Hi all food lovers !!

I'm Tamkarnwela, today I'm going to take you guys to taste Japanese food at new opening Japanese restaurant in Bangkok called MOE Sushi & Bar

Nowadays there are so many Japanese restaurants in Bangkok for your choices. It's really a lot until you can't go to every place and taste them all. Let's see what they have at MOE Sushi & Bar...and how is the ambience !!

If you are ready, let's go !!!!!

The MOE Sushi & Bar is located in Soi Langsuan. You go along Langsuan Road and look at your right hand side, the restaurant is close to Langsuan soi 7 and located on floor G of LUXX XL Hotel. The hotel itself is very cute and the restaurant entrance is just next to the reception.

When you arrive here you will see that they provide enough space for parking as well.

You will clearly see a sign at the entrance

The restaurant is decorated in a simple style with wood, like those modern ones in Tokyo.

The restaurant is not that big but not too small, it's good for hanging out after work.

It's like when we are having a nice meal at our friend's house.

They also have an outdoor area.

It's next to the hotel pool.

And at night the atmosphere is really romantic...it's just you might have to be careful about mosquitos.

Let's take this seat.

Chefs here are skilful and have a good sense of humour.

They work with happiness and attention to details, and all materials and ingredients here are so fresh. No freshness, no sale !!!

Let's start with the first taste MOE TORO: O-TORO / IKURA /UNI

The first taste makes me know already that it is really really fresh. The UNI is not fishy and the fish is so sweet come with proper portion of rice. This costs 550 Baht.

Get closer !!!


Without its freshness and good quality, this would not be this tasty. Raw meat and yolk mixed in my mount and that is so harmonious, 450 Baht for this one.

MOEHAMACHI : HAMACHI / FOIE GRAS SAUCE /IKURA . This one gets a little bit fired on its skin and you won't be disappointed, 400 Baht.

3 things 3 styles, all are interesting.

FULL-ONBOTANEBI :BOTAN JUMBO Sweet shrimp, sweet like its name. It comes with an elegant shrimp head on its body. I think it is made from shrimp flesh in its head and they fry it, 380 Baht.

FRESH ENGAWAengawa is made of fish that is quite oily. So, when it is made to put on sushi it is usually burnt a little bit before eating and that is the reason why it has this glossy look. This is 320 Baht.

SALMONSAIKYO comes with its special sauce, 3 pieces at 320 Baht.

HOTATEESKARUKO, fresh scallop roasted in cashew nut sauce.

It is fresh, sweet, and not overcooked at 450 Baht.

BARACHIRACHIDON, this dish combines all the best things in one.

After eating I feel so refreshing, 450 Baht , come in a good portion to be full.

And the last dish, the highlight for beef lover, OHMIWAGYUSTEAK

Ohmi-Gyu, beef from farms in Ohmi city, is categorised as one of the most premium Japanese Wagyu beef. It is the famous beef from Takara farm, the farm being recognised and trusted by The Imperial Palace. Also, it is one of the most important cow breeds in Japan lasting for over 400 years already, until they are entitled as " Rolls-Royce of beef. In Japan ancient time during the period of Ado doctors use this kind of beef fermented with Miso as medicine for the shogun.

The beef comes in medium rare level. It is so soft, sweet and melting in my mount. This dish is super delicious at a price of 1,850 Baht, appropriate for its excellent taste and quality.

Oh the table is full of food, take your time to enjoy it.

Apart from delicious food, they also have a nice bar here, like its name.

This glass is dark rum with sake and other fruit juices.

This glass consists of Asahi beer and other ingredients.

I guarantee that you may possibly get drunk because of those intense flavour. For people who are not interested in alcoholic drinks the restaurant has another option, this nice ice-cream !!

On the right hand side is charcoal ice-cream. It is very tasty going along well with some crunching flavour.

And a mixture of this green tea and charcoal ice-cream finally ends our amazing meal.

The food price at MOE Sushi & Bar might be a bit expensive, but it deserves its material quality and I hope they would maintain this quality in the future. As I said earlier that the restaurant ambience is like when we are hanging out and having a meal at our friend's house. After working hours you would see different groups of friends enjoying their time here.

They also have a lunch set at a price starting from 200 Baht only. If I got a chance I would come back again and see how worthwhile it is !!

So this restaurant is suitable to put it on another list of premium Sushi restaurant. But..it is not too luxurious until you can't try.

The restaurant organises promotions regularly and you can see information in its facebook page. Just now I clicked on it and saw a 30% off on Premium & Deluxe set, for both sashimi and nigiri. Don't wait !!! this is just for today until 24 January only, at MOE Sushi & Bar.

Thank you MOE Sushi & Bar for inviting me to try such excellent food.

Thank you Tam Karn Wela for following me everywhere I go.

Thank you readme.me for allowing me to share my experience.

And last....

Thank you everyone for spending your time to read my review, you all are my encouragement.

Hope that it would be useful for those who are interested...

Love you all review readers.



 Monday, August 3, 2015 5:44 PM