no difference.

The evening view of Bangkok city, taken from Executive lounge, the roof top of 15th floor....

Executive lounge, 15th floor.

It is reserved only for the guests staying at Executive Room and One Bedroom Executive Suite.

The swimming pool and the night light of the Courtyard by Marriott Bangkok.

If looking from the swimming pool, we will see the fitness room which is quite spacious.

Many equipment is in good condition and quite in variety for the hotel's guests.

And here, once again, I didn't get to use the service. Well, in fact, my goal for this year is to do some exercise in the fitness room if it's available in where I will be staying.

But but but, my lazy disease is happening every time I wish to exercise, haha.

Good health is not for sale, if we want it, we need to exercise, right? ><

The night of good rest on soft bed is passed.

This morning, we get some small rains. The rain during summer in Bangkok indeed helps reduce many temperature :)

Soi Mahadlekluang 1 in front of the hotel is empty. It's quite a drastic different from when we were here yesterday.

Good Morning at Courtyard by Marriott Bangkok

The breakfast at MoMo cafe is served in buffet style.

It opens from 06.00-10.30 am. During this early morning, there are yet much people so it's very convenient for me to take some photos :)

After a quick look at breakfast line, I have to say it is"a lot".

You can select what you like as you pleased ^^

And the outsider guests can also come enjoy breakfast, it's 450++ THB per person.

Now, let's take a closer look at our breakfast line.

I especially like this corner, the corner of fruits and beverages as we can choose to eat as we like.

And the placement of food in this zone is not too heavy and staff is at service at all time. Well, let's wait no longer and enjoy our food now....

Now we go up to Executive lounge at 15th floor again. There's also a small meeting room for those team that need some privacy.

Although the breakfast buffet here is not as much as G floor, there's much fewer people and much more private.

Well, this photo just make me want to say "I also want this kind of moment" hehe.

A small envy from me to you both ;)

Before we departed from this review, I just want to make some personal comments that the service of staff at the Courtyard at Marriott Bangkok is very professional.

Every departments can speak good English, very attentive to the guests, answer every possible questions the guests may have with a good care.

This service is not only to me but I observe it from the service delivering to other guests as well.

Last but not least.....Thank you very much to the Courtyard by Marriott Bangkok.

For inviting me to stay, to experience and get to share it to you guys so now we get to know and see more of the hotel...^^

And also thank you very much everyone for staying with me until this line, my big thanks to you all ^_____^


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 Monday, August 3, 2015 1:56 PM