Miharu Taki-Zakura (三春滝桜) is known as the most beautiful cheery tree in Japan with the age of over a thousand years and it is also registered as a national treasure.


From Tokyo take Shinkansen Train to Koriuama (Fukushima) and change the train to JR Ban-etsu-East Line and get off at Miharu. Then take the bus from the station to the cheery tree. The bus ticket is 1,000 YEN for entrance fee and bus round trip. Buses are available only during cheery blossom festival, for updated information please visit WeloveFukushima

Moreover there is also a light up at the cheery tree. If you would like to see that you can take the last bus and do not buy a round trip ticket just pay for the ticket when you get off the bus for 520 YEN. Once we arrive, pay for the entrance fee 300 YEN. And on the way back you can take a cab (about 2,850 YEN)

Lastly!!! Do not forget to check the train schedule for going back

Hope you all enjoy the trip

Photo on 22 APRIL 2017

For more information about cheery blossom at Fukushima just click on the link : livecam.Miharu

Sabai Sabai Japan

 Wednesday, May 31, 2017 11:19 AM