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Welcome to my journey where you will not believe that this is one of the province in the southern part of Thailand because it looks like in the northern part. And that province is Phang Nga.

This trip is to bring you all to see the other side of Phang Nga....

Ok!!! Let's go...

(Let's continue from the last journey Scuba diving at Surin Islands)

Scuba diving at Surin Islands

After we change our plan not to go to Phuket, we decide to continue staying at Casa de La Flora, Khao Lak, Phang Nga. We decide to go on a day trip with the hotel to discover Phang Nga.

As we still have time, let's discover the hotel first.

We stay in Grand Duplex Pool Villa (all rooms are villa with pool). In our opinion it is quite suitable for couple not family as the bathroom is see through and do not have a proper door close. If we have children or any relatives, it might feel uncomfortable.

TV is Internet TV which is located in the living room and bedroom, we can watch series or any songs via YouTube.

Amenities and minibar are also amazing.

The one day trip with the hotel....

We intent to see the sunrise above the sea and mountains, they recommend us the famous viewpoint which is Samed Nang Chee Viewpoint but we cannot take the car up there. If we would like to go somewhere easier, we can go to Toh Li Viewpoint. We can drive up there and it is not that far from Samed Nang Chee Viewpoint. But here is the private area so we have to pay for the entrance fee 30 THB per person. There is also a camping area and there are not many people like some other places.

After that we go to the temple which is Wat Tha Sai or Wat Testthammanawa where there is a teak monastery and located beside the beach. The atmosphere around the temple is quite peaceful and shady as it is covered by pine trees.

Then we continue with the local food such as soy milk, Thai tea and dim sum for breakfast. After that we move on to Wang Kiang Koo Waterfall for bamboo rafting and we can enjoy the nature both side of the canal.

Feeling like rafting in Amazon Forest.....

Please check the water level before coming because if the water level is very low the bamboo raft might not be able to move.

Then move on to Ton Ping Waterfall where we can soak in there for haft an hour.

After that we continue our trip to the old town Pangnga where the architectures are mostly similar to Phuket (Sino - Portuguese) and there is also walking street on Saturday.

The atmosphere at the walking street....There are many kind of foods and souvenir are selling.

The last light of the last day in Phang Nga

Ending of the one day trip...It is very impressive^^

We only think that Phang Nga is a transit province of scuba diving but it is interesting city and very peaceful. It is actually have something more than we expect...

If you still have not got any plan yet, Phang Nga would be another suggestion that we would recommend....

Thank you very much for coming along with us until the end....

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